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Templar belt pets

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  • Templar belt pets

    i been playing around and looking into the problem i seem to have is cant find anything on belt set and belt pets any advice would really help thank you in advance

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    Belt pets: 3xs1 Minos and 2xs2 unicorns is best
    or 3xs5 hawks and 2 unicorns if you can't afford Minos.
    Cheaper yet is 1xs5 golem, 1xs5 Kenta 1xs5 hawk and 2xs2 unicorns

    But the best is the mino set.

    Belt set is between anessa, or endairon sets. Endairon is for damage, for mobs with high pdef this is golden. Anessa is for tanking. Endairon is best imo, templar can tank well without anessa and needs the pignore.

    check bahls guide on forums, it's pretty thorough
    My youtube channel