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  • Can someone help me?

    I'm new to the game and am considering playing as a Kahuna, Assassin, or Breeder as I find the Magic User characters a bit too dependent on spell casting and very vulnerable to attacks as are the Healers if playing solo, or the Fighters as they can't heal their pets? Also, what sort of pets and weapons should each of the 3 classes above mentioned use and which are the best pets for their respective classes? I know it's quite a lot to ask but thank you in advance!
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    I'll break your question about the viability of different classes into two parts:
    1) Are spell casters and healers too flimsy to play solo? The answer is not as much as you might think, while at earlier levels this is somewhat true by the time you reach 150+ (which doesn't take as long as you might think, the game has multiple systems to rush you towards 150 fairly quickly) and reach Master Class even the spell casters become fairly durable.
    2) Use of pets and importance of being able to heal your pet: Most players who do not play pet classes choose to use a healing pet to help keep themselves alive while soloing or in groups. Pet classes (ie breeder) have more options as they can have 2 pets out simultaneously and breeders in particular have moderate ability to heal their pets. Personally I play a Master Breeder and I sometimes use 1 melee pet and 1 healing pet, or 2 melee pets but there are many options, other possibilities include 1 tank pet + 1 melee pet, double ranged pets or for playing as a party healer double healing pets.

    One further note on pets is that soul pets, which come in tiers of basic, rare and unique and can be either tank, melee, ranged or healer are drastically more powerful than the older types of pets such as orcs and blue pixies there is a lot of information involved in trying to pick the "best" soul pet for yourself but at least to start off just making sure that you are using a soul pet is likely sufficient, in any case finding a "perfect" pet (as there are multiple possible skills they can come with chosen randomly on tame) is either expensive or time consuming and somewhat dependent on individual preference.


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      There is also a system in place that makes it so that when enchanting gear lower than R7 wont break. It could still fail but you wont lose the item. I believe it's up to enchantment level +12.

      For a kahuna which is a melee mage class, an axe is best. Assassins use 2 1 handed swords or daggers. Daggers being faster while swords hit harder. As for breeders at lower levels you could use a 2 handed mace or go with a shield and mace for a bit more survivability.


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        Thank you for your tips... much appreciated!