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  • 2020 Magus guide

    Hi, I made a brief up- to date magus guide. I didn't go into pvp as that would make this way too long.

    1 TP Build
    2 Pet advice
    3 Tips on equipment
    4 Role in DP
    5 Skill overview

    1 TP Build

    2 TP: 020
    3 TP: 030
    5 TP: 131
    7 TP: 232 (if you mainly solo) or 331 (if you mainly play in group). 133 only if you have no buffslaves and rarely an HV pass)

    2 Pet Advice

    You are best off with a high- stage healing soulpet. If you are on a tight budget, it’s better to have a perfect skilled s5 basic pet then a low stage unique.
    Make sure the pet has a 10/80/80 weapon passive and prefereably as manny other passives as possible to maximize intelligence and wisdom.
    On a tighter budget :s5 basic soulpet healer (dino’s are a good pick because of the “adaptation to land” passive)
    On a higher budget: a staged unique healer. Either a human or dragon type.

    Other prefered skills:
    Weapon passive: 10/80/80 -> Very important!
    Perception attack: int/wis
    Perception defence: vit + p def
    Bless of the body: Max HP (or Max HP+hp recov), but NOT the hp recov only passive.
    Vital Unit: Max HP
    Unique spiritual blessing (unique only): try getting +150 to all stats at level 10

    Gracious Light heal (because it's instant)
    Tissue Recovery or Soothing Sephyr heal
    Unity: Undine (wis and cast speed)
    2nd unity (unique only): cast speed or evasion.
    Stage skill: favoritism

    Soulstones for your pet: full int wis. Maybe some vit if it dies too often. (and can’t be avoided with shadow Illusion) Give your pet a 2h staff and magewall for weapon slots to increase m atk and int wis even more. If you have a s4 pet, try getting a summoner armour with 4 soulstone slots fort he last equipment slot. If it's S5, you can use a Sandspikehelmet with int/wis stones as a cheap alternative to a yushi belt.

    Of course also a R7 Death tyrant for the awakening
    Potion pet: Snowman/koala OR any of the arena pets (mov speed)

    3 Tips on equipment

    Weapon of choice: 2H axe. It used to be a 2h mace, but since the 2h-axe training passive got stronger, 2h axe is now the weapon of choice.
    Armours after level 160: equipment with as manny soulstone slots as you can get (2 helmet, 4 armour, 3 gloves and 3 boots). Prefereably with the skill Cyclone lord’s Blessing.

    Soulstones: Full crit power/vit. There is no need for wisdom as you will get plenty from your pet trough the passive. Crit pow will increase damage more then int stones in spite of the passives. Vit is crucial to survive when you pull agro from a badly timed heal.

    Belt, lvl 150: Rakashi, Lvl 160: bear belt (passive+magical), lvl180+ Yushiva belt

    Belt pets: maximize str+patk, int+matk and vit+pdef to the cap (30% unless your belt is over +20 with a final awakening) You might want to get a snowman to keep your crit ratio at 100% at all times and to slightly increase droprate. The usefullness of cast speed is limited after you hit 240 ish +, because of the cooldown limits.

    for example I use a s1 blight ogre, s5 kenta, s4 WD, s4 WD and a s5 snowman. + 3 boss cards.

    Intresting boss cards: Mephisto, Hector P atk, Reviac (or crusty as cheap alternative), maybe draka, For pvp and revived bosses (deathmatch) I advise a Yushiva boss card.

    Deco gear/ awakenings: full crit pow.

    Wings: physical luminous wings are better then the magical wings (both p and m atk end up higher because of the cyclone lord’s blessing passive)

    4 Role in DP

    Support: keep support of gust on the player that can use it best. This is usually the player with the strongest gears. If you have a slayer or merc tanking, gust can also help them keep agro. The best time in dd is whilst the door to the next room is being opened. Throw in a restoring purified water if you are gusting the tank.

    Healing: Angelic mist, rpw and healing gust (the tp skill) are your best healing skills. Essence of life is great too, but the cd is unfortunatly long. Spirit of restoration is utterly wortless as soon as you get decent gears.

    Of course you need to do damage too. Combining your aoe’s with mental concentration and recklessness of fire and water whenever possible (and after the tank has done at least one aoe to take agro).
    Other then the aoe’s, use tectonic spike as much as possible (pref on mobs with high hp still) because it is your highest damage skill. Bleak squal, chainsickle wind, scorching flame and spinning blow all do good damage too.

    And then there is crowd control. If the tank dies and you think the party is about to be wiped, don’t hesitate to use deadly petrification and run to the previous room. In most dp’s this won’t be needed. However, even good tanks sometimes lose one mob during the room pull. Explosion of petrification is a good skill in that case to avoid unnessecairy deaths. Dark water seal is great to split bosses. That way the tank can pull one, whilst the other is 30 seconds disabled by dark water seal. This requires good co- ordination with the rest of the party. More practical when you do a duo run for drops.
    (also when using dark water seal: make sure you disactivate ew: earth beforehand, because the dot will break the seal)

    5 Skill overview

    Heals, resurrections and cc skills are straightforward, Test the damage skills on scareccrows. I’ll just mention a few things:

    Fireshield has only 1 use: it looks cool. (the damage reduction component doesn’t work and the reflected damage is laughable)
    The Reflection passives are broken too.

    DOT skills create practically 0 agro, regardless of the damage they do. (Only the initial damage is calculated for agro and for most dots this is 0)

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    Can you make Void Mage Guide ?