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  • Might be helpful to you - Ominous Site

    The Ominous Guild has been preparing for Epic 9.5 and with those preparations a whole guild revamp has been made, including a guild site. Plans were to have site mostly finished before 9.5 released, but the weather delayed me big time. As it stands now the site is nowhere near completed, but some parts are functional, like the Boss Cards page and the Siege Times,etc. The boss card information was collected and tested 1 by 1 personally, and its the most up to date and correct information regarding boss cards out there.

    One of the main reasons I wanted to release this before 9.5 is because Boss Cards will have a more important role with the new collection feature. Thought it might be good if players had a place to check on correct , up-to date info regarding these cards. The site ''phone friendly layout'' is de-activated until i find time to make it look good.

    Any questions can be asked in the in-site chat on bottom right corner, or send me an email in the ''Contact'' page. Suggestions are welcome.

    p.s. some pages are guild members access only, but worry not, its not crucial game information. Its mostly for our Discord App channel, and guild related stuff. All the helpful info will be in the site accessible for everyone.

    Edit: As I still have no phone signal due to weather (hurricane), I might not be able to reply instantly in the site chat.
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    hello kenshin
    i would like to join your guild
    currently a templar level 159 named WeakShield


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      Closing this due to necro.
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