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life after mc, any tips?

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  • life after mc, any tips?

    so took week to got MC, and i have some questions whats next?
    i have deadeye prof and i want to know how better spent TP's?
    where i can farm to get gear and money?
    what pet better for deadeye?
    maybe any more quest to level up faster?

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    exps - UG dungeons time attacks


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      I know nothing about deadeye so can't help you there.However, to get more exp you need the UG dungeons, time attack quests; you might need some help with the s2+ quests. To make money you can:

      1- Sell essences. Slow but steady cash income.

      2- Try to make +20 weapon/armor foods. 100% gamble, you might end up with nothing at all or with 9b+ with one single item, your choice tbh.

      3- Try taming WD/DT or Uniques you get from UG bosses. Like above, a total gamble with less profits and slightly higher chance of success.

      4- Wait for an event with tradeable drops. Fast and easy way of making money but completely seasonal 'coz of the events themselves.

      All of the options above are the ones I myself have used since the very first day I started playing this game and the same I use every time I come back after leaving. They're not perfect and require patience and luck but I've gotten all my gear +22 except belt using the above methods. Btw, in case you think I made those gears because I've been playing for years, no, I didn't; I came back to the game around November last year and had to start completely from scratch 'coz my original account was hacked and I deleted it.

      Hope that helps somehow.


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        with what job its easier to farm?