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Post 9.2 (Epic 9.3) KTS Patch Notes (Spoilers!!)

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  • Post 9.2 (Epic 9.3) KTS Patch Notes (Spoilers!!)

    To begin be warned this thread contains spoilers. If you want to be 'surprised' for future updates, do not read this thread.

    Since they seem to be doing class updates and other bug fixes I figured I would start translating them as they come out.
    Please be aware, the stuff in this thread may never reach us and some stuff could be lost in translation. They may come a week, 2 weeks, 1 month or maybe not until 9.3, only Webzen/Gala Lab knows when or if it will hit the US servers.

    Quick Find Guide
    7th October
    30th September
    23rd September
    16th September
    9th September
    2nd September
    27th August
    19th August
    12th August
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    Update List 12th August

    1. Unique Costume pirate boots, gloves, costume option will be modified by the unique option. Google Translate

    2. Distorted Space Set Bonus Changes
    - Warrior: Str, Vit, P.Atk increased by 12%
    - Hunter: Agility, Vit, P.Atk increased by 12%
    - Mage/Summoner: Int, Str, M.Atk increased by 12%

    3. Blessed Power of change was giving skills that weren't relevant to the class awakened on. This should be fixed.

    4. The forged passes prices have been changed. 100m -> 50m

    5. When using the enchant window, pressing space bar caused it to enchant. This will now only enchant when the enhance window is the active window.

    6. The character moving back and fourth should be fixed.

    7. Follow is fixed.

    8. 9.2 Parrallel World tickets purchased you will be able to renter after a disconnect. You will resume at your last position. I think.
    *Note: Your daily dungeon quest will not be applicable.*
    - If you buy a ticket to the general dungeon encounter and you disconnect. It takes a 'review time' buff. (30 mins). Does this mean when you enter via a purchased ticket you get a 30m buff applied which while active will allow you to go in and out of the same instance?
    - Before the end of this buff time go to a special investigator NPC. There is a 'review' menu.
    - If you enter the dungeon via review, it doesn't cost a ticket.
    - If a back-up position to review the termination can not be reviewed. Google Translate
    - Despite hanging review time buff is purchased general admission and Dungeon Quest Dungeon entrance is possible using tickets. At this time, the buff flows, but time is not lost. Google Translate

    9. Skill changes to Marksman
    Skill Name Changes
    Resonance Shockwave CD 180 Seconds -> CD 90 Seconds
    Cast Time 0.9 Seconds -> Cast Time 0.3 Seconds
    Stun skills continues to be a period of 2 seconds fixed (delete duration added per level)
    Penetrating Shot CD 300 Seconds -> 90 Seconds
    Cast Time 0.9 Seconds -> Cast Time 0.3 Seconds
    Double Shot Cast Time 0.5 Seconds -> Cast Time 0.3 Seconds
    Icicle Snare Cast Time 1 Second -> Cast Time 0.3 Seconds
    +1 skill card reduces Cast Time by 0.1 seconds → Now reduces by -0.03 seconds
    Snare of Lightning Cast Time 1 Second -> Cast Time 0.3 Seconds
    +1 skill card reduces Cast Time by 0.1 seconds → Now reduces by -0.03 seconds
    Trap of Flame Cast Time 1 Second -> Cast Time 0.3 Seconds
    +1 skill card reduces Cast Time by 0.1 seconds → Now reduces by -0.03 seconds
    Steel Cage CD 30 Seconds -> 40 Seconds
    Cast Time 0.9 Seconds -> Cast Time 0.3 Seconds
    Arrows fired every 1 second - > Improved to 0.4 seconds
    Add per skill level to 0.1 times the number of battered delete → 0 Google Translate
    Lightning Fury CD 300 Seconds -> 120 Seconds
    Cast Time 0.9 Seconds -> Cast Time 0.3 Seconds
    Statbuilder - Working on it


    • Noire
      Noire commented
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      I think you might be wrong. I just check on a MM and the delay between Double Shot arrows (which you haven't listed) seems to be about 0.2 seconds as the notes say, the notes also say 0.3 second improvement, so if as you listed it was "improved by" this would suggest the current Double Shot delay was 0.5 seconds, however it doesn't take 2 seconds for all the arrows to be fired currently.

