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    To all those farming experts;

    I am in dire need of advices on how to farm, where to farm and what to farm in general. I cannot make money except for drop events and because the drop rates suck in those events lately, I can`t make enough money to buy +20ish gears. I used to farm extremes but they don`t worth farming these days. I tried non-dura farming but they don`t net me much money in the end. (400m or less) So I can really use some advice.

    -Which class should I build to farm better and faster?
    -Where can I farm efficiently? (I can make a toon 160 lvl easily if the level is important. But I cannot solo in RoA)
    -What should I aim for when farming?

    If you can share other ways of making money though, that would be appreciated a lot.

    Thanks in advance

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    The best class to farm is Void Mage in my opinion
    Farming efficiently is hard... right now u don't have spots where u can farm very well. Probably Boars on Ice Island is best way. I know low ppl who farm there 700-800 mln per hour (Lucky potion on), as well making foods +20 is good way, but you need a lot of time for that and its boring. You have to find follow RoA party to 175 level. Then try find party to devildom, still hard for new players, Rappelz is not Familiar game.
    You should aim for your +20 weapon then helmet +20 and make him fast to +24, as well u have to find at least 2 slots eq +1 skill for your class.
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