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My analysis of the current state of the game. (Ideas for changes)

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  • My analysis of the current state of the game. (Ideas for changes)

    Since the community seems to finally be listened to when it comes to skill-changes on classes, i thought i'd share my thoughts on the game in general, also including classes and pets and my thoughts of why some are irrelevant while others are all around.

    Rappelz used to be a game that was maily about pulling 1 mob at a time or a small amount of mobs at a time, making aoe-skills a nice gimmick, but nothing of a huge use other then the AoE-CCL-skills for when you accidentally pulled too many mobs at once. The game was somewhat slow-paced, skills with 2minute cooldown were a normal thing. However it has shifted into a AoE-heavy game with huge amounts of damage and needing to build way less defensive when you simply use all the available buffs (including pieces and other cs-items) due to having enough HP when you can just kill fast enough, making it more fast-paced and making skills that have a higher cd then 30secs not even looked at by most people. This shift has to be acknowledged when you want to balance classes.

    So why is it that some classes are better then others? The first and most obvious thing here is scaling: Most of the classes that are favourite within the community atm have some kind of scaling passive or buff. What do i mean by scaling? Simply something that increases a relevant stat by a percentage:
    Slayers have %-p.atk and p.ignore, VMs get m.atk based on int and straight %-increased damage from self-buffs, corr has m.atk+hp from wis, temps get hp from p.def and p.atk+m.atk from hp, merc have %-increased damage from passives, magus gets m.atk form p.atk and max mp, and also wis+int from your pet, which is even more m.atk when you use a heal pet due to the int. The only classes without any scaling that are still played by more then 3 people per server are oracle, deadeye and marksman. One can argue that DE have scaling since they get hp from dex/agi, but that's not a damage-increase, so i'm leaning towards not including them in this category.
    While BM and OL might have some scaling passives, they however are scaled off your pets stats and are added to your basic stats (str/int/vit) so it tends to not be as effective as those other classes, considering you dont get 10.000 p.atk/m.atk from a 300str/int increase.
    Scaling is a big factor when it comes to damage. However there is more then just this that makes classes viable.
    The second thing important nowadays is either beeing able to deal good amounts of constant AoE-damage or HUGE amounts of single-target damage. While Magus havent lost any of their previous strength, the shift in gameplay however has made them less favourite simply because they lack the ability to do a significant amount of constant AoE-damage. While Oracles don't have any scaling (as mentioned above) they however have nice AoE-damage with mass repetance, useful AoE-Heals and can even help with killing single-target, simply applying a DoT and then focus back on healing. Marksman are still played because they have that one skill with good single-target damage and no CD, i personally dont see the fun in spamming 1 key for hours, but i cant deny that it is good damage-output simply because the skill has such a good p.atk-multiplier and so many hits. DE have kinda nice AoE-damage and single-target damage, however i feel like their damage really isnt that great, but somehow people still ike it, probably because of the high HP and because it's ranged? (I'm playing DE myself, however I'm not seeing the huge damage numbers that i used to see on a lower equipped VM, or even a WAY lower equipped slayer, the HP however is nice and drain arrow is a pretty good way to stay alive.)
    This leads me to four(five) categories of classes right now:
    1. Heavy single-target DD (Slayer, Templar, MM, Bow-Merc, VM, [Magus], Cardinal to an extent)
    2. Heavy AoE DD (VM, Merc, Corr, [DE])
    3. High defensive Classes (Templar, Berserk, Slayer, Corr, [DE])
    4. Classes almost nobody plays because they don't play a role in the current state of the game (OL, BM, MB, WAR KAHUNA, [Magus])
    (5. Supporters, beeing Corr as a good CC and Oracle as a good Healer, maybee Magus as Healer aswell. However Oracle also falls into the AoE-category and Corr's can deal good amounts of single-target+AoE-Damage, while also beeing compareably Tanky, but lower equipped Oracles and Corr's can still be of use for their supportive features.)

