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Mercenary Guide by Lektar

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  • Mercenary Guide by Lektar

    by deadlydick » July 6th, 2013, 8:33 am Mercenary Guide (Epic VIII)
    1. Introduction
    2. Equipment
    a. Weapons
    b. Warrior Armor Vs. Hunter Suit
    c. Soul Stones
    d. Belt Set.
    3. Belt Pet
    4. Pet
    a. Blue Pixie
    b. Unicorn
    c. Cerberus
    d. Soul Pet Choices
    i. Healer
    ii. Ranged DD
    iii. Melee DD
    iv. Tank
    5.Talent Points
    a. 3 2 0 Tank
    b. 0 2 3 Damage Dealer
    c. 2 3 0 Kamikaze
    6.PVP (Duels)
    a. Basic Strategy
    b. Specialized Strategies
    i. Mercenary
    ii. Templar
    iii. Cardinal
    iv. Oracle
    v. Master Breeder
    vi. Berserker
    vii. Marksman
    viii. Magus
    ix. War Kahuna
    x. Beast Master
    xi. Slayer
    xii. Deadeye
    xiii. Void Mage
    xiv. Corruptor
    xv. Overlord
    c. PK + Arena
    7. Final Thoughts

    1. Introduction

    After years of playing as holy warrior, soldier and mercenary I figured I might as well make a guide. Soldiers did get quite a boost in master class however this boost does not compare anywhere near the boost given to most of the other classes. Only classes the boost is comparable to will be WK and oracle.

    However do not throw away the option of playing mercenary, It is still one of the most fun if not the most fun class to play both in PVE and PVP. The necessity of this class to use a multitude of equipments and the low damage modifiers on the skills added to the lack of active master class skills make it a challenging class to play. And in this game mercenary and berserker are the most versatile classes to play where berserker has a lot stronger skills.

    However if you choose to play one I hope this guide will help you. As I remember most people talk to me on my server before rebirthing to mercenary and I do tell them both the negative and the positives of this class however they choose to rebirth to mercenary and then within a few days they rebirth again to cardinal.

    So if all the negatives above didn't de-motivate you, follow through to the sections below which detail my experience in playing this class in different ways. Of course it will not be just my experience also others that I have played with that enjoy a different play-style.

    To see how credible my word is when it comes to Mercenary visit Undine server or just refer to my sig below.

    2. Equipment

    a. Weapons

    As I mentioned earlier mercenary being a versatile class you need multiple weapons. However be prepared to adapt as time goes by, as every situation requires a different choice of weapons.
    Now, for a mercenary to be truly effective it is a necessity to have 2h mace, Shield, longbow, and dual swords. The swords themselves are harder to obtain enchanted so not a must to have them enchanted. But, it helps a lot to have 2h mace, shield, and longbow as highly enchanted as you can afford due to the difference between a +20 MC d2 and a +5 MC d2 being more than twice the base stats.
    Why these are required?

    Affords you access to 2 instant cast stuns which a mercenary lacks due to Stun Mace being so unreliable. Also offers block rate, yes critical hits cannot be blocked however they can be perfectly blocked which means 0 damage from that critical hit you would have taken if not for shield, the start of a duel/fight should almost always be started with shield. Useful against all classes extremely effective vs Marksman, Deadeye, Berzerker, Slayer, Templar and Beast Master.

    2h mace:
    Can use the entirety of soldier / mercenary skills save for dual wield / shield only skills while affording the highest p. atk yet allowing Stun Mace Perfection without having to switch weapons.

    With restrain being a debuff that lasts 10 seconds with a cd of 10 seconds this allows you to keep the target at maximum range and while they are move speed bugged they cannot hit you as you keep kiting. Works best against any mage class or a deadeye with xbow.

