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    I know this game has been around for years now and i can't help but wonder why a mailing system with payment on delivery option was never created. It would make things so much easier for players who are not from the same countries and have different time zones or are busy doing something else at the moment like running through a dungeon. There are so many ways that having a mailing system would make things more convenient, and i'm sure that a lot of people would agree.

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    The mailing system is currently present in MMORPGs like Tera, Aion. It's a wonder why no one has thought about it in the developer team, I'm sure it would be met with huge interest. Great idea by the way.


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      Mailing system, tough is a great idea and i totally want it, is just not possible at the current state of the game.

      Keep in mind that the game is currently supported by ONE, 2 if we lucky, underpaid and overloaded developper who have to do both, the developping and the testing, im a deleopper myself and i know for experience that developing and testing by same person doesnt always works.

      So, unless Webzen redirects a lot of cash to hire more devs and a propper testing team, new ideas like this wont happen, cuz it would require a massive rework of things.