    Some ideas for balancing: First of all i think we are at a state where HP has gone way too high on some classes while it is too low on others. Those that don't have any Passive to increase their max HP are left at ~100k HP fully buffed while others can reach 300k without a struggle. My thoughts on this would be to limit HP on all classes to 200k. That way those w/o passives for max HP won't be as far behind as others, and there is absolutely no reason to have more then 200k HP in the game at all. Yes, some bosses can take off your HP by 100k with a skill, but even then 200k HP is more then enough, having more just makes some classes too easy to play, considering how strong HP-%-based heals become and how you can straight up kill for minutes without needing a single heal. Before Templars and MBs come at me with torches and pitchforks, there must be a way for the game to calculate the HP you could reach without the limitation and calculate to p.atk/m.atk gain off of that amount. But no matter how you look at it, more then 200k HP isn't needed anywhere at all, more then that is just luxury to making your life easier and play more careless.
    Another thing that needs to be done is balancing defensive and offensive capabilities on classes. Some of the most damage-dealing classes have way too much HP/defense goin for them (I'm looking at you, slayers and VM's). Adjustments have to be done, either lower damage or HP on some classes drastically. I have no problem with the damage of VM and Slayer for example, if they had a trade-off in Survivability. Some think the sadism nerf was too high, while others say it's fine. My opinion however is that one of the highest damage classes in the game (!!!) should not have a build-in way to get that much HP back AT ALL. You should be able to get survivability from building around it, I'm fine with that, since it would mean you trade off damage for survivability, but having it build-in is just stupid. Lower cooldowns on the AoE-stuns and increase their stun-times, w/e idc, but the build-in HP-gain has no justification when you have such high damage-output. (Yes, you can only solo the hard places when you have really good Equips, and i actually don't have a problem with that, however the way that VM's are able to solo is what concerns me. Mages should be concerned about face-tanking, having to kite and use all their CC to use their range-advantage, but a face-tanking mage is just wrong and shouldn't be a thing.) [How did i drift off to ranting about sadism again?]
    The way to make all classes to be relevant again could be to give every class some ability of scaling. WK have that +6k+ p.atk+m.atk. While this was great a few years ago when the highest gears you could get were +20 MC gears, +6k was alot back then. However since damage has risen so high, 6k p.atk and m.atk are barely worth it anymore, specially when it is an added buff that doesnt scale from +%-p.atk buffs. (Just using this as an example of how fixed amount of stat-increases can be nice for now but be a problem in the future, the way to go these days should be giving classes scaling passives.)
    Another consideration might be to make all classes either AoE-heavy classes or single-target classes, or atleast altering them into 2 different builds for classes. You can keep some as hybrids of both, but making them weaker at single-target and AoE then those classes/builds that focus purely on either one of them. One way could be to make AoE skills not deal less damage the more units you attack, but actually more damage based on the amount of mobs you are hitting, up to a limited damage-increase. That way the builds that focus on AoE would become useless for single-target pushing. (So these kind of builds don't become too slow for when you are killing in areas where you have mobs with different HP, you could have those skills trigger buffs, something similar to Heed, that however only increases the damage you deal with that one particular AoE-skill for a limited amount of time, like 10secs, increasing the amount of damage by the amount of targets hit by up to [x] targets, refreshing every time you hit that amount of targets again. So when you hit 10 mobs, you get an increased damage to your AoE-Skill(s) x10 for 10secs. Once 5 mobs die, the effect doesn't refresh anymore but instead gives you the x5 once the x10 has expired and so on.) This way parties would have to consider inviting Classes that are not only AoE-based if they want to do DD-runs, since they need some boss-killers, while ppl soloing have to figure out if it is more worth it to spend 10minutes killing the boss while you have great KS in the room or the other way around. A similar thing could be designed for tanking, giving classes a huge damage-taken-decreased-buff while beeing hit, however loosing that buff when there are more then (for example) 3 enemies around you, and a different thing for AoE-tanking that decreases the damage you take by an increasing amount of stacks with more enemies attacking you.

    I think that's it for classes for now, let's get to....