    Dual swords:
    Why dual swords?, for the 2 skills dual strike and laserblade after the introduction of alt v it is quite easy to switch weapons to count the patk of 2h mace for the dual wielding skills. Dual strike in specific does damage comparable to Wave Cut when switched with a 2h mace.

    b. Armor: Warrior Armor Vs.Hunter Suit

    This is no longer a choice as a mercenary cannot wear master hunter armor. However tier 2 tier 3 hunter armors might be quite useful when kiting the opponent is a must. Most of the times everything is doable with master warrior armor as the 10% vit, str, patk, pdef, and critrate are indispensable. However physical defense itself is nearly useless in pvp as the skill damage modifier for most classes have become insanely high, but it does indeed help lessen basic attack damage by quite a bit.

    c. Soul Stones

    With new cash shop stones and master class level 150 stones giving a lot of base stats per stone it is best to socket 6 vitality stones and 6 critical stones with a feral build. However there have to be spare equipments which include dexterity or accuracy stones with decisive durability, along with fortifying equipments which incorporate the new stones that offer addition to perfect block.
    However in the end the best choice of soul stone will be 6x Vitality 6x Annihilation.

    d. Belt sets

    Belt set choices for a mercenary are listed below choose depending on your need.

    The good point is quite a big hp boost which allows to survive more punishments from classes that will always get the first move/stun on you. However this belt halves your mana pool which could prove deadly fighting classes with high hp / blockrate. Also the -150 strength isn't very 2h mace friendly. Great for fighting nearly all classes except for pet classes, another mercenary or templar.

    Best overall belt set for mercenary slightly lower hp than Anessa, however increased mp and all base stats increased by 40 instead of a 200 vitality increase from set bonuses. This itself adds to your accuracy and this set is great for a 2h mace set up as the patk isn't slaughtered like with anessa. Rakashi set adds 70 Vitality total as opposed to 215 from Anessa

    A good choice when playing the dd of the party with the extra 10% strength and patk. However you have to be quite carefull going glass cannon builds with this set in pve as soldier has the ability to steal aggro very easily and this belt could make the hp pool low enough to be "scary" in cubric.

    This is a belt set that is quite good for playing dd with a bow. The maximum damage build for mercenary will possibly involve this belt set. Added crit power and ability to stack 250 dexterity which almost guarantees no misses in cube dungeon or on Butkadah. This is best choice for maximum damage output with a long bow or maximum accuracy with a 2h mace. I personally tank with this belt with 3 Cerbs and 2 Skells + Crustalino (yes my healers are that good).

    3. Belt Pet

    Choice of belt pets are endless below are some though the price of Cerberuses at this time are not good at all. Also preferred boss cards are Draka and Crustalino in that order.

    a. S1-S3 Cerberus x 3 , 2x S4+ Yeti(or 2 Golems) + Bosscard - PVE high pdef accuracy patk and still room for a bosscard

    b. S1-S3 Cerberus x 3, 2x S0+ Gnoll + Bosscard- PVP increased block rate which in turn improves survivability against p.atk classes.

    c. 2x S0+ Kentas, 2x S4+ Yeti, 2x S2+ Nm, cheapest alternative to the above build however lacks the bosscard slot can remove 1 nm for boss card when much accuracy is not needed.

    d.3x S5 Hawks / 3 x S0+ Minotaurus, 2x S2+ NM + Boss card- Not very affordable but with enough effort 3x s5 hawks are attainable

    e. 4x s4+ Orcs, 2x S2+ Nm - same as build c but a greater bonus to strength and vit 34% vs 32% also no slot for bosscard which can be changed to 1 nightmare if accuracy isn't as necessary.

    f. 3x S1-S3 Cerbs, 2x S4+ Skeletons- Build meant for bow as not many skills are available with bow the attack speed will help to do more damage however A merc should easily hold aggro even without the skells. Also do not use this set up or have at-least 1 yeti instead of skell in blet unless you are confident the healer is good enough to keep you alive even through this.

    4. Pet:

    a. Blue Pixie

    The pet that has been with us since the low levels, I remember farming in laksy east so that I can have this pet. Thanks Hemp for the free empty and EvilNova for taming it. Best pet for both pvp and pve if your bp is alive you can't easily die. Make shadow illusion max level so it can keep healing even when you haven't generated enough threat on mobs surrounding you. Only the new soul pets can outdo her in healing.

    b. Unicorn

    Master Devotion is great and the added blind and it's heal help quite a lot. In both pvp and pve Unicorn is second only to the blue pixie. Though built with enough m.acc it can actually prove to be better. Also Soothing Globe skill of Stage 5 Unicorn helps greatly in tight situations to lose the mobs on you.

    c. Cerberus

    Great pet for pve the added patk and accuracy keep you from missing anything in cubric which means better ks.

