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[Rappelz] Cash Shop Wishlist

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  • [Rappelz] Cash Shop Wishlist

    Time to start a new one of these, and hopefully it will not fall into obscurity again!

    Please add things you would like to see in upcoming CS sales!
    To the legend...

  • #2
    First up on the wishlist:
    • Ancient Skill-Cubes, S-Pro
    • Selective Creature Re-spec Potions
    To the legend...


    • MadHatteress
      MadHatteress commented
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      13 dollars 50 cent each. If that was a bundle pack for a dozen or so, I might be interested. Single item? Seriously? Not going to happen. Are people at the sales department aware that not every player is swimming in gold?

    • Melodia
      Melodia commented
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      Many people wait : Hidden Village lucky box.

    • Sleeper178
      Sleeper178 commented
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      +1 to what you said

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    My repetitive additions that never seem to return to the CS
    • Bunny Costume! Easter New Rabbit Costume Set! Easter Bunny set! whatever its called not the pink one!
    • Unicorn mount not a sheep!!

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    • MidnightSnack
      MidnightSnack commented
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      Thanks CharmingGuy & Nazgul, that's the one.
      Here's a screenshot I took from back in 2013 with the costume on a few chars:

    • Mochatroid
      Mochatroid commented
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      Originally posted by Cyberstone View Post
      the only stupid Gold Unicorn mount on the server
      Originally posted by Cyberstone View Post
      There are a few others actually but it seems to be a rarity.
      Bold + colour added for emphasis
      Zomg Cyber, MLP confirmed!!!

    • (MOD)Jackalope
      (MOD)Jackalope commented
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      for record:

      The offer is valid until September 12, 2016

      450 Wcoin each
      • Holy Unicorn (28 days) No fall damage + hoof - NEW!
      • Infernal Soul (28 days) No fall damage + hoof - NEW!
      • Lydian King (28 days) No fall damage + hoof - NEW!
      I would prefer to pay the standard 1700 for a perm one but it is very nice to see some of this stuff popping up again

  • #4
    Well I actually would like accessory sealing scroll sale. I've been waiting for it and want to stock up on them.


    • #5
      Creature packs (the ones with the recapitalization potions mirror of protection and other such goodies bundled together) I Haven't seen any creature or pet basses sales in a while.


      • (MOD)Jackalope
        (MOD)Jackalope commented
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        For record:
        The offer is valid until August 26, 2016

        The Lucky Box - Pet (200 wcoin) contains ONE of the following items:

        2x Creature Name Change
        1x Creature Re-specialization Potion
        20x Scroll of Creature Taming
        1x T-Protect Mirror
        5x Animal Cracker
        5x Creature Resurrection Spellbook
        1x Stone Golem Card: empty
        1x Baphomet Card : empty
        1x Undine Card : empty
        1x Drillbot Card: empty
        1x Minotaurus Card : empty
        1x Blight Ogre Card : empty

      • Kokouo
        Kokouo commented
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        NO its the box with a combination of items for about $20 you get a pack of things like the flowing in one box animal cracker+5 Creature name change+2 and T protect mirror with a few Random pet card pack that give you about 10 creature cards that range form basic to rare. Not a chance to get this item you actually GET the items mentioned. it was a set pack not a luck pack, I just think packs like that could be useful as a Starter pack idea (i think there was a summoner starter pack that included that plus a random looter but that was back before boss looters.

    • #6
      Final Awakening scrolls Enhanced altered pieces (rapid, savage etc..)


      • #7
        It would be great to see the following two items on sale:

        * Growth potions (since the exp event is still ongoing).
        * Emblems (they have not bee in the CS for a while now).



        • #8
          Seeing as this weekend's sale are ancient strikes....what happened to the lucky box attack (100)? You are putting the defense cube lucky box up on sale regularly, but not the lucky box for strikes. It already was missing from the last sale, and now again.


          • Nazgul
            Nazgul commented
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            Sorry about that. I've raised it and it should be getting amended very soon.


        • #9
          I would also love to see Growth potions/SS/Lucky Pots/Animal Crax on sale during exp weekends or exp events
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          • #10
            Blessed Power of Change: Armor and Artifact, as well as Enhanced Pieces and Teardrops have been out of the cash shop for a little long now, bring them back! And regarding Soul Creature Selective potions, they were a little too expensive as your sales department should have noticed by the lack of sales it got.


            • #11
              For $129.95 USD .. Potion to jump you to lvl 180 and full JP. Webzen make lots of money with that one.


              • #12
                More clay keys! I have all these relic boxes lmao.
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                • #13
                  With the new epic coming, im thinking a few players might be returning from break and need to refill HV time. Can we get a HV 90day and Lucky Box sale please?


                  • Wonderpad
                    Wonderpad commented
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                    We just had a lucky box sale but I wish it'd come back too x)

                • #14
                  How about permanent back packs, not just timed ones.


                  • #15
                    E-repair, please?
                    Why it is priced so high? I kind of missed the last one just now.
                    Why everything costs so much? Isn't playing supposed to be fun and not thinking what you can afford and what not etc.
                    If stuff would be cheaper, more people would buy more stuff, or more people would afford to buy some stuff, and the money sellers would have less job.

                    I wish cheaper prices for everything in item shop.

                    Edit: Has here been some rollback, because i'm sure i already edited this earlier right after i posted this the first time. The optional edit reason i wrote is not showing either, this forum is a bit odd sometimes?