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[Reference Guide] Questing in Rappelz

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    Bit over-due update

    Originally posted by Altabrim View Post
    Dear adventurers,

    Please find below the patch notes for February 23, 2016:

    • All Deva Coins daily quests reworked as follows:
      Number of monsters decreased
      Quest item drop-chance increased
      EXP increased
    • The target of the active quest is now displayed on the mini-map
    • If the target of a quest is in a dungeon, the dungeon entrance will be displayed on the world map
    • Vulcanus dungeon mobs stats decreased
    • Bonus JP/EXP rate set for all quests up to level 130, extended to all quests up to level 150.

    lv: 170: Remains of the Ancients --- Requires quest item, can summon other players lvl 140+

    1. MC: Rondo (Blacksmith Henry) Amazing Ability --- Booster - Jump Attack
    2. MC: Rondo (Mayor Ailrena) [TP] Mysterious Request
    3. 170: City of Ruins (Warrior Hector) The Truth of the Witch
      170: Rondo (Armor Trader Bella) ?kill Lilith in S3 Circus?
      170: City of Ruins (Witch's Child Xabi) ??
      170: City of Ruins (Warrior Hector) ??
      170: Mare Village (Charmer Kisha) ?kill the Starving Slaughter?
      170: Mare Village (Charmer Kisha) ??
      170: City of Ruins (Warrior Hector) ?kill Soul of Lunacy in S3 or S4 Circus?
      170: City of Ruins (Witch's Child Xabi) ?? --- Reward: item to access Remains of the Ancients dungeon in Sirag Ruins
      170: City of Ruins (Warrior Hector) ?kill Knight Hector in RotA? --- Reward: 1 Talent Point

    If anyone wants to donate some quest names to me that'd be awesome but this should be the correct order of NPCs in the 170 TP quest.

    🍁 Canadian // Undine Server // (҂◡̀_◡́)ᕤ 〈〈Event History〉〉 〈〈Questing in Rappelz〉〉


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      170: City of Ruins (Warrior Hector) Witch's Truth
      170: Rondo (Armor Trader Bella) Doll Production
      170: City of Ruins (Witch's Child Xabi) Witch's Child
      170: City of Ruins (Warrior Hector) Hector's Request
      170: Mare Village (Charmer Kisha) Investigation in the Village
      170: Mare Village (Charmer Kisha) Letter Delivery
      170: City of Ruins (Warrior Hector) Trace of the Defense Force
      170: City of Ruins (Witch's Child Xabi) Defense Force Token --- Reward: item to access Remains of the Ancients dungeon in Sirag Ruins
      170: City of Ruins (Warrior Hector) Remains of the Ancients
      170: City of Ruins (Warrior Hector) [TP] The Truth Revealed --- Reward: 1 Talent Point


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      I need help. I started 170 TP quest and cant get piece of brigth matirial from Lilli in circus. I killed she 3 times on 3 stage circus and get nothing. Is there some trick which i shoud know or just wrong quest task like usually?


      • Ravgor
        Ravgor commented
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        It does drop but only about 10% of the time. It took me 13 tries for my first one, then 2, 4, 7, and 1 killings for my other chars.

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      I've done the MC trials on 2 toons and this has been an issue both times.

      The quests "Picking Pillars", "Light Gathering: Pillars", "Cube Collection" and the like are impossible for me to complete. I can't see how it's possible even with speedy gears because my toon just hangs around the cube/pillar for a bit before actually interacting with it and eventually the quest times out. I needed help on both times and now I'm stuck with my 3rd toon because I can't do these quests.

      Any tips on how to do them? What am I doing wrong? Am I stuck here forever?


      edit: typo


      • JustBrowsing98
        JustBrowsing98 commented
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        You do not have to complete any of them with the exception of the 3 pillar one, which is easy. You can restart each platform's quest if you do not get enough points- basically in order to succeed on the second platform (which is tightest for points due to the stupid timers) you need to core the maximum 2pts on the 3 pillar quest- which then makes it likely you will score enough on the others to get the required total.

        I had one toon that took 8 tries to get past that platform. If you can score 3 pts on a mob kill and 2 pts on the 3 pillars as a start, then you should make it. Score a 2 and 1 and restart (cancel quest in log, talk to the npc to get the platform quest restart).

        Warrior platform has: Mardukas, Abhuva, witch, pillar 5 (avoid), knights and quiz (answer is always 9). Restart if you fail to get the total avoiding the 5 pillars.

        Magician platform (most times have to restart, rarely get first time) has breaking rocks, pillars 3 (do this, get the max 2 pts here), more pillars (avoid- impossible for me) , betty, zombies, disguises (answer= joker), cube collection (avoid).

        Hunter (only ever had to restart once) has catch a tiger, leos, octopi, makrul, 12 pillars (avoid), sealed magic (rich is answer), pillars 7 (avoid), Pillars 11( avoid), failed Experiments and silex. With 3 points max on each is usually a doddle to score the required.