    However aside from these 3 pets a staged gnoll should always be in formation to attain maximum accuracy. All other pets with unities that add to patk and pdef are also good for pve.

    d. Soul Pet Choices

    Read the benefits and uses of each choice and decide for yourself depending on your playstyle.

    i. Healer:
    Best choice as always. Skills to look for Preferably the higher tier healing skills (Angel Golem Ifrit) Along with Plea of the Pious. Also try to obtain a pet with a family healing skill, Preferably Beast: Reptile(35% heal with 2 min cd family skill). Also the 140 skill desired over the others will be Master Devotion which makes these pets a combination of BP and Unicorn. Also preferable unities on these heal pets are Blue Pixie Relic(For the Pdef.), And Baphomet Relic(For the mres. Which could be helpful in pvp against mages that do not pay attention to their m.acc). These pets will be the best choice for PVE.

    ii. Ranged DD
    These pets preferably Frog or Nanani For their familial heal skill which will be quite useful in pvp(PK) to have a dd pet heal you for 35% of your HP. WIth Rapid Fire of-course, since this is a no miss skill. Will be very useful against DEs and mages in a pk situation. Mages can possibly be killed with this 1 skill alone. However this is also great in pve as the damage out put of these pets are beyond crazy a no miss skill with 300% x 9 modifier on it.
    As for unity one can work with any of these unitys as they are extremely good except for the evasion Drillbot Relic unity which would prove quite useless to a class with low agi/evasion to beginwith except against low accuracy character and I seriously doubt any melee dd will have an accuracy issue against a holy warrior even with this unity.

    iii. Melee DD
    As for melee dd almost all the choices you can have are great. Whether you go with feral instincts or with mana injection it is a matter of preference but i myself will choose mana injection as it is permanent and not 30 sec every 2 mins. And that 550 patk with mercs basic 41-45% patk from gear belt deco bonuses added with 18% hv or 30% hv will already be quite high a patk boost which means more damage. As for their other skills nothing specific to look for however if staged skill is murderous intent it removes the need to have a staged gnoll around. Great choice for pve.

    iv. Tank
    The tank pets seem all but useless Except they have a few really good skills that will help greatly in pve.
    Survival instinct - Will help a lot in a tight situation.
    Physical Awakening- access to higher level skills even if you cannot afford to keep a spare DT
    Pass Damage- Damage reduction which could help a lot in a tanking role.
    As for their unity best choice is Tortus relic For added vitality and pdef.

    5. Talent Points:

    Talent point distribution is very crucial for playing master classes most of you should already be aware of how to set it up.

    For mercenary the most important tree is the middle tree which allows access to 0 down time restrain and longer lasting blind added with +60 base accuracy and also guiding light. Guiding Light skill text is bugged what it means is when the target is under restrain all skill damage are boosted by 30%. Also remorselessness has been renewed and given a boost to be very useful even with the trigger rate being quite low(12 Stack = 720 patk + 60 crit power). So this tree must always have 2 talent points. Now, don't ask me why, it is for the reasons above.

    Now I will assume you know what I mean when i say 3 2 0 or 0 2 3 or 2 3 0

    a. 3 2 0 Tank:

    Great Build for PVP and PVE , +20% threat increase stacked with +20% vit increase and deathblow for the highest possible threat you can have. A mercenary will not lose aggro to anyone with this build. Also deathblow is usable with longbow so this build will be very valuable for mercenary affording him the ability to tank effortlessly with a longbow. This build affords the best survivability and at the same time allows a ranged playstyle both in pve and pvp. (My current build more fun in pvp)

    This is what you can do with 3 2 0 Build

    b. 0 2 3 Damage Dealer:

    This build allows the mercenary to jump into the next mob without delay after one mob is down. With near instant cd divine crash and the damage boost when mob is low hp 39% hp at level 3 killer's desire passive the damage is increased by 62% which is quite a lot. This build allows you to deal huge amounts of damage when the target is low hp. However one must be very careful with this build as you will almost certainly steal aggro from anyone during boss fights when the boss reaches hp below 40%. (My previous build Insane damage in pve)

    c. 2 3 0 Kamikaze:

    The keypoint of this build is to survive for a few seconds for as long as immortality lasts and kill one or 2 targets before you are taken down. This build helps counter fireball armor mages. Never personally liked this build but another mercenary on my server used to do well with this build. (Credits to starscreem)

    6.PVP (Duels)

    a. Basic Strategy

    First and foremost the rules of a duel.
    Make the rules as fair as possible,
    No chips,
    No pets (petclass is allowed 1),
    No stun breakers(titles that affect the attacker, abhuva,primal, sylairon set, t2 t3 armor set, legendary equipments with status effect on attacker, also raymond card and fireball armor are generally frowned upon).

    Always begin the duel with shield so that you may get first stun using shield charge.

    Follow through with 2h mace weapon switch restrain and Stun Mace Perfection (SMP).

    Next is to use the SMP stun duration to spam all your spammable skills (refer to a soldier guide for the list) then just before SMP stun runs out use Judgement Buster(JB) and use some of the ranged skills.

    Before JB stun runs out cast Divine Flash(Blind).

    All spams should have cooled down by now so divine crash into the target and restrain and spam away if someone lives all that, before blind is over you can get in another set of spams.

    And Shield charge should have already cooled down So shield charge them follow with shield strike and use light speed to run away for cool downs.

    Switch to bow while at a distance and keep refreshing restrain on the opponent so he doesn't reach you. After blind cools down u can have a go at the target again.

    Without stun breakers and misses no one should live through that combo with the norm gear in the game now.

    ### Charge Bug, will almost always happen when you use Shield Charge on a Corruptor, VM, or OL with high cast speed , Berserker who is using bow stun, Another Mercernary or Templar using shield charge, and lastly Beast master using beast shockwave.###

    This bug makes it impossible to be hit or hit with close range attacks or traps which means one must use ranged skills or move before using close combat skills. It has existed since e3/e4 but some players are still not aware of it.

    b. Specialized Strategies

    i. Mercenary

    This is a matter of who gets the first stun. However a rakashi belt or 0 2 3 build will help greatly fighting another mercenary. In the end it all comes down to luck with blocks and chargebug and the enchant of the gear and skill cards.

    Merc vs Merc

    ii. Templar

    Again very similar to mercenary all a matter of ping and luck. You can keep maximum range as outlined in the basic strategy above. But would need a rakashi set. However a templar's spike damage is extremely high maybe more so than merc due to high patk so the possibilities are if a good temp catches you at close range you are as good as dead so the strategy is not to get caught.

    Their damage reduction skills can be countered with blind right after sheild charge and waiting them out, however with the nerf to godly protection skill its quite easy to work through a templar's hp and block rate without waiting out their godlyprotection.

    Duel Vs Templar

    iii. Cardinal

    Only thing to watch out for when dueling a cardinal is their divine nova skill which can give them instant stun even faster than mercenaries. However its harder to time this skill with its cast time before duel begins. So if your opponent knows how to time it its best to out range him at the start of duel and restrain so that you may abuse the same thing he does with arctic blast stacks.
    If not following the normal strategy outlined above should do the trick.

    Duel vs, Cardinal

    iv. Oracle

    Oracle is one of the easier classes, but with a high hp build and their multiple restore skills they might be able to tank most of your spam while stun locked, so the best offense you can put out will win you the fight. And there is no stun to worry about before you can stun them.