      So, my reading of Google Translate is that where you have listed "Improved by" I read "Improved to".

      Also, although this point is relatively pointless due to the limited usefulness of traps, I thought it might be good to make it a little clearer that the casting delay per card level is getting changed from -0.1 seconds to -0.03, this would still give a -10% cd per card level which suggests the cast time will become 0.3 seconds rather than being improved by 0.3 seconds to 0.7.

    • CantSeeMe
      CantSeeMe commented
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      Ty Noire. Revised as per your notes.

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    Great news for MM. Lets hope that actually comes to our US servers some day


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      Steel Cage is about 90% of the reason to play a Marksman, the CD on it is currently 10 seconds, so I have no idea where they get 30 > 40, unless the skill CD changes as it's levelled up. Never paid attention to that.

      Since in the current optimal gear and buffs a marksman can hit 1.4M per hit, per target with steel cage for up to around 6 (not sure on the exact number) targets before the damage starts to be shared between mobs, changing the delay between hits from .9 to .3 seconds is going to be one of the most overpowered things in Rappelz of all time.

      If we assume it's 6 mobs and each hit is still 1.4m... that's 28 million AoE DPS with an amp without considering the p.def of the enemy.

      I was thinking Double Shot was the most game breaking thing with this update (getting level 12 on it from a pair of gloves, boots or an armour removes the CD completely and makes it hit 5 times instead of 4). I don't have an exact time it takes to cast the thing and for all shots to be landed before the next DS starts so I can't calculate the DPS. I just know it's maximum hit is 7 million in the best gear and buffs (+25, 400 crit power). Spamming Steel cage onto even single target mobs would be 4.2M DPS. That's ridiculous enough, but if double shot can approach that 7M DPS..............................................

      Time to call everybody who rebirths to MM a sheep


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        So far most of the adjustments, seem to be small boosts, except for the cd to Steel Cage....this could turn out to be quite a nerf.
        To be honest, the fact that they seem to be updating the classes now during an epic (which has never happened before) is quite scary. Looking at the nerfs to some classes at the beginning of the epic, with the Devs now updating classes during an epic, this makes me quite worried that my class could be useless within a week. So far, I could be sure at least that after an epic update, my class was safe for a couple of months. Now, I don't feel like I should even work on some gears, cause everything might change super fast and my work would be in vain.


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          Keiffo I don't know where your getting 1.4M a hit my MM is useing +23 fully buffed I hit low 500k's steal cage


          • Keiffo
            Keiffo commented
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            Fully buffed means HH +20% also, bear skin belt +1s cage and dt buff +1s cage. Also 400 crit power. 41k p.attack total. In just HV buffs nothing else I hit 900k per hit IDK what you are doing wrong..Also starlight necklace for each opponent to make sure that 10% bonus is in

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          Wow yah doing all that and 3 s5 hawk 2 S5 harpy I don't get those numbers but right on man your doing sick damage I'm only 170 thou that might make the difference and I collect the whole room and the boss


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            When they accidentally made the yeti have a 0sec cooldown on its -100% damage stage skill they ended up changing it pretty fast..
            I don't think it will be long before the double shot cd becomes a few seconds longer.
            I wouldn't rebirth to MM so fast if that's the only reason to do it, it is a fun class though!

            My favorite quote from forum: I happen to be a certified math genus in multiple relevant fields, I could tell you but i doubt you will understand them. no really normal people are like what the hell is that even a few fields of greater intelligence don't understand them well. LOL!
            My toons: Slayer - VoidMage - Mercenary - Magus - Templar - Berserker


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              A little spoil

              Since today, we can launch 2 Rappelz, without any sandbox or VM ! We just launch Rappelz, and... We do this a second time !

