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  • Skill Auto Cast

    So, at some point a patch enabled people to cast a skill whenever it is ready repeatedly simply by holding the key down.

    I, personally don't like this change. I struggle to see any practical uses for it as most classes need to use a variety of skills to play effectively. So, I can't see it making that easier.

    However, what it does seem to do is.... Give everyone a way to employ a robot for farming. Tape down the key on a class that only needs to spam a single skill over and over to farm something that's not going to kill you and.... Go do something interesting while the game does all the work for you.

    As far as I'm aware, employing a marco to do something similar is a bannable offense, and yet our developers have given us all the ability to, not play the game.

    To me, this seems counter productive, it seems broken as for so long, this sort of action was condemned in the harshest manner. Yet now we are given the ability to farm by not actually playing the game.

    I am aware that the multiclient has enabled people to do what virtual machine ware had in the past. But, as you could simply buy a physical machine to perform this task. Buying another machine so you could buff yourself doesn't feel like you are doing something you weren't intended to be able to do, you could get other people to buff you after all. However, being able to farm while not actually playing the game does feel like doing something you weren't intended to.

    You may call me a hypocrite for this, they are my opinions. However, I am interested in hearing other people's views on this matter.

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    You could double tap Mass Repentance for Oracle and insta-cast it a second time after the first was done before E9.5 0.1 cooldown override

    Don't doubt other classes have similarities


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      I know at least 1 person that got banned for weighing down a key. I'd expect there to be a lot more of them.


      • Jono
        Jono commented
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        Zeec Not if I can do it from another room.

      • JustAnotherNerd
        JustAnotherNerd commented
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        Weighing down a key translates to using whatever means to hold a key down. So it's the same thing. And for arguments sake, Mr Fantastic could hold down a key from any room. But since we're speaking about this openly lets dig a little further... Under the Webzen Terms of Service agreement #3 Online Contact featured after the letter N it clearly states the following

        Use or distribute "auto" software programs, "macro" software programs or other "cheat utility" software program or applications.

        If a skill allows for an auto tab/auto targeting feature then as long as you are holding down the button by any means you have not violated the terms of service. Said skill is working as intended. Why you felt the need to bring up a specific instance Jono is beyond me. But as the ToS is written with no Software programs or applications being used a Q-Tip surely wouldn't violate the terms of service. There's no Macro in a device used to clean ones ears...

      • Mochatroid
        Mochatroid commented
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        While we're talking openly about the semantics of such legislation, I'd also like to point out that we are violating WEBZEN's rules if we:

        b. Harass, threaten, abuse, disparage, libel, slander, embarrass, or do anything else to another Member, guest or WEBZEN employee.
        (bold added for emphasis)

        It's actually very easy to "do anything else" to "basically anyone else". Simply by interacting with each other, whether it's in-game or on the forum, we're totes breakin' the law.

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      I personally think the Auto cast feature is a wonderful thing. Imagine playing that Wild Stream Mercenary and having to spend hours constantly pressing your wild stream hot key. Or playing a Magus ( No idea why anyone is playing these now since Devildom has made them nothing more then a healer) and having to repetitively press your Bleak Squall hot key for hours while grinding PW or where ever it is Magus solo now a days. Carpal Tunnel. Arthritis. Arm and neck pain. This is an aged game and older people are playing it now. What an amazing feature to save their bodies! How sad would it be to see the older person say I'd love to point something out to you but that Wild Stream left a permanent bend in my finger. Or I'm sorry I just don't have the hand strength to pick up my grand child anymore. The point is not every class is a tab F1 class. Sure the new OP class is pretty much point and shoot with a few skills pressed from time to time. Auto cast on a 959 toon won't make much sense. But for the other classes that still require a vast multitude of button mashing, especially when it's one primary button, the auto cast feature is a blessing. So Thank you Webzen for making it easier on your older clientele. The creaky bones and joints applaud you.


      • Mochatroid
        Mochatroid commented
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        Thank-you for thinking of the players! I just wish WEBZEN had the same empathetic capacity as you!