        Summoner has maze, witch assault, wild wild witch, aurumis, mardukas, choose wisely (knights). 5 points for each. Witch assault can kill you fast! Choose wisely, the knights can hit hard but for lower level toons they are hard to hit with damage. Maze can be done by facing the ceiling and running using the run key (I use w, whatever you have it set on), you will run straight through the maze walls. Alternatively have a friend in party stand at the second pillar (nearer the NPC) and you run to first, then get summoned to second and done.

      • Alkaline
        Alkaline commented
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        This right here is how you answer a question!

        I spent an hour on the Hunter platform because i couldn't get any quests other than pillars. Eventually I got frustrated with the pillars and went back. After that i got Catch a Tiger and finished it the Hunter platform. I'll need help for the next part as my poor CM can't do it alone.

        Thank you!


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      I was having that quest when another player entered and killd boss instead.
      I accidentally cancelled that quest from quest list and now I cannot repeat not even access to next questing and master class.

      Any suggestion ? Any solution ?


      • (MOD)Baell
        (MOD)Baell commented
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        Click the abomination feather. Both of those quest items share their cool down.

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      I have a friend that was bugged he abandoned the quest but we have no idea how to get it back. We have tried logging, talking to hector and the pope, and even tried clicking the statues again. Anyone know how to get it again?


      • (MOD)Alexander
        (MOD)Alexander commented
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        Actually crystal at this point ;-) use the crystal from the quest tab in your inventory.

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      Hi guys.
      I'm trying to fininsh the 138 chain quests, but i'm stuck at the quest Finishing the Job: kill mobs in Sirag Ruins.
      I only get one wave of monsters but it's not enough, they don't spwan after I killed them all.
      I tried to log, restart, retake quest (3 times) but nothing works. Any idea?


      • Ravgor
        Ravgor commented
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        There are only 2 spawn points for the quest and about 80% of the time i have done it i had to spawn the mobs once, use a return feather, run back and get the quest, use the return feather, and spawn another 2 groups of mobs making 4 in totol. I then had what i needed to complete the quest. The only issue is the mobs have about a 10 minute depsawn timer so you have to be quick.

      • J4ZZ
        J4ZZ commented
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        Thanks guys. I took a 3 hours break and when I came back, they all spawned and it was done in 1 minute. Go figure o_Ô Thanks for all the comments.

      • (MOD)Alexander
        (MOD)Alexander commented
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        Spawn points have a cooldown... that's all. Usually about 20 minutes I think?

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      I got a question about Labyrinth Quests. Is this quest line doable just 1 time? I have done it once for sure (maybe 2 years ago), and now i can't get any quest form Mollok . Is there any way to do 3 bosses into the final chamber every cube run?
      Sorry for my poor English, and thanks in advance.


      • (MOD)Jackalope
        (MOD)Jackalope commented
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        once you have completed and handed-in that quest you can no longer repeat it, you would have needed to abandon that quest to use it every cube run.

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      I have a completed Quest called "Defeat Butkadah!" that rewards a "Butkadah Medal" and I can't find where to turn it in or any information on where it came from! It says I can trade the medals for items from "Dragoon Dragonia" and I can't find that NPC either. Does anyone know anything about this?


      • (MOD)Alexander
        (MOD)Alexander commented
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        This quest was part of the e7.something launch events and the npc is loooong gone.

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      Originally posted by Altabrim View Post

      Maintenance Date: 7th of June

      • Master Crystal Cooldown Time decreased
      • Master Trial: Magician's Essence - Master Pillar duration increased
      • Master Trial: Magician's Essence - Master Cube & Master Rock duration increased
      • Master Trial: Hunter's Essence - Master Pillar duration increased
      • Master Trial: Summoner's Essence - Goal: kill 4 witches –> kill 2 witches
      • Spirits of the Ancients time limit: 480 sec –> None
      • Final Ceremony reward: White Tiger <7 Days> –> Lydian King
      • The King of Exploration required item amount: 187 –> 100
      • Master Crystal cool-down changed to 2 minutes (no more waiting between buffs!)
      • Lvl 148: Chamber of the Magician (Trial Assistant)
        1. Pillar Pilfering (3 pillars, Increased time limit)
        2. Pillar Sprint (9 pillars, Increased time limit)
        3. Cube Collection (Increased time limit)
        4. Breaking Rocks (Increased time limit)
      • Lvl 148: Chamber of the Hunter (Trial Assistant)
        1. Picking Pillars (8 pillars, Increased time limit)
        2. Light Gathering: Pillars (24 pillars, Increased time limit)
      • Lvl 148: Chamber of the Summoner (Trial Assistant)
        1. Witch Assault (this is the one that spawns 4 witches + 4 minions each, reduced to 2 mob groups)
      • Lvl 148: Master Arena (Trial Assistant) Spirits of the Ancients (Removed time limit)
      • Lvl 148: Master Arena (Trial Assistant) Final Ceremony (Reward changed to 14 day timed mount)
      • MC: Ceriu Desert (Desert Keeper Eleno) King of Exploration (0/100 instead of 187)

