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Important guidelines for game video creation!

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  • Important guidelines for game video creation!

    Hello everybody,
    We want to address and clarify an interesting and important topic today:
    Video creation based on our games!

    We are of course always happy and proud to see great videos produced by you, our players. It’s fantastic to see the creativity, dedication and talent you display and are willing to share with us and the rest of the world.

    While game video production grows in popularity (Let’s Plays, etc.), we believe it’s about time we shared some general guidelines in order to help protect both you and us equally.

    The following guidelines are unified and count for all games. Please take your time and read them carefully:
    1. Do not mislead the viewers
      1. Make sure that the viewers know the video has been created by you, not WEBZEN
      2. Do not provide any information that may mislead the viewers to believe that you are an authorized representative of WEBZEN
    2. Do not use WEBZEN’s intellectual properties for any commercial purposes
    3. Do not use WEBZEN’s intellectual properties more than it is necessary for your purpose
    4. Do not associate WEBZEN with any of the following:
      1. Nudity or sexual content
      2. Harmful or dangerous content
      3. Violent or graphic content
      4. Hateful content
      5. Offensive content
      6. Threats of any kind
      7. Spam or misleading information
      8. Illegal content or websites
    If you are still unsure, please obtain legal advice before creating and posting the videos.

    We hope that these guidelines will answer most of your questions. Have fun creating more fantastic videos. We’re looking forward to watching all of them (at least, most of them! )!

    Your WEBZEN Team

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    Thanx for the heads up and notice. Hope all videographers keep this in mind when creating vids. Now back to the game
    Need to submit a ticket? Click
    1) Choose the category of your issue.
    2) See if any of the listed articles resolve your issue.
    3) If none of the articles resolve your issue, you can click on the most relevant article to submit a ticket.


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      Nice to see this posted.

      The game being a bad boy, Webzenianz? Go here: Helpdesk and Comment Card
      Cater to your customers, or someone else will!
      I gotta have more cowbell!!


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        Hi guys,

        I am just starting a channel with Rappelz Guides, Event Videos, and class showcases, and I have a couple questions for you. I spoke with a [Mod]Baell on Undine server yesterday but I am still confused on a couple things.

        My main question at the moment is whether we can give the name of our YouTube channel in game or the forums. All of my videos are recorded in order to help people play Rappelz better and know what to do (Rappelz can be confusing to new and old players alike).

        My YouTube channel is ArkStrawHat, and if you look at it you will see that all of my guides are designed to help players. I want to tell people about my channel in game, but Terms of Service says not to self promote.

        Is it self promotion if I tell people the name of my channel in world chat? In my video I make it obvious that the key codes and so forth are from the Webzen Christmas event and not from me, and mod Baell told me the videos are great and to feel free to tell people about them. While doing so though, others tell me to stop because I cannot self promote in World Chat.

        I am confused now, I just want to help people, and follow all the terms of service, in order to have Webzen behind my channel and not against it. I'd also like to do showcase videos for all classes eventually, as the character creation videos are not that great, and it is hard to find videos with explanation of each class online. I know that will be tough to do on my own though, but I will try.

        So far I told each server to checkout my channel for a video explain the Christmas event, because a lot of people on undine server that I talked to were really confused about it. Please let me know if that is ok, I would love to talk with somebody who actually knows what I can and cannot do, I want to build a useful channel that will last a long time, and my emails to Webzen on this topic have not been answered.


        • Nazgul
          Nazgul commented
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          Alex pretty much answered it for you, but to put your mind at ease - You can advertise your channel name, not the URL, in whole chat on the servers. Providing there is no content which would breach any of the above rules on your channel you'll be fine. Just be sure not to overdo it though to the point of spam.

          Currently watching your videos now


        • ArkStrawHat
          ArkStrawHat commented
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          Got it, thank you so much for the quick answers, I appreciate it

          I said the channel name 3 times yesterday on each server, 9 am 2 pm and 7 pm. Just so people who play at different times could see it. I probably will not do that too often though, After a few times I think the people who are interested will already know about it.

        • Boomerang
          Boomerang commented
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          @Ark You could add your channel to your signature as well with editted formatting so it doesn't show the Url, that will help people who didn't see your shouts but come on forums and might catch a glimpse of your signature