    Oh boy, where do I even start? Pets were the thing that made Rappelz stand out from all the other MMO's. Such a Unique pet-system, and they were actually strong, everyone had atleast 1 pet-class they were playing at a regular basis. However as the game has changed, pets haven't. New pets have been introduced, and they were nice when they were introduced, but as the game is always changing and mechanics are introduced to make characters stronger with every epic, pets are left behind. When Soulpets were released, they were actually useful, but apart from Soulhealers, pretty much all other pets have become nothing more then a feature to strengthen your character with their buffs and/or unities, instead of utilizing the strength of the pet itself.
    One problem pets suffer from is simply the limited amount of equipment-slots. Characters get so many stats from awakenings on everything, while pets miss out on so many of those. One way to even this out would be to make Equipments gain 2-3 bonus awakening-stats when combined with a unit card, loosing those awakening when removing the unit card again. (This shouldn't be a CS-thing, petclasses are expensive enough the way they are already.)
    The other obvious thing is that pet-skills ar epretty much irrelevant in pve due to the high CD's. The only DD-pets that actually deal damage are melee- and tank-pets with basic-attacks, hellbreath can be used for AoE-damage sometimes, that's pretty much it. I can see Ogres doin nice AoE-damage with their DoTs, but i haven't seen any sales in CS regarding T-Pros or empty:uniques, so making a high staged of those is not only money-intensive but also time-intensive since you barely see ppl selling them (since the only way of getting the empty is through APs or altar, meaning the market isn't exactly beeing flooded with them). Introducing cooldown-reduction on pets would be highly appreciated by many players. Maybee something that could be included in the unit card-awakening, or added on the artifacts.
    A little something that petclasses would benefit from would be some kind of toggle/passive that transfers all the Buffs that are on the Character over to the pet if it does not have it already. This would make Bottling for petclasses actually worth it, you could summon a DT for the buff and other pets just for buffing-purpose without having 1 pet beeing completely useless after, and pieces would be worth using for MB for example, while some bosscards would also become interesting to use.
    Another focus should be to make the old pets less useless again. Some of them have very interesting skill-design, salas are very unique considering their skill-setup for example. If they would have the same Weapon-passives as the Soulpets Along with some boosted multipliers on the Skills, they could become relevant eventually.

    I guess that's it for now, 2hours have passed since i started this, I actually came up with some more Ideas while typing this then i originally had when i decided to share my thoughts. Feel free to comment, share your thoughts, share the link with others, or just ignore it because it's way too much text and you actually just stopped reading after the first 2 sentences and then went straight to the last sentence

    (These are just my thoughts, I am by no meaning a game developer or designer, nor do i have 20years of MMO-experience, infact Rappelzs is the only MMORPG i ever dig into. Constructive Feedback is welcome)

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    You wasted your time, and yes, this IS constructive.


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      Meh I was mainly listening to music and just looking for somethin to keep my fingers busy

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    Bro we dont read this much word.


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      Originally posted by PolatCanKURT View Post
      Bro we dont read this much word.
      I do, I think it was a great post and I shall be sharing it with the rest of the team. It's not gone unnoticed.


      • PolatCanKURT
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        good job for doing your job

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      hey don't go nerfing making it hard for +15 +17 gear people, we still can only do stage 2 circus at most.

      magus needs HP boost, and AOE dot's with 1sec cooldown


      • Mochatroid
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        They would need to carefully apply nerfs in such a way that it brought the low-, mid- and high- tiers closer together.


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      I don't recall having this alternate personality. However a lot of what it says sounds familiar...

      However, I disagree on artificial caps to stats such as HP. 200k HP is a LOT and feels (to me also) like a more than sufficient amount needed for anything currently in game. However, as I believe I said before, we have artificial limits on attack speed, and that can do more harm than good.

      Slayer HP is just completely ridiculous. Templars do get a lot, however since they're a tank I'm not so bothered. Next up is the DE, aside from the HP, it doesn't have anything superawesome. Then we get Corruptors, which seems odd. Overlords get nice HP now too! Evasive Resilience got a ridiculous boost though, so of course VMs now also have a lot more HP.

      The awakenings on unit cards is an interesting idea, I quite like that one. I guess they would have to be "Enhanced Unit Card"s or.... something.... and probably a CS item.

      Pets! Pets are WONDERFUL. However they are also completely useless for the most part. MAKE PETS GREAT AGAIN!

      I intend to make a thread for each of the remaining six classes and complaining about them in various ways when they are in Class Balancing. Actually, isn't about time the next three were?

      Oh yeah!!! Since Nazgul and various other Webzen things actually appear to be listening, have I ever mentioned....

      The Awakening Transfer Thingy!
      Or.... I guess you could call it an Enhanced Amalgam. Basically, if you use this when making a +21 or higher weapon, it transfers (at the very least) the awakening from the food weapon.

      I have wanted this for a LONG time, I doubt I'm the only one who would like this, I also doubt I'm the only one with weapons with nice awakening lying around in my WH waiting for a purpose.

