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OverLord help 1060 atk speed?

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  • OverLord help 1060 atk speed?

    Can someone assist me making an overlord glass cannon. i've made a oracle, and masterbreeder toggle slave. Currently my OL is only lvl 155 but im going to get it to 160 tonight. 170 is a different topic, but i need help getting my pets to be the best they can be. What exactly do I need? I have 2 s2 uniques (Lillith (melee), aurumis(tank)), and I'm currently working on finding 2 160 luck rings with atk speed awakenings for them. For warriors gear i guess i should get something with eva and agility for atk speed right? I can't think of anything else, so if you can please point me to a guide as i can't find one or jsut give me some info to go off of would be very nice ty