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What are MODs and what are(n't) they doing? (+mute FAQ)

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  • What are MODs and what are(n't) they doing? (+mute FAQ)

    Players with a (MOD) (on forums) or [MOD] (in game) tag are Moderators (that is what the tag means), volunteers that have been picked from the community by WEBZENs representatives to help them keeping order on forums, as well as providing a connection between C/GMs and community.

    Since we have been picked, among other reasons, for our experience with the game, the first task of every MOD is helping people with game-based issues posted here on forums.
    Sometimes that may also mean we have to refer players to customer support for things that neither we nor other players can help with, like account based issues.

    We also move threads to the correct section if they have been posted in the wrong place, edit topic names to be clearer or not in all caps, sometimes we merge threads that are all about the same thing and yes, we may also remove rule violating aspects of posts as well as close or even delete threads for rule violations.

    So here on forums, mods can try to help you with issues you have, tell you when you will need to contact customer support and move, merge, edit and delete comments, posts and threads.
    If you're having trouble with another forum user, you can either file a ticket with customer support, or pm us and we'll handle the case where possible (e.g. problematic posts) or forward it to a CM if necessary.
    We can't ban anyone, nor can we solve account-based issues, help with forgotten passwords, remove bans, change your email adress or solve the problems you may have charging wcoins, although sometimes we may bring an issue to a CM/GMs attention where it seems appropriate.

    We will not ask for your login name, account-related email adress or password. In fact, we really do not want to know any of those - account related stuff is always a matter for customer support.

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    In Rappelz, our moderators also have certain ingame powers.

    Since the newer moderators are sworn to secrecy, anyone ingame claiming to be a MOD without the tag is probably trying to take advantage of you in some way - exceptions are the senior moderators from before that rule came into place.
    Those are (in alphabetical order):
    (MOD) Eva [sorry, she has a whip and the alphabet is unarmed, so...]
    (MOD) Alexander
    (MOD) Hawk4hire
    If you see someone else claiming to be a mod without the tag, feel free to report them to customer support for impersonation.

    The most common "mod power" is the ability to apply mutes to characters for a defined amount of time.
    We use that for two things:
    The first is in order to stop rupee seller spambots from shouting.

    The second is for acting in response to violations of the ToS.

    Every time we see cause to apply mute, we follow an internal procedure outline that expects us to apply a mute for a time depending on the offense and file a report which includes screenshots of the chat at the time of the occurance.

    The duration of a mute depends on the offense commited, but in most cases it will be a 24 hour mute.

    Some moderators also have the ability to run certain events ingame. Those include summoning bosses for community action as well as writing yellow server notices.

    So: moderators ingame on their [MOD] toons can mute rupee sellers or players violating the rules.

    Some of us can also run events resembling the classic ingame "GM events" and occasionally throw some free world buffs for everyone to enjoy.

    What we can't do ingame is act to punish portal PKing, ban people, solve account based issues, fix bugs or make exp/drop/lak events happen.

    We also can't "fix event drop rates".

    We do not decide which updates get implemented or not either.

    We may bring things to a CM/GMs attention, but only if it is in the best interest of the game (so we may forward a critical bug report that is too sensitive for forums, but we will not ask our local GM/CM to unban your buffslave).

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      An analysis of the things most likely to get you muted.

      This is explaining the not-so-obvious aspects of chapter 3 of the Terms of Service (which is listing the things we as players agree not to do):
      1. Post, transmit, promote, or distribute illegal Content.
      Don’t put in links to a website of another game, to something inappropriate, or which can be used against another player (screenshot of harassment).
      Basically don’t put in external links or you may be muted, since illegal may refer to both violation of local law and the ToS here.
      1. Harass, threaten, abuse, disparage, libel, slander, embarrass, or do anything else to another Member, guest or WEBZEN employee.
      Don’t harass other players. This is pretty self-explanatory: don’t threaten a player in any form, don't stalk them to keep pking them over and over [not handled by MODs but by CS in that case], etc...
      Disparage: don’t tell a player they suck **** or anything of the sort. Calling someone a noob once may be okay, but keep doing it for an extended period of time and it may get you muted eventually.
      Libel and slander go together in my opinion. Don’t start a rumor about a player in world chat that isn’t true and that could fall under the harassment speech. Common Morals and ethics go here.
      Embarrass: trying to make fun of a player in world chat with something inappropriate is where this, abuse and harassment fall into the same category.
      Part (t) of TOS can be used in the harassment category.
      1. Transmit or facilitate distribution of Content that is harmful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive, vulgar, sexually explicit, defamatory, infringing, invasive of personal privacy or publicity rights, or in a reasonable person's view, objectionable.
      This includes the links, harassment, disparage and embarrassment as mentioned above.
      Any negative comment towards a specific race, religion, or sexuality fall into this.
      This is the broadest category. Using any language that is inappropriate can lead to a mute. Abbreviations and “bypassing the chat filter” still count as language. “FU” is not appropriate, neither are misspelled versions of a term for female dog, or a certain disparaging term for gay males that british people may also use for cigarettes ;-) We all know what you’re trying to say.
      ANY negative language that’s considered harsh in society can be muted. MODs are not dumb. These all are offensive or vulgar to some individual.
      Sexually explicit: Don’t talk about sex acts, or sexual body parts in chat. These are not considered appropriate and generally are rude in public.
      Personal privacy: Don’t give out someone’s phone number, facebook, address, email or anything that is “personal” to a player. Also (p) of part 3 TOS.
      1. f. Disrupt the flow of chat in chat rooms with vulgar language, abusiveness, hitting the return key repeatedly or inputting large images so the screen goes by too fast to read, use of excessive shouting [all caps] in an attempt to disturb other users, "spamming" or flooding [posting repetitive text].