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but.... Being able to transfer awakenings in this manner would not (severely and directly) harm CS sales of Awakening Scrolls. Since if you awaken lots of +0 weapons till you get a great awakening, you still need to then make that weapon +20 to be able to make use of it.

      Ok, I admit it might lead to fewer Awakening Scrolls being sold, but then people would be buying this instead. However! It would fit in to the new shabby-chic of continuing to use your old gears but gradually improving them over time!

      Also, if there was an item like Hector's Shredder that worked on lower than +25 gears, I imagine other people would also be willing to dismantle them and then use the components to upgrade their new favourite stuffs. Assuming we aren't going to get the Enhancement Transfer Scroll in CS any time...... Soon.

      Sorry if I hi-jacked. I might have to make my own thread to complain about brand new CS items I (and probably other people) would be willing to spend money on....
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        There are only 3 classes missing now, Mercenary, Master Breeder and MM haven been up for discussion for almost 2 weeks now. It just hasn't been announced above each topic on the forums as it used to be for the other classes.

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        Thank you, looks like I have some work to do!

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      My oracle is happy to have 60k HP with full buffs / world buffs and potions. I'm usually a one hit suicide, in some occasions a two hit dead. We don't want to talk how many vitality teardrops I put into my build to get there in the first place. When other people tell me how much HP they have, then tell me how much defense, then how much movement speed, I'm like "right, I'm a healer, I'm not supposed to need ANY of that..." pretending I wasn't sad.

      Parties always enjoy going into the furthest corner in a dungeon. Slayers, Mercenaries, Deadeyes easily get twice my movement speed. They're already at Hector, while I barely left the lobby. Now the fun game starts: Will I be able to reach the designated spot alive? Will I use running gear aka Temple sets with vit + mov speed stones to try to outrun the mobs, will I use healing gears and hope my Touch of the Goddess ticks combined with HP potions and Restoration keeps me alive enough until I reach the rest of the party? Most parties don't like the concept of walking in groups to keep the squishies safe, because who waits for the slowpokes, if you could already be grinding experience instead?

      Cash shop is huge on selling feathers, summon feathers, return feathers, group feathers, go to my favorite person feathers, hidden dungeon feathers - none of them work at RoA dungeon because some people couldn't help themselves, breaking rules and summoning in folks that never belonged there. So every time I join a party inside that dungeon, I'm playing russian roulette: How many GMFB do I take to hit the spot? Will I make it without dying and my pet gets to keep it's precious buffs? [Btw gonna cherish the day when a GMFB on myself also restores the buffs on my mainpet].

      Seeing the %-modifiers on Magus I get jealous. Magus is the best single target healer as of now, no argument there. Also a nifty damage dealer. Useful crowd controler. I know of only ONE Cardinal on Undine server, because what's the point in playing one? Higher blessing buffs? I really am looking forward to how some classes are balanced further!

      Totally unrelated to healers: Marksman. I still am holding a grudge regarding Steelcage vs Double shot. Ever since double shot was pushed to be the ultimate attack skill, Steelcage was screwed over. A few days ago I had a lovely conversation with someone who explained to me that Double Shot is the only thing a Marksman was ever supposed to focus on. Sorry?

      Marksman used to be the Gaian crowdcontroler, similar to Corruptors. Traps? Haven't seen anyone using them in years. Aoe stun? I seem to be the only one using it. Freeze? Gets broken by people, cos people never understood how Darkmages Nightmare works either. In theory MM even has a provocation skill. Threat modifier of that one, well, cute. Half the server turned Marksman to give people hell in PvP last epical patch, which kind of forced me into playing Oracle, because I couldn't emotionally wrap my head around how such a beautiful class turned into the utterly one trick pony. Even Breeders use more skills than Marksmen these days.

      Why I never replied in the marksmen section? Because I'm pretty clueless how to make the class a better place. If I even whisper to want double shot nerfed, I'll probably get hunted by people in real-life for such a heretic idea.
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      Thank you!


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        Originally posted by MadHatteress View Post
        Marksman used to be the Gaian crowdcontroler
        Yes, YES! I'm so dirty about the changes to Provocation and Icicle Snare! >_<

        We Archers once made decent off-tanks not because of our damage, but because of our threat modifiers (on almost every skill), CC, and decent survivability. It looked like we were doing a lot of damage because we could pull aggro when we needed to, but it was mostly burst damage and aggro modifiers, our pure damage was severely hampered by attack speed and MP issues...

