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  • Gear up as a new free to play account

    Hi Everyone,
    I've recently come back to rappelz after playing on the EU server many years ago. I decided to start a new account on the US server since the European one seemed quite empty.
    Now, as I approach lvl 130, thus getting ready to go for 150/masterclass quests, i'm starting to worry about wheter i'll be able to do anything as a free-to-play player or not. Untill now i was preatty focussed on leveling up as fast as possible in order to not waste the timed level up rewards, and didn't really pay attention at what is the market now. I was thinking i would've been able to get a decent starter gear just by selling soul taming cards/special/unique pet cards that i got along the way as, when i left, they were somewhat valuable. Yesterday i checked the market, only to find out that those items that i thought would give me some currency to gear up and progress after lvl130 are worth nothing.
    So my question is, as i understand that i'll hardly find parties to progress at such low lvl , it's there a way to make currency at lower level that doesn't imply spending real money?
    Any advice is welcome!

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    First, you start red farm when you reach 105, then quests will take you up to 150 and load you with plenty of lvling rewards. if you've been lvling to 130 then you've probably wasted a lot of the rewards.

    Depending on your class and access to HV (you get access as part of the lvling rewards), with the buffs you can complete things and get to MC.

    Bear in mind below r7 items can be +'d to +12 without breaking (so +11 is safe, try when it's +12 and it might break).

    At r7 this drop to +7, so throw a fortune on at +7 and hope for +12 (probably +8 and stop).

    Also, if you have some friends or a friendly guild then one galaxy stone and a couple 2h or 1h (up to +500 or +100 damage on a weapon) and you're good to go.

    Check out how to combine to make lucky strikes and you should be grinding with at Least +12 main armor and weapons, which will make it all go faster.
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      My advice is to get on the quests first to level to 150+. If you play on Reviac, feel free to pm me in game (lamalas) and I can help you trough the quest that will take you to 159 and get you some starter gears.

      If your gears are low, the best way to make money is by farming monsters that drop non-dura gear. You can sell them directly to the NPC for a pretty penny.
      These are usually easy and don't require high end gear, for example in the witch quest dungeon or Snowstorm Valley.

      Another note: don't spend much on master class gears. Wait untill you hit 160 and then get some parrelel world gears. There are always fairly cheap items in the auction house from players opening lots of gears just to get near perfect combo's, so semi- decent gear is actually afforable.