              Wantmytip ( #Gentleman )Serveur Lamia, Fondateur d' .

              Mon site :


              • Athyra
                Athyra commented
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                this will halve my power bill lol

              • RobZombie1989
                RobZombie1989 commented
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                i would have slaves again!!!! *.*

              • Almaestro
                Almaestro commented
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                Amazing u can uploading Sfram this client..........!!?

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              New test server update 19|8 1. 9.2 Update 1 event is terminated.
              2. Taming Magong type available seven kinds Soul Circus Creature abilities in the dungeon are modified.
              - The part that has been applied to the basic stats will be modified with a special stat Special Claire.

              - Creatures that list: Persian vast monkey, sad / smiling / angry / crazy clown, harlequin green / red
              3. Seek to modify the root until the auto auction in order to modify the automated auction is interrupted.

              - General auction proceeds normally
              four. Kabeongkeului The 10 units will be modified so that the combined probability 9.2 update is applied.

              5. Teleport Town by using the price will be adjusted to the previous price.
              6. The auction NPC appeared on city ruins
              7. 9.2 dungeons New World is a parallel review process for receiving time buff is changed.

               1) Nostra buy fake research permit from the day
               2) admission to handing in special inspector general dungeon NPC
               3) Parallel World position immediately upon hour of time reviewing buff grants: changes
               4) Parallel 1 hours can reconnect with my one free after coming out of the World
                ※ Parallel World reconnection are some things that are specific to the general, not the dungeon Dungeon Quest.
              8. Crew merchants selling goods shop will be added.
              - Force change: artifact, the power of change: Armor, awakening sealed scroll: accessory
              Kubrick dungeon entrance admission was uncomfortable symptoms will improve.
              10. Circus dungeon character did not see this part of the improvement in vision after the top position.

              I didnt understand some texts here, hopefully someone will bring a better translation


              • Noire
                Noire commented
                Editing a comment
                My reading is:

                2. Circus pets were getting the stats of Rare pets despite being Special, now they gain Special stats.
                3. Haven't a clue
                4. Combining Fortune Cubes in bulk uses the new combination rates.
                5. Teleporting fees changed back to how they were? Or teleport fees between towns changed to how they were (although I didn't think this had changed)
                6. They're putting an auction NPC in City of Ruins, perhaps.
                7. If you DC while in the Fake PW you get a 1 hour buff that allows you re-entry without consuming a ticket.
                8. CS items seller on Test Server now sells Creature Artifact, Armour Awakening Stones and Accessory Sealing Scroll CS items.
                9. Easier to enter Cube (perhaps).
                10. Don't know, because mob aggro range isn't just screwy in Circus.

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              Update List 27th August

              1. 9.2 Event NPC placement and duration of the event will be extended one week.
              This could refer to a number of things, but the Koreans will most likely have a different event to us.

              2. Some skill changes
              - (VM) - Meteor Shower: Duration increase per level: 0 -> 0.4 seconds
              - (Corr) - Fear Trap: Duration increase per level: 1.5 -> 0.8 seconds

              3. You could only consume food when sat down.
              - You can now use it when stood up

              4. Creature Soul Stone will be modified so that the durability of the item decreases in use.
              - Delete to delete the wrong part of recovery with reduced durability when shot Google Translate
              Is this referring to artifacts?

              5. The cooldown of HP and MP potions will be changed to 20 seconds.

              6. Circus dungeon terrain has been improved.
              - Dressing room (first portal room with no boss), and lilith/mephisto room.

              7. Awakenings back on necklaces?

              8. Old Uniques Soul Pets will get new Unique Soul Pet skills.
              - In order to get these, you need to use a Soul-Respec Pot.
              Statbuilder - Working on it


              • (MOD)Hawk4hire
                (MOD)Hawk4hire commented
                Editing a comment
                HB - I'm concerned about #8 too. I dont want to loose my pet's current skills to gain another unity. And I'm guessing we (or the event) will supply the Respects for this

              • CantSeeMe
                CantSeeMe commented
                Editing a comment
                I would assume using the respec pot would reset all skills and swap the unique to a new type.

