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  • Multi-Client problems

    Apologies if this should be in the bug section.

    I'm a returning player and was pretty excited that we can multi client now. However, I've ran into a few issues.

    Firstly, it's a little bit difficult to get both clients to work. Is there something I can change to make launching 2 clients easier? When I first read that we can multi client now, I also read to let the first client reach the log in screen, then start the 2nd. It was hit and miss, sometimes the second client would launch, sometimes it wouldn't, this only lasted for 24 hours, but I'd say every time I opened the game, it took 3-5 tries to open the 2nd client. The next day (with NO changes made to my PC) it still wouldn't launch the 2nd client, even after a system restart, just wouldn't launch it.

    After some research, I found a post saying to disable avast shields. So I disabled, launched 1st client, waited until log in, launched 2nd client, re-enabled shields and played. This worked flawlessly for about another 24 hours. The next day, (yet again, NO changes to my pc) it just wouldn't launch the 2nd client. With 1 client open, the 2nd launcher just quits responding when I click "Start" and eventually crashes.

    Finally, the only way I can get it to launch now is to click "Start" on the launcher, quickly open the launcher again and quickly click start and they both run (without touching avast shields), but if I don't click "start" on the 2nd launcher before the splash screen disappears, it quits responding and crashes, I only have a few short seconds while the splash screen is open to start the 2nd client, so if I'm not fast enough I have to close out the 1st client and start all over.

    The 2nd problem I'm having is with quests. To minimize load on my PC and not interfere with non-rappelz things in the background, after I got it working, I created a copy of my rappelz folder, and minimized the settings and made the 2nd game a lower resolution. On the lower-quality version, when I try to start a quest, the game crashes. When talking to the NPC, the crash happens when I click the quests name in the dialogue options.

    I was able to fix the problem by opening the max settings clients twice. Only the low settings client (the copy of the original install) crashes when accepting quests. Is there something I can change so that I can use the low-settings client without crashes?

    To summarize, is there something I can do to make multi client launch easier and more reliable? Is there any known reasons for quests to crash clients with specific settings?
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    Hello and welcome back!

    I run dual clients all the time without any problem. run them in Windowed mode at 1024x768 res and Maxed Graphics.
    No special settings anywhere.

    What i do is to start the first client and log in, when my toon is shown in game i start the second client.

    My PC is a Windows 10 x64 with Windows Defender as antivirus.
    I think the problem is with your PC specs, do you mind to share em?

    Your antivirus seems to be also a problem, switch to a less problematic AV or add an exception rule for the whole Rapplez installation folder, both in the antivirus and the Windows Firewall.
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      Thanks for the reply!

      Sadly, even with no anti-virus at all, the game won't start once another client is open. I've gotten pretty good at launching the 2nd before the 1st opens, so it's not really a big issue any more, I can't multi-task enough to handle more than 2 clients anyway.

      The graphics issue is indeed specs. I haven't listed em in awhile and am too lazy to go look lol. But I typically have opera browser with 5-10 tabs open, usually including facebook + music videos. Photoshop in the background for quick screenshot clipping and editing. Both clients run fine like that... But if I add OBS 64 bit to the mix, recording both clients, it's just more than my system can handle, that's why I need the 2nd client to have lower specs.

      Since the OP I've just been either not recording, or using the same client 2x and changing the settings of 1 after both load up, gets annoying but it works I guess. I can set 1 client to the exact same settings as the copy I made, and still doesn't crash when taking quests, so I just uninstalled the 2nd version of Rappz, might try doing it that way again some day, but for now I'll settled for having to mess with settings every time I log in.

      Currently I set 1 client to 1280x768 with max graphics and 1 client to 1024x768 with medium graphics and am able to record + play both without losing any other apps I have open on the side. A lot of times, I'm too lazy to mess with settings though and don't even record. I was recording all my gameplay, but the longer I do it, the lazier I am about changing settings on every log in and the less I record.

      It still bugs me that I went from being able to launch another client when was open when I first came back, but then out of the blue it just quit working. A full re-install might fix it. Might try it some time. Logically, I can launch multi clients when a client is loading, but not when it's open, so there must be something happening at launch that's preventing other Rappelz processes from starting. This game's been installed on my PC for YEARS, probably wouldn't hurt to re-download and install it, even if it doesn't fix that specific issue.

      EDIT: I'll try allowing it through the firewall tomorrow. The firewall could be stopping more clients from opening once one is already open.
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        Allowing it through the firewall now lets me start up 2 clients at any time! Thank you for the advice!


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          Nevermind.... it worked yesterday... And today it's back to the same bullshit :\ I guess I should just be happy it's more stable than it was in the past, but this is the only game I've EVER played that will work 1 day and not the next.

          When these changes happen, such as launching 2 at a time fine, then not being able to launch 2 unless they're launched at the same time, etc etc... Nothing has been done except the game closed out and reopened... Last night I let the game through the fire wall, it launched 2 just fine at separate times. I closed the game out, went to bed, woke up, launched 1 game, checked auction house, tried to launch the 2nd game, and nothing.Just magically quit working.

          So frustrating!!!!

          And just to be clear, last night when it worked perfectly, I was standing in HV on 1 account. This morning when it would NOT work, I was again, standing in HV on 1 account.
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