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Possible stat combinations on 170 and circus weapons

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  • Possible stat combinations on 170 and circus weapons

    I got a request to make a stat breakdown about circus gear similar to the one I made for underground. They each have their own fixed white stats depending on the weapon type, their level and enchantment values. All 1h and 2h melee weapons, regular shields, bows and xbows are considered melee in the table. Staffs and magewals are considered mage.

    1: random dura type that is similar to a MC weapon*. This comes in 3 tiers and does not affect the enchantment bonus.
    2: random amount of patk for melee weapons.
    3: random amount of matk for mage weapons, mage walls, maces and dirks.
    4: random offensive stat inc based on the type of weapon. This either adds a melee** or a mage*** stat.
    5: ​chance on a defensive stat. For melee this is evasion or def and for mage this is mres or mdef.
    6: chance on either max hp, max mp, mp recovery, hp recovery or crit rate.
    7: random increase of block def or perfect block for shields only.
    8. random amount of crit power.

    So it is impossible to get a mace with macc. You also can't get a 2h staff with int % or an agi + dex % bow that adds to eva, acc and attack speed.

    * I added a link to keep this post short and readable. Start with picking an item in the first column. The available dura increases are mentioned to the right:
    ** for melee weapons and shields: pignore, ppierce, acc, att speed.
    *** for mage weapons and magewals: mignore, mpierce, macc, cast speed.

    It took many hours, but with Athyra's help I was able to make a list of the possible values. Thanks for helping out!

    If the image is to small to read comfortably use the following link: ​
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    the spreadsheet is very accurate!

    here are the japanese 9.1 release notes i for reference also


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    • Athyra
      Athyra commented
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      there is something i am actually curious about:

      what are the ranges of the random stats 1h/2h can get?
      i've seen 1379 patk and 280 pdef on 2h, but i havent actually looked at most stats

    • BahlUni
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      The full range would indeed be a good addition, but that would require quite a bit more work

    • Athyra
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      /me is glad to contribute

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    After spending hours of entering data it became clear that all of the circus weapons can be easily grouped together. I added a table to the first post and would not have taken this huge project on if it was not for Athyra and his help in collecting data.

    I hope it will be very useful.


    • Lordoftheflies
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      It is! Thank you again guys Much appreciated

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    Nice work you two


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      Hi, firs of all thanks for your work! Second, are there been some update on the possible stat? because im looking for a good mace/shield (for my templar) and someone has stat that are not in the table, for example i have a shield with Crit % +6 ; Str +30 ; Atk spd +3.6 ; Atk + 697 ; Atk spd +2.8 (again!!) %block perf +2.3 ; Crit pow + 16.3 . Why two atk spd? and str +30? same for othere equip (like maces), sometimes they have strange stat.
      Thanks for all your work


      • PrinnyOverlord
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        Sometimes the melee weapons roll with str/int/wis/agi/vit/dex increase as a primary stat. I didn't know about the shield but maces and axes can get str, crit rate and attack speed as a main stat.
        In your case you rolled the attack speed main stat and attack speed again as the offensive

      • BahlUni
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        You're welcome and there are 2 spreadsheets that give you all the available options. Some people overlook the first one and I only added the link because the table is huge and most people only want specific dura types any way.
        The shield has d3 1h axe dura which is one of the options for 1h weapons and shields. This always adds 6% crit rate, 30 str and 3.6 att speed. The other stats are random ones that use ranges. I didn't update the ranges and it is possible to have a weapon with a slightly higher or lower bonus, but I have not seen any circus or Island weapons that do not use this system.