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    Hello, im trying to build an Overlord, there is any guide to help me ? For PVE. i know they arent an AOE class and are not able to compete with VM merce etc.. is just for fun.
    What weapon use ? Dirk and try the atk speed ? 2h staff ? or go with dark strike set with 2h spear ?
    what pet use ? Heal+ mele or heal + ranged?, is posible go with x2 DD pets with no heals and dont die ?
    What belt set use and what belt pets use ?
    Focus my money on my own weapons and get average pets ? or go 50/50 whit char build and pet build.

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    I can only tell you the gear in the late game...
    I play the Overload on 2h spear the TP's are 3:2:2
    The only spell (95% of casts) I use is dark strike. It makes 6 times 10M damage/sec on a DD3 mob with a +25 spear.
    My pets only makea 600k damage. So the pets are only for the toggle and debuffs.

    My main pet is a S5 mele DD with wolf/iller. At 190 the unity gives me 1000 eva. With the pass damage skill will get a tank (without aggro).
    If I wanna play a dd (in DD3) my sec. pet is a TR S5 or S5 snowman. If I have to play a tank (DD4) my sec. pet is Healer S5 with master devotion level 3.
    My belt is a yushi belt with 3 times S1 mino (3 times S5 hawks is ceap way), 2 times S4 wolves, p.hektor card and mephi/crusti (DD build) or yushi/soul (tank build (DD4 Bosses)) cards.

    The PW equip is full on dark strike (3 times). You can not get it from skadis PW equip. I got it from a Slayer. He has the same skill and with 175 you can wear it.
    At level 201 the Miracle of Resuscitation has no CD so you can heal yourself every time.

    Regards OkkuPetklasse


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      Can somebody compare OL damage

      - staff. armageddon,

      - spear, dark strike?


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        Or a 3rd option pet based build I run 2 s5 tanks with 959 attk speed hitting 4 to 5 mil per hit with 30 percent to dbl hit from swift impact in s4 dd