    Oracle in Duel

    v. Master Breeder

    With their pass damage, Defense Mastery buff on pets and a good shield a master breeder is possibly the only class that can out live your spam. However with the new pets that do 20k+ crit in pvp on an mb it is really hard to beat a master breeder. A master breeder's weakness and strength are both the same thing their pass damage. and MB with a s5 Nightmare will have a pet nearly unkillable for any mercenary due to the damage reduction on that pet how? -35% damage taken due to resistance of nature added with the -40%+ skill damage reduction from defense mastery that means you inflict 25% of your normal damage. So you are better off attacking the Owner in this case as through pass dmg ~50% or more of your damage is sent to the pet as damage without the resistance kicking in. Most of the time it will work to your advantage.

    However if you force the rules mentioned above you will have no trouble blinding the pet and killing the owner or vice versa as they lack the stun/crowd control or the direct offensive ability to put up with you.

    Duel Vs Master Breeder

    vi. Berserker

    Berserker is one of the toughest classes to duel for a mercenary. However most berserkers will start out with a bow so they have the ranged stun with decent ping and by standing close enough you can usually get lucky with shield charge bug. Which means you only need enough hit points and block rate to tank their ranged skills which are EB, Earth Shatter, Spiracle Cannon, Freezing Arrow, Loading Restrain and SSS.

    He starts out with SSS, and usually when you charge him you will either stun him or get bugged as he will land the stun first which means you only need to tank his ranged skills. And then use blind and then you may rush to him restrain and unload the skills as given above and chaining CC in the right manner as outlined above when blind runs out.

    However there is another way which is when you follow the berserker and try to shield strike him before he can get off spiracle shock shot.

    Duel against Berserker

    vii. Marksman

    Marksman has the highest damage potential at maximum range however with a few blocks his spam is tankable. This comes down to luck at times because of Frozen Armor, however if you force the MM to use heatshot by tanking most of his attacks. You have pretty much won the duel.

    There is another trick to fighting marksman it is harder to do with bad ping or if the server is laggy. Shield charge and click a bit away from the target just as you reach the target this gives a short stun and range. Where you can blind(13.7 seconds) and divine crash them to wait out their Icicle Snare(10 seconds) or if you have a good bow(d2 +20) you can just kill them with range.

    Duel against Marksman

    viii. Magus

    Magus, if you get caught by a staff magus as most that still play it are now there is no way to survive their dots and cc, getting caught once means death. So always keep them stunned or blinded if they resist 1 stun follow with the next stun before continuing the chain with bow even recklessness of earth can't help them against a fully geared mercenary.

    Or to be cheap you can use maximum range and restrain them then wait for them to try to move and rush and blind them before they can disable you. These classes are a single spam run.

    Duel Vs. Magus

    ix. War Kahuna

    Not a very strong opponent however their damage potential is rather huge thanks to swift enchanter(Tremor Strike). Should be easily defeated following the basic strategy.

    x. Beast Master

    Same start as berserker (Beast Shock Wave instead of SSS), and if you end up with chargebug consider yourself lucky and blind the BM and kill the pet if it is a healing pet. If not blind the bm and just kill him before the pet can kill you.

    Most BMs will use t2 or t3 set but you can always dish out the maximum damage you can following the basic strategy and watching out for charge bug.

    xi. Slayer

    A tricky class to fight however, you can pop holy aura before duel starts and hate aura once the duel starts to locate the slayer to uncloak him. And then once you catch him there is no escape for him.

    However most sins will always get the first stun on you if they are good. Stay on the ready with shield strike for when you notice a gap in his CC and then top it with either blind or JB to follow with your regular spam.

    Duel vs Slayer

    xii. Deadeye

    Probably the most broken class in game, which makes fighting them extremely difficult. A mercenary will have an extremely hard time reaching 1000+ accuracy unbuffed (A lot of damage and HP sacrifice will be necessary) however a DE can easily reach 1.2k+ evasion while not losing any of the damage potential and having HP comparable to a Templar. This is where the decisive set mentioned earlier comes into play. Also if you can afford it, the timed wing slot deco, Mountain God's Blessing can help improve accuracy with the +100 pacc/macc.

    There is also the possibility of them having Stun/Blind/Sleep resist passive which means a 40% chance that you cannot CC him. Also, missing on them usually means you get stunned either by Sylairon set or by their skills or by Thunderbolt Arrow.