              • Noire
                Noire commented
                Editing a comment
                That's what I got from reading it all too

                I think 4 refers to the either the fact that pet dura didn't reduce at all till this week, or that they have changed it so that not only a pet's weapon's durability reduces at present.

                Aside from that, it seems we got 2 before the Korean server, and HP/MP pots already have a 20 sec CD despite it not being mentioned in the patch notes. Unfortunately though you cannot consume food while standing yet.

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              Update List 2nd September

              1. The 2nd 9.2 update event has ended. I think... Google wants to translate it to "The 9.2 update offers two exits."

              2. Enchanting gears 'safety' has been changed.
              - Between +1 to +8, it has been changed to it cannot break. If this means it can't fail or if it doesn't break in the respect of needing an E-Rep, I don't know.

              3. An extra bonus of using an E-Rep for enchanting applies. It's the best I could work out. Google says: "An added bonus is the probability reinforcement using a powdered perfect reproduction apply." However the local translation of 'powdered perfect' is E-Rep'. Hopefully someone else can make more sense about this...

              4. The range of the Parallel World bosses has been modified.

              5. The skills of the Parallel World bosses have been modified on when to be used. No more perma, stun fear?

              6. Double clicking the Parallel World review buff will no longer make it disappear. I think...

              7. The GMFB and Creature Res scrolls have been made untradeable. We already have this.

              8. Mirror and Impact Amps bought from the Cash Shop will no longer count down when logged out. This specifically states Cash Shop, so I suspect the untradeable ones from coins and leveling will still count down when logged.

              9. The solidarity of the new unique skill Soul Creature is modified.
              - The following information applies only to new unique creatures Soul.
              - Solidarity, including dual skills in front of people new skills "unique" name is added.
              - New unique soul that was missing in the existing stats spirit creatures, bless the souls of all stats instead of a new "unique spirit of Blessed Soul Creature" skills will be added.
              Google Translated, couldn't get the exact translation. But it seems to be reffering to the new unique soul pets will get the name changed on the 2nd unity to "Unique: [Unity]" and that they will get their own version of 150 and 155 passives. Don't attack me if I am wrong...

              10. Luminous creatures who lack strengthen the effectiveness natanadeon part is improved. Don't know... it's referring to this pet

              11. Character movement has been improved.
              Statbuilder - Working on it


              • Noire
                Noire commented
                Editing a comment
                Hmm, so sounds like they are making new Uniques get the 150 and 155 passives, but haven't been able to make old uniques get a second unity. Well, for what little use they are.

                It would be nice if they have improved the overall success rates of enhancing gears since it will make higher +'d gears more attainable for the average player.

              • CantSeeMe
                CantSeeMe commented
                Editing a comment
                @Noire, that is something which we cannot test on KTS since the last wipe was for 9.2 (aka new uniques). Some of the updates we get are 2-4 weeks behind KTS (excluding an epic update). I would wait a few weeks for that one to come to us, there is nothing to suggest they weren't successful with getting the old to new done.

                I to would have like that. But I guess it's something which won't happen.

              • HeavenlyBuffer
                HeavenlyBuffer commented
                Editing a comment
                It is nice that the new uniques now get the 150/155 passives, but what is really still upsetting me is that the old uniques don't get the second unity. I mean, they can apparently add the passives to the new uniques, so why deny us the unity update for our old uniques? It is the same damn pet!!! I for one worked hard in game to finally get my pet by the end of last year, which was a big thing for me actually, because I am not very lucky usually and it took a lot of effort. This and what they did to cardinal is why I haven't been playing much this epic, just feels like there is no point to it, since to me it looks like whatever ppl invest time in seems constantly get ruined.