      DON’T SPAM! This includes WTS/WTB shouts. Give it space before each shout. Don’t spam with @@@@@@ or WWWWW over and over. This is disruptive to general chat flow.
      Likewise, excessive caps may also lead to a mute.
      Also Rupee spammers fall into this - you do as well if you offer to sell/buy rupees/ingame items for real life money.
      The language and abuse fall into the other categories mentioned above.
      1. g. Impersonate another person, indicate that you are a WEBZEN employee or a representative of, or attempt to mislead Members or guests by indicating that you represent WEBZEN or any of WEBZEN’s licensors or affiliates.
      Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Pretending to be another player in world chat or a GM/CM/MOD to gain items or an advantage over another player can get you muted and probably banned.

      The things mentioned above can lead to a mute from a MOD if seen in a negative way. While some things are obvious enough, others do require a judgement call from the MOD in question, so response levels may vary to some degree.
      Also while a word may be acceptable in one context, it may not be in another. It's absolutely fine to talk about food, using it as a term for an ethnic group, however, may be considered racist.

      Likewise, jokes that may be absolutely acceptable in private where everyone involved is aware that no harm is meant may not be tolerable on Rappelz whole chat. When in doubt, try thinking if you would use that language in front of your mother/grandmother and her friends, too, and if not, maybe don't use it here either.

      Most of the other parts of part 3 of the ToS fall under hacking software/bug exploits, those are not handled by MODs but by customer support.

      [credits go to a post on a betty alliance forum for the original inspiration to this text. it has been reworked by me and another moderator to be a bit more appropriate for the official forums but does not in any way claim to be complete or comprehensive - it's just meant as a helpful guideline through the legalese of the ToS]

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        So what if you've already been muted?

        I want you to remove my mute!

        Moderators will not remove mutes, unless they have clearly been applied by accident.

        But that mute was really not fair, I only said...
        If you disagree with a mute, file a ticket with customer support, who will then check the reports given on the mute and act accordingly.

        I have been muted a month ago and it still says 36000 seconds left :-(
        Mutes do only count down while you are logged in to the muted character.

        I really didn't do anything and when I logged on I have been muted for 86000 seconds :-(
        If you have been muted while offline or days after an incident, think back if you said something someone may have reported to customer support some time before that mute.

        86000 seconds? I have almost 70 days mute time remaining!
        Most likely your account has been used as a rupee seller spambot. You will have to contact customer support in order to prove you regained full control over your account before they remove the mute.
        Unless you tried to buy/sell rupees, ingame items or even accounts for RL cash yourself. Or advertised pservers. In that case customer support may decide to follow the mute up with a ban. Seriously, you shouldn't be surprised by that at all...

        But that person over there got away with the same word/something much worse?!
        If you believe someone should have been muted but was not, you will have to file a ticket with customer support - mods can only act on what we witness ourselves and sometimes we may simply disagree on the severity level and decide not to act on it.
        Some words may be okay in one context and not in another (see above) and often a judgement call is required - customer support may see things your way if a moderator did not, but don't bet on it.

        Why exactly did I get muted and who muted me?
        Moderators can look up the reason for mutes applied by other moderators, but information on who applied a mute or if / why / why not someone else has been muted will not be disclosed.

        Did you write all this by yourself? Don't you have a life?
        Actually this was a collaborative effort between several moderators, so while I'm the one posting it I cannot really take credit for the entire content - and I type very fast

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          Nice guide Alex!
          Lydian -> Fenrir -> Baphomet -> Betrayal -> Reviac server


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            First time I saw this for some weird reason but it's nice to have a general outline for those unaware of exactly how things work.

