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[Reference Guide] Questing in Rappelz

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    I have died while doing Hunter's Essence quest. How can I return to the platform?


    • (MOD)Jackalope
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      same way you got there the first time.

      Go back to Dead Spirits' Altar and speak to Hero Hector, he will teleport you to the lobby then click the cubes to teleport back to the hunter platform.

    • Smiec
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      Thanks. I hadn't noticed it.

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    Originally posted by Nazgul View Post
    Sept 27 2016
    Rappelz Epic 9.4 : The Expedition
    • A new area has been added – The Island of Forgotten Gods
      • To board the boat that takes you there, you must have a Shepard Boarding Pass – This ticket can be obtained via the daily quest "[Daily] Exploration of the Island of Forgotten Gods", or bought for 50,000,000 from the Black Marketer NPCs.
      • You must be there on the hour - if not then you'll miss the boat!
      • After 55 minutes, you are taken back to the City of Ruins. But we don't want you to be stranded there now do we...?
    • There are Blue Stones scattered across the island. Activate these to spawn more dangerous monsters ranging from level 170 – 190.
    • In the middle of the island, you will find a Summoner's Hand. Activating this will spawn the middle boss, Behemoth Lv. 190.
    • At the three farthest points on the island, you will find more Summoner's Hands. These shall require 10 Signs of Forgotten Gods to activate. They shall summon 1 of 6 bosses:
      • Bellatrix – Wields a two-handed sword
      • Helonia – Wields a two-handed mace
      • Julius – Wields a Longbow
      • Mark – Wields a two-handed staff
      • Gladias – Wields dual-swords
      • Demonic – Wields a two-handed axe
    Dungeon Changes
    • At level 150, you can enter Red Spider Circus and Underground Stages 1 and 2.
    • All Underground Stage 1: The core is now level 156 with reduced stats.
    • All Underground Stage 2: The core is now level 166 with reduced stats.
    • All Underground Stage 3: The core has reduced stats.
    • All Underground Stage 4: The core has reduced stats.
    • All Underground stages: Core debuff duration changed - 2 minutes -> 20 seconds.
    • The chance to receive equipment from Underground chests has been increased for stages 1 and 2.
    • The drop rate of weapons from Mephisto, Lilith and Soul of Lunacy in Red Spider Circus has been increased for all stages.
    • Soul of Lunacy stages 1-4 have had HP and Physical Attack lowered.
    • The Labyrinth difficulty has been lowered.
    • Skill damage of Crystal Pixie and Crystal Cube in the Remains of the Ancients is decreased.
    • Boss HP Regen increased
    • Feathers cannot be used in Remains of the Ancients
    • New Quests
      • Luciad Society's Request – Meet Ruth from the Luciad Society at the City of Ruins.
      • [Daily] Exploration of the Island of Forgotten Gods – Get the Shepard Boarding Pass from Ruth.
    • Quest level limits and experience have been adjusted.
    Hidden Village
    • Double Marduka Coins for each daily quest completed if you have a Hidden Village pass.
    • 100 AP will be given for the following quests if you have a Hidden Village pass:
      • [Daily]The Blight Ogre
      • [Daily]Exploration of the Shattered Labyrinth
      • [Daily]Reporting to Kudun
      • [Daily]The Corrupted Secret
      • [Daily]Drillbot Located!
    • Dead Spirit's Altar added to the Horizon teleporter NPC.
    • Red Spider Circus added to Dungeon Teleporters.
    • Arena roaming bosses now have a 3 minute respawn time.
    Originally posted by Nazgul View Post
    Nov 8 2016
    • Some daily quests have had their EXP reworked:
      • Dungeon Time Attacks
      • Stages 3 and 4 of the Circus Expeditions
    • Some monsters in the Vault of Lies have changed: pre-emptive strike -> non-pre-emptive strike
    • Level requirements for the Witch quest: Part 1 have been lowered from 70 to 50
    • Duration of Abomination Card changed: 4 hours -> 7 days
    ugh work has given me very little time to update this (I literally started right when the epic came out) but I hope to get this thread back up to speed ... eventually
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      is there new location for daily quest "coin" ??
      or just that we had?


      • (MOD)Jackalope
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        ?? Im not familiar with a quest simply called "coin"

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      i meant was daily single quest
      it was 34
      in this new epic do we have new locations for daily single quest that give us more coin of marduca? This reference guide contains a complete listing of all the most


      • (MOD)Jackalope
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        ah no there was no increase in the number of basic coin quests for this epic.

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      Hello. I think I did something wrong. While I was doing the 138 quest, I was at the point of killing the Ultimate Experimental Witch. After I defeted her, I was suppose to enter the portal, but it was not working, so I abandoned the quest but now, I dont have anymore quest and i'm stuck there. Any idea what I can do?


      • J4ZZ
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        I found the answer, sorry

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      Any chance someone could update the quest list with the new Devildom quests?

      This is a very important resource especially for new or returning players. It has some outdated info but for the most part it's still relevant.


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        To update ( the level )

        Lvl ??: Ceriu Desert (Archeologist Bob) Feeling a Bit Hungry
        Lvl ??: Ceriu Desert (Archeologist Bob) The Desert Legend
        Lvl ??: Ceriu Desert (Archeologist Bob) Exploration of the Shattered Labyrinth (lvl 100 Minotaurus)

        These quests have been done with a toon lvl 89 . so these quests are <= 89

        Lvl ??: Rondo (Guard Captain Kudon) Sibling Safety
        Lvl ??: Palmir Plateau (Vanguard Captain Miele) Supply Recovery --- first time only
        Lvl ??: Palmir Plateau (Vanguard Captain Miele) Mysterious Letter --- first time only
        Lvl ??: Palmir Plateau (Wary Fanatic) Fallen Sinites Levack --- first time only
        Lvl ??: Palmir Plateau (Vanguard Captain Miele) Take the Lead! (lvl 120 Baphomet)
        Lvl ??: Palmir Plateau (Vanguard Lahomu) Reporting to Kudun

        These quests have been done with a toon lvl 110 . so these quests are <= 110