    Duel against deadeye

    Xbow DE:
    if you have enough accuracy outrange him with a longbow and restrain him and keep shooting till he starts to run towards you then use your ranged stun or blind and follow through with your spam combos.

    Lbow DE:
    Usually less evasive than a xbow DE so you can always just follow the basic strategy and hope you do not miss on him. Most of them will keep their feral gears so that they don't miss out on damage. Which means you land most of the times.

    xiii. Void Mage

    VM is the biggest damage dealer in game and worst part is you cannot block them. A well played VM can take down more than 100k hp unbuffed in the duration of their stuns. So follow the basic strategy and always get the first stun.

    **Shield strike is faster than haste+nm.**

    Do not forget to have about 700+ accuracy so that you do not miss on them at all if they use an evasion build. Add that evasion to a high block rate, ~50k HP and Magic Skin this will require you to kite them till you can CC them again.
    Duel against VM

    xiv. Corruptor

    Again since the devs broke shield charge(removed knockback) corruptors became hard to duel and to top it off they might have 40% Stun Resist passive.

    You can always use the same strategy to avoid their traps as mentioned above for Marksman. Again a good corruptor will do nearly as much damage as a VM but only thing is with infinite CC, so if you get caught once there is no escape.

    If you get charge bugged and are on their trap do not move; use bow to attack them and kill them while standing on the trap. Again go for just enough accuracy to never miss on them.

    Best tactic is to stand near them and at about 4 second count down light speed away from them. If they follow you stay on shield and shield charge them; If they stay at that spot switch to longbow and restrain them and peck away at them until they move from the spot.
    Duel against Corruptor
    xv. Overlord

    Not much to be explained about this class, their pets are not as strong as an MB pet, however they have Armageddon and a longer lasting nightmare.

    1: Shield charge the OL blind the pet then follow through with the stuns on the OL.

    2: Shield charge blind the OL then kill the pet then him following the combos listed in the basic strategy.

    However if they use a pet that has a short cd CC (Unicorn) might be better to outrange them as they can keep you permanently disabled till you die with Unicorn's blind, Nightmare(sleep), Armageddon (Stun).

    c. PK + Arena

    For PK best choice is to have shield +1h weapon on one slot and bow on other weapon slot so you may easily alt+v between them.

    Best belt set will be Anessa set. (As high HP as you can reach)

    Best pet is a Unicorn built with high macc and matk so it can both heal and at the same time CC your opponent.

    Boss card- Abhuva or Draka.

    Also use a stat effect legendary weapon with the shield.

    You can choose between Murderer and Camper for title.

    This gives you blind fear and seal on being attacked , however do not attack mages recklessly as fireball armor DOT can reach 20k per tick.

    Fully buffed with long bow you can dish out over 60k pvp damage in a short span of time with long bow, most will not survive.

    7. Final Thoughts

    Refer to this thread
    jjinadao's Guide
    for a great guide for skill set up and other info. I intentionally left out skill layout and other details as that thread is still relevant due to Mercenary not having many new skills.

    *Deathblow is usable with longbow.
    I used jjiandao's guide as building block to write this guide.
    I hope this helps you play the class I most enjoyed in rappelz.

    When I have time, I will try and make a video dueling best of each class on my server so that I can add them to this thread.

    Finally I give my thanks to everyone that I have dueled with/pked with/against that helped me develop new strategies to counter your own, you know who you are I don't need to list you.

    Thank you to players from Salamander , Naga(yeti), Undine(tortus pantera) whether you are someone I pk or someone I pk with all of you helped me with my playstyle.
    Thank you guys from Undine for helping me make the duel videos.
    Mido91 , Leja, Sasukedsi, Mystrian, Tramp, G3N3S1S, MSDD, Jubia, SaiJatt(Accursed) , AfroV2, Exstatic(excibit)
    Thanks to players on the forum who point out necessary things that i missed out
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      Thanks so much for this! I'm a new merc just yesterday in bapho and this guide will help me alot! Now the only problem i have is funds


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