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      200k hp on a tanky class? I can take that much damage holding a few mobs in s3 fully buffed they still hit for 10-15k a pop and stun, whilst having NO aoe stun locks, stuns or anything else to prevent damage and no 5% auto heal per cast/damage pulse like other classes. That's with +25 gear, full buffs and pact, etc active.

      Without the higher HP why would you bother to play slayer at all? It's great at single target damage but complete pants at aoe, and every dungeon is built around big groups of mobs that call for aoe skills to be effective in clearing them. Slayer's one half decent aoe has no dot, no stun, and decreases the more mobs it hits..completely the opposite of what is needed.

      The idea on aoe skills getting more powerful the more they hit sounds fine..until you realise that with 200k hp and one stun from a mob you're no longer alive to hit the aoe skill anyway, whereas VM aoe skills have build in stuns plus auto heal the VM, hence why they can tank entire rooms and wipe them so quickly.

      I'd love to see pets become relevant for damage again, but not sure how that can be achieved without making pet classes OP if pets are useful in the hands of a non-pet class.

      At the moment the uses I have for a pet are : ranged when levelling up a new character to 160. Then as a healer for when things get hairy.
      Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


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        What is the end result after all these changes are made? That Templar, zerker, mercenary and perhaps slayer are made to be the only tank classes, while the others retain their original purposes of either heavy dd, healer or CC-DD hybrid?

        If yes, then I can think of a way better than to put an artificial cap on HP. That would only lead to a sense 'why should I bother improving my gears', which is what webzen depends on when it comes to making their $$.

        An alternative to maxing out HP would be to reduce the amount of % damage reductions we get. Currently there's
        1-Shining armour -14-15%
        2- Deva's blessing - 9%
        3-2x Earrings - 30%
        (4- Nirvana crystal - 20%)
        (5- Yushiva's belt - 30% total?)

        With the first three, you can quite easily get the damage down to manageable numbers which makes every class a tank. Of course the new universal armour plays a part in that, but i'll get back that later.
        Making it so either there are fewer % reduction that exist in game, or that they don't stack but rather are multiplicative (earrings are base, any extra % is taken from the 15 or 30%). This would make it so the 5% sadism nerf is actually effective. My VM with +22 armour pieces heavily depends on these to be able to take hits. They make a massive difference on mobs that hit 35k crit with no reductions active.
        Regarding the universal armour, it could be changed so that the pdef increase is taken from the original pdef of the armour, and a x% increase on top of that. i.e PW armour with 1k pdef would have 1.2k pdef on 175+ set and maybe the 185+ set can have a larger bonus. The pdef is taken from the armour being made - this way you still have 'universal gear' while greatly reducing the pdef.

        Both of those changes pose a dilemma in the same sense as artificial HP - why would I max out my gears if all I can do is party? Why would I max out my armour pieces if I can't tank anything?
        I think a compromise would be to only implement one change, so that the soloers can still solo, but less efficiently. I'd rather they fix the new armours TBH.
        Boost the defence of our tank classes and their aoe damage, if you implement these changes. This all should be implemented in a correct order - don't kill our tanking ability for X months, then give us proper tanks.

        It goes w/o saying that some classes with 1M HP should be fixed regardless of any change to the game... 1m hp.. lol.
        The pet changes I completely agree with.
        AOE changes I didn't really like - i'd rather be squishy as fawk and keep my damage. The separation should be along the ability to tank, not how well they single/multi-target deal damage. We already have classes that are a hybrid, and they do quite well too. The only change required would be to ADD aoe to the classes lacking.
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        • BahlUni
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          Ah you misunderstood. I'm fine with people in +22/23 up geared people being able to solo / duo etc. I just don't think +24/25 geared people should be able to hit min damage on every class once they get the devildom set + belt (asuming they belted pdef pets and got hv + buffs). The huge boost to pdef that mage classes get from universal armor and the belt plays a very large part in that. I'm just saying it's pointless to try to balance classes with such an obvious imbalance in gear.
          For example: if you want to balance classes based on +24/25 DD set + belt, the defensive stats are pretty close together. Some more pdef or reduction skills / shield hardly matter if the damage taken is that low. If you want to balance based on that, the damage classes can do should be pretty close together as well. At 175- the defensive capabilities vary a lot more per class so it would make sense that the offensive ones do so as well. Balancing for either of those categories will cause the other one to be either way too weak or too strong. The easiest fix for this would be to balance the gear first and talk about class balance after.