      🍁 Canadian // Undine Server // (҂◡̀_◡́)ᕤ 〈〈Event History〉〉 〈〈Questing in Rappelz〉〉


      • Torgan
        Torgan commented
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        On the mc quests the timers on the pillar quests are longer, but the despawning times on the pillars themselves are not, making it not very useful soloing.
        The random teleporter only seems to teleport you to rooms you still have to do, useful for the quester not for the help

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      [EDITED: Problem Solved "crystal in the quest tab of your inventory. Use it"
      Hi All, i have a huge problem, by Mistake i deleted the QUEST " Breaking the Enchantment "(Templar Headquarters) the one we must walk in the floor using Hours&Minutes
      i tried to go to the Hero Hector and Pope (Templar Headquarters) to give me the quest back, But ... HE DOESN´T give me Quest Wath can i Do??


      • (MOD)Alexander
        (MOD)Alexander commented
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        You should have a crystal in the quest tab of your inventory. Use it.

      • ScarletLion
        ScarletLion commented
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        you have an item on inventory that allows you to restart the quest

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      This morning, while at City of Ruins daily quests, went looking for Axeer for [Daily] Weapon Collector quest, which requires Knuckle of Axeer for completion. Roamed around half an hour at all Axeer spawn points (around Dominatus the Mad roam area) and couldn't find any Axeers. Can anyone please tell me if I'm looking in the wrong area or if he has been relocated or if the daily quest mentioned above is subject to change?


      • Whirlwind
        Whirlwind commented
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        There are about a dozen Axeer mobs. The Axeers have an 1 hour respawn timer. Just check again at some later point.

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      Hey guys, well i was doing the Witch Quest Part 2 Guide (Hero Hector to Templar Basement) last night,
      I am at the point in the quest were you get the quest, "The Residue.", (click on both statues to get 2 residue's needed) so i did as the guide said and opened my quest window and did the "Auto-Complete" to move to the next stage & the quest "Breaking the Enchantment" the part with the hours & mins on the platform.

      Well it was my first time doing this quest and i failed the first try and as ALWAYS before i abandoned the quest (after getting ported out, thinking i failed and needed to restart that last step) hoping to grab it (the quest) again and do it right this next time.

      Well, yes, total EPIC fail, cause i cant get the quest from the pope or hector due to it being given by the auto-complete so i cant restart it all over and am stuck in limbo between quests till someone either knows a workaround, or some kind GM / Mod can re-give me the quest "Breaking the Enchantment" again lol.

      So, my question is, does anyone know of ANY workaround with this or am i stuck till a GM/Mod rescues me ^_^.


      • Ravgor
        Ravgor commented
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        There should be a crystal and feather in your inventory. I forget which one you have to click to get the question again, but one of them should. They do have a 10 min cooldown and should be in the quest tab of your inventory.

      • Bowchicawowow
        Bowchicawowow commented
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        Go to your inventory and on the right side of the inventory you will see the tab for quests and you will see all the available items for quests. As stated above there will be a crystal or feather there and click on it to reactivate the quest.

      • Nexus1200
        Nexus1200 commented
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        Hey first of all LOL @ your P.S. xD, and 2nd it was a crystal, clicked it and omg it worked, problem solved !!
        now what i wanna know is wtf didn't I think of that after running to the pope, then to hector like a gazillion times and even relogged incase i was bugged, lmao oh well all's well now, thanks very much guys and for the fast answer to.

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      I have done the Witch pendant quest for some hours now. I got first, third, fourth and sixth pendant pieces no problem, and it was quick too.. I have gotten stuck in the port and starboard crew cabins looking for the second and fifth pendant pieces. According to this guide:, I'm supposed find it from the corpses and the cointainers on the floor. I search and I search and I find nothing. Is there a certain way I have to this or is the game broke?


      • Rickster
        Rickster commented
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        When you search the bodies you receive an item in your inventory (I think its "Sailor's Possession" or something). You have to open them until you get the right pendant

      • 123abc
        123abc commented
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        Oh, it was that easy? Okay, thank You, Rickster.

        Update - The quest got finished real quick after checking those possession items.

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      I was doing the second witch quest and in the middle of it, the statue part, it didn't give me the next part of the quest it was supposed to. I went back to Hero Hector but he said nothing and it won't let me restart the quest line. Is there a way to re start the quest line? I need to finish the witch quest so I can do the Master Quest line. Need help.


      • KORFAN
        KORFAN commented
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        I did open the quest window and clicked complete it. The next quest didn't appear in the quest window. So I went back to hero hector to start over since I figured it was a bug but he has no quests for me and there are no quests in my quest window. now I'm stuck.

      • (MOD)Baell
        (MOD)Baell commented
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        As (MOD) Conerstone said: open your inventory and double click on the quest item.

      • KORFAN
        KORFAN commented
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        That worked!! Thanks SOOOO Much for everyone's help!! Really appreciate it!!!