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              Update List 9th September

              1. <Gloves> ultimate enhancement options <Double Attack> is fixed issue where the probability is lower than the visible figures apply.
              2. Skill casting speed, if the cooldown will be minus infinity corrected avoid a delay. Google Translate
              3. Powder Play Blessed is also enhanced when the material is modified to store. Google Translate
              4. Characters skill tree UI will be improved
              - Click here for a screen.

              There are also some changes which hit their live servers which I felt should be posted... this weeks patch notes are difficult

              2. Ultimate Armor awakening system is added.
              The ultimate awakening <Helm>, <Boots>, <Gloves> Applies only.
              - Refinement is also possible to give more than + 20 items.
              - A stone's ultimate awakening upper arm Nostra You can buy from a day.
              - The second option is a specific part of the option +21 enchant levels again if given the option, and then delete the changes at random.
              - Obtaining the possible options are listed below.
              Possible acquisition options 20 21 22 23 24 25
              Helm All skill levels increase (except TP skill) One One 2 2 3 3
              Helm All skill cooldown reduction 5% 5-10% 5-15% 5-20% 5-25% 5-30%
              Gloves All skill casting time decreased percent 25% 25% 30% 30% 35% 35%
              Gloves Additional normal attacks Attack Double chance 5% 5-10% 5-15% 5-20% 5-25% 5-30%
              Boots All the deleterious effect duration reduced 25% 25% 30% 30% 35% 35%
              Boots All Creatures strengthen stats 5% 5-10% 5-15% 5-20% 5-25% 5-30%
              If someone could take another look at this part I'd appreciate it. Confusing as hell
              Statbuilder - Working on it


              • Athyra
                Athyra commented
                Editing a comment
                i think this is meant to replace our current PW system

              • Ravgor
                Ravgor commented
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                They need to be really really careful with this update. If they mess up in the slightest on skill cd reduction it may end up being possible to keep skills like godly protection up forever and that would beyond break the game.

              • Athyra
                Athyra commented
                Editing a comment
                they have already beyond-broken the game with current pw gears at +3 lvls giving 0sec cd on insta skills

            • #14
              Here is what i gather from the newest update:

              It is a new upgrade system for +20 and above helmets, boots, and gloves (i think old and new though not sure). First you get your item to +20 to +25 based on the table above. You then go to an npc and buy an item, which you then combine with the armor. You then will get 1 of the 2 options above based on the table. +20 Helmets get +1 to all non tp skills or 5% skill cd reduction, boots get 25% debuff reduction or +5% to your pets stats (not sure how it impacts pet classes with thier passives), and gloves get a 25% skill casting time reduction (not sure how it works with speedy spell, or skill cards) or a 5% to perform a double attack (which i assume would be like barbarian rage or the hunter/assassin/double impact skills). It appears that +21 and above items get both of each in the above table and the range given in the table rolled randomly (of course).

              *as for number 2 above. They likely fixed the issue that some skills never cd anymore once you get above a certain level and + card (the skills never cd so you cant use them again). They likely changed it to a 0 sec cd (or so i think).


              • #15
                The first patches of this thread were made effective also on official servers, while the one of 2nd september not. The last that you posted, the one about upgrading helms, gloves and so on, will be active since next maintenance? Thx in advance for the reply


                • CantSeeMe
                  CantSeeMe commented
                  Editing a comment
                  No idea, we may never get them...

                • Noire
                  Noire commented
                  Editing a comment
                  Personally I hope that will be the case, however I doubt it. The additional effects from the enhancements sound very OP.

                  Why bother grinding PW stuff for +1 to 3 useless skills when you can just get loads of Medusa helms and get +2 to all skills by +22?

                  I dislike that they made Templars a tab F1 class already, but with up to 30% AI on top of that seems dumb.

                  If they're going to give us all these different ways to increase the power of our characters, they could at least give us some content which requires more effort to complete. It's kind of sad that the majority of parties still take place in a dungeon which is.... I forget how many Epics old...