            Well done.
            To the legend...


            • Cyberstone
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              Ah ha! I figured as much.

              Also curiously, why does this appear above things that have been stickied, but it's not stickied? And also, maybe it should be "stickied"

            • (MOD)Alexander
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              It is stickied. Kind of. You really don't want to know ;-) consider it magic.

              Edit: either forums caught up or one of the other mods or a GM switched it to boring type sticky

            • Athyra
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              and all this time i thought (MOD) meant fashionable like "a la MODe" ...
              learn something every day

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            Originally posted by (MOD)Alexander
            don’t tell a player he sucks
            Ok, now we have this "microaggression trigger"-shit at Rappelz, too?
            Well, this is RappelzUS so it should have been expected.

            As it seems you are not fully aware of that topic: 'he' is not correctly genderized as Rappelz may have female, transgender, bi-gender or any other of the (51, 56, 63?) genders players.

            But seriously: Saying a player sucks will get me a mute? "Haha, you suck at PvP! Can't even kill me with HV, pieces and full buffs!" BAMM! Mute for 36000 seconds! --- Really? If that's the truth, I think I have a new hobby


            • (MOD)Alexander
              (MOD)Alexander commented
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              You're ripping it out of context - it was followed up by a (symbolic "censored") expletive of your choice, usually something like the lower backside, so it isn't quite what you took it for.

              The example you gave I (me, personally, not speaking for anyone else here) would not mute for - not if you just write it once or maybe twice anyway. If you keep it up for a longer period of time though, it turns into harassment.

              I'll fix the genderizing I guess, though somehow I think that will make you less happy than just leaving it as it is.

            • Borg123
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              Ah, you already wrote a bad sentence.
              I didn't get it. Sorry.

              Sad to see that you prefer to see me unhappy. But I already guessed so, seeing what posts you delete
              I go crying now...

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            On that note,

            Originally posted by (MOD)Alexander View Post
            Disparage: don’t tell a player they suck **** or anything of the sort.
            Where do we stand on things like this on the forum?


            • Borg123
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              You spend two hours on a Sunday morning surfing on a forum of a low popular game deleting spam posts for free?
              Damn, your life must be miserable. And I thought my life around twenty was boring...
              I am really sorry for you...

            • (MOD)Alexander
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              I was up early and couldn't sleep. Trust me, it isn't my prefered way of spending sunday mornings. And only a small part of it was in the Rappelz section ;-)
              So yep, very glad I don't have that kind of ability ingame. I'd feel obliged to actually use it after muting spambots and I don't really have that level of free time at all.

            • Mochatroid
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              Cyberstone for CM, 2018!

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            Questions I got today:

            Do you have the right to play the game too?
            - Yes we are normal players but we must not play on the [MOD]names

            Do you get paid for the job?
            - It isnt a job we are volunteers.


            • Jacktheabyss
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              If asked how would you rate your game play? What would you secretly say?

            • (MOD)Tetraplex
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              I do not understand your question.

              Rate how good I am as player? Rate how I like Rappelz user Interface?

            • Mochatroid
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              How are you as a mod? How are you a mod?

              What is mod? Baby, don't mod me? Baby don't mod me, no moarrrr~

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            How does one become a MOD?


            • (MOD)Alexander
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              You wait until WEBZEN is recruiting mods for Rappelz (or the game of your choice) again, you apply for it (probably fill out a questionaire) and then WEBZEN decides whom they do or do not accept as a new MOD.

              Having a history of being a helpful active player both on forums and ingame might work in your favor, while I'd expect having a history of troll posts, mutes and/or bans might not be so helpful.

              If you get chosen you'll probably end up with a shiny new junior mod forum title on a separate account you have to create for this purpose.

              Ingame powers to a varying extent (depending on what you can [already] be entrusted with, what you actually want to do and if more MODs doing this are considered a good idea or not at the time) may follow after a probation period.

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            Are there any MOD places open at this very moment?
            [Rappelz - Baphomet]
            ​Corsola 170 Corruptor - Mightnare 167 Master Breeder


            • Corsola
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              'just'? That was 3 years ago!

            • MadHatteress
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              They're not hiring Pokemon at the moment. If you were a digimon instead...

            • Mochatroid
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              I like him. Put him on a shirt!

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            Originally posted by TehVan View Post
            How does one become a MOD?
            Way back in the olden days, when Itoki was still around, I got a PM saying "Hey, do you want to be a mod?" out of the blue one day. That was a very long time ago though.


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              cant update and play game CANT REINSTALL WHATS UP PLS