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    Originally posted by Namenoless View Post
    E-repair, please?
    Why it is priced so high? I kind of missed the last one just now.
    Why everything costs so much? Isn't playing supposed to be fun and not thinking what you can afford and what not etc.
    If stuff would be cheaper, more people would buy more stuff, or more people would afford to buy some stuff, and the alz sellers would have less job.

    I wish cheaper prices for everything in item shop.

    I feel u bro.For 60 dollars,selling cash shop items u cant even get 1 +20 item with that(lvl 150-160).And that is 1 items.Inflation is kinda high here,it would be good if all prices were permenantly reduced by at least 20% which would mean alot!


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      Drop event, xp event on. We have lot of e-pet cards,summon scrolls,new weaponds,armors....Emblem for taming (taming rates kinda low nowadays :P), boss looters for farming, and ancient cubes for enchant would be fine.


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        Lucky box of HV in CS please


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          preview photos for the decorative items - hard having to hunt down older sets and dont know what they look like.


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            Weapon transfer scroll..but I'm dreaming, they will keep hiding it as some 'chance' (read 0.0000000001%) to try and drive sales of other stuff.
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              How about the e-repair and e-protect would be different for each rank so that lower ranks would have lower price, higher rank higher price? There's no sense in using those now for lower rank items, but it would be nice to be able to repair them also.


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                To the powers that be

                It would be great if we could get the following items below on sale again, as they have been absent from CS sales for quite some time.
                * Emblems - This should sell well given all the pet related content we have been getting lately.
                * HV Pass.
                * Growth Pots - Ongoing EXP event.



                • Nazgul
                  Nazgul commented
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                  2 out of the 3 are currently on sale.


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                I'd like the actual scrolls - perfect weapon enhancement transfer scrolls, to be available in the cs, instead of hiding them behind some 'low' (read PRACTICALLY NON-EXISTENT) chance to get it if you buy 100000 bundles of something else that you don't really need.

                So this weekend what do we get- yet another 'low' chance to get one (I NEED TWO BTW FOR DIRKS) scroll.

                Given I've tried $800 worth and got precisely none in the previous sales, what are the actual chances? Anyone actually got one?
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                  Well, this may be out of point but would it be possible to have something that actually allows players to extract socketed soul stones?

                  It's kind of sad to have to sell them away cheap or left in wh because nobody wants to buy the equip the stones were socketed in while having to source (and spend more $$) to get stones to socket on new equips.

                  It will be so good if we are able to change out the stones when we change/test builds or just plain switching out for play in different party groups


                  • Randommm
                    Randommm commented
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                    Agreed w/ comment. There should be an option to take out the stones so we don't have to destroy them when we need new ones.

                  • JustBrowsing98
                    JustBrowsing98 commented
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                    Not going to happen, as it would reduce cs sales of stones, which aren't very expensive when they are on package sale.

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                  I'd like to see a slot enhancement scroll- adds a slot to an existing piece of armor, boots, gloves, helm. Most importantly, the item enhanced becomes account bound. Cost 2500 wcoins. So income for Webzen from a typical set 8 times 2500, and that set is now locked to toon so doesn't distort market, and also increases enhanced Teardrop sales to fill those extra slots. Also ties in that player's set so if they rebirth they will need to buy or build a new set, more sales for Webzen. Scrolls would be tradeable, scroll would be in the cs permanently, not hidden behind 'sales', etc.

                  But first, perfect weapon scrolls in cs before events end would be nice...
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                    I'd like to see Teardrop (+60, 6 in one pack).


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                      I would like to see some type of scroll / item the would buff my pet's. (player buff's wear off before i reach the boss in cube)


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                        I have to say: super sales in the CS nowadays!! For the future: ultimate belt upgrade kit, boss loot pet,and ofc epro, erep, ancient r7 cubes...come on


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                          BRING BACK THE REAL BUNNY CLOAKS!


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                            Bring back EMBLEMS. I missed it the last time and they are ridiculously expensive in game.