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  • Spear 170lv

    from which boss I can get spears
    I did not find any information in the patch note

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    You can get them in two different ways.

    First one: Kill Bosses on the Island of the forgotten gods. -> You will need a ticket to board the ship at the harbour in the City of Ruins.

    The ticket can be purchased for 50m rupee at the black market dealer that you find in every city.

    Second one: You go on the same island and kill the normal mobs in there (more effective) and collect the tokens that they drop.

    You can exchange these tokens for a random 170s weapon or rings at the npc that is near the ship where you started the trip.

    Please keep in mind that this island is kind of hard for new players. Hope this helped.

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      1 free ticket / day - quest npc opposite ship.