        • Mochatroid
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          Originally posted by Hitsuyga View Post
          It wouldn't be even close to fair to create content that works for him
          This is why I keep saying that we need to lower the top-end and raise the lower-end. I believe they call it min-max normalisation. That's instead of the heavily-impractical task of re-balancing all characters and all gears across the board.

        • BahlUni
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          I agree with Mocha on that. There are many things that give top end players a big advantage over the lower end. Armour awakenings which leads to higher % increases, enhancement values that scale exponentially up till +25, better awakenings on items, introducing items that are much more powerful than their predecessors every epic, cs stuff. It's obviously not a good idea to change all of them, but I wouldn't mind higher base stats on gear and a more linear increase from enhancing that effectively lowers the stats on +24/25 gear and gives a large increase to people using +20/21 or lower gear. I also think it's a good idea to give new epic items a much lower boost compared to the existing versions of them.

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        I like being able to use one armour on all classes, however I dislike how it works.

        Warrior pdef on mages is broken.

        My solution would be.... To make the various "Armour Mastery" passives do.... Something.

        Knights, Soldiers and Champions get Level 20 Armour Mastery and no Mind Defense.
        Assassins, Shadow Hunters and Archers get Level 15 Armour Mastery and no Mind Defense.
        Soul Breeders, Evokers and Battle Summoners get Level 10 Armour mastery and level 20 Mind Defense.
        Druids and Battle Kahunas get level 20 of both, so they're messed everything up by being awkward.
        Priest and Bishop get level 20 Mind Defense and Level 10 Armour Mastery.
        Warlock and Chaos Magician get Level 20 Mind Defense and no Armour Mastery.

        So, I would make each defense mastery quite similar to Creature Mastery. As a base, with no armour mastery you would gain 100% of class specific stats. But only 40% of Universal Armour stats. Then, for each additional level you would gain 0.5% more pdef on Armour and 0.5% more mdef on Mind Defense on class specific armour. However you would gain 3% per level on Universal armour.

        I'm working with 2nd job values not MC because only a few MC classes get extra armour/mind passive levels.

        But basically, with the maximum level defense passives for each class they would get:

        110%pdef and 100% mdef from class specific armour, 100% pdef and 40%mdef on Universal armour for Templars, Mercenaries and Berserkers.
        107.5% pdef and 100% mdef from class specific armour, 85% pdef and 40% mdef on Universal armour for Slayers, Deadeyes and Marksmen.
        105% pdef and 110% mdef from class specific armour, 70% pdef and 100% mdef on Universal armour for Master Breeders, Beast Masters and Overlords.
        110% pdef and mdef from class specific armour, 100% pdef and mdef on Universal armour for War Kahunas (this one makes sense) and Magus (this one doesn't).
        105% pdef and 110% mdef from class specific armour, 55% pdef and 100% mdef on Universal armour for Oracles and Cardinals.
        100% pdef and 110% mdef from class specific armour, 40% pdef and 100% mdef on Universal armour for Corruptors and Void Mages.

        This would at least (hopefully) make Universal armours an overall improvement still, but also retain the defense balance to a degree.

        Of course, the Universal armour stats would most likely also receive a +12-15% increase from additional levels of the skills from belt, DT buff and helm. I also know for certain that Cardinals can get level 40 Mind Mastery so they could theoretically hit 145% mdef from Universal armour, however I think most will agree, that having a massive amount of mdef isn't really as much of a balance issue.

        But, these are just my thought about how we could maintain some sort of balance on this issue.

        Another alternative would be to boost the pdef on warriors and give them the ability to actually keep aggro AoE so that silly mages don't become the only classes people play....


        • BahlUni
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          Yeah, universal's fine, but giving all classes the same stats isn't.

          The damage increase you see on a skill card is dependant on the amount of p/matk each char has regardless if you can use it. You can also see if it's possible for your class to use it. So it should be possible to show different amounts of p and mdef on the universal chest piece depending on what class you use them on and apply a different bonus based on class. I don't mind pets getting the advantage of having both the high pdef and mdef boost from the universal armour.

        • Hitsuyga
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          That's a nice idea - and work would when trying to fix retrospectively after everyone already upgraded their armours. +1