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  • LittleWing
    started a topic Job Build

    Job Build

    I tried searching for current job builds but Wikia seems to have outdated information. Can someone please help me build my characters or a link to a site with current infor? I have the following:
    - Battle Summoner
    - Assassin
    - Champion
    - Druid
    - Knight
    - Soldier
    - Shadow Hunter
    - Battle Kahuna

    But it'd be nice to have the current best build for all jobs. I'm sure I'll be deleting some characters to try others.

    For example: What type of gears for Assassin (i.e. Eager, Armored, Sturdy, etc.) and type of stones.

    Happy Holidays!
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  • (MOD)Lagamandra
    Most people don't give much thought on how to gear a lower level character these days anymore. Everyone tries to change their character into Master Class as soon as possible. That's when people start to optimize gears depending on their choice of talent point investment.

    In general gears depend on your playstyle, too. Soloing requires you to be able to deal damage, tank some, heal yourself all at once, so a more balanced combination of gears, soul stones, pet, potions, buffs. If you regularely team up with people and specialize, the builds will look different, especially as a pure tank or pure healer.

    The classes you listed are very diverse:

    - Druid is a mage specialising in crowd controls and heals,
    - Knight / Soldier / Champions are tankish damage dealers, with lots of HP and p.def,
    - Assassin is a very squishy damage dealer, who better evades attacks to survive,
    - Shadow Hunter is a ranged damage dealer,
    - Battle Summoner a petclass.

    you can look at skills from Master classes to get an impression here:
    Here you will find several threads on the Master Class builds that might help giving you a bit of orientation.

    In general vitality stones are always nice to increase your max HP. Asurans love Agility for evasion, melee Damage dealers Strength for physical attacks, ranged physical attackers dexterity, magical users Intelligence for more magical attack.

    In any case get yourself a heal pet, give it some staff and magewall with Intelligence (m.atk) and Wisdom (mp recovery) stones to help keeping you alive.

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