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Templar Belt Boss Cards

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  • Templar Belt Boss Cards

    i've been thinking about boss cards on my templar, can't really find much opinions about this on the internet.
    what are people using?

    i've used phector,lunacy,mephisto for quite some time but i feel phector is just not worth it on templar, crystal golem gives me nearly the same patk increase. oO

    Would like some opinions

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    You use hector for the hp leech, not the patk.

    building for damage? Then remove lunacy and add wooden devil/crusty
    building to tank? Remove mephisto and add yushiva card. If you're rich enough then remove hector and add barga (for DD only) - that was the build I used in tanking s6 quad without a healer.
    building for inbetween? Your current boss set is exactly right

    basically keep all these boss cards on your person at all times and switch as required.
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