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Leveling advice post 160 UG

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  • Leveling advice post 160 UG

    I am stuck at UG stage 2 and not able to proceed to stage 3 without good gear as MB and high level pet

    Please advice where can I level efficiently after level 160, currently level 162
    Tried temple, circus and lab, exp wasn't great.

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    You should be able to do a quest line that lead to you being able to get into RoA. They start in city of ruins, hector I believe.

    The last few quests involve killing bosses in s3-s4 circus to get a drop. This quest line also leads into getting your 170 tp.


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      Once you hit 150, sadly the real grind kicks exponentially and you feel it at 160. Most will say to get off MB but having played that class and Templar the majority of my time, it's entirely possible.

      If you don't have two high level pets by that time, get them. Whether buying or training, same with your armour. As an MB you can go for a few different skills with PW gear but what you want is Max HP expansion and maybe Law Exchange (haven't played in a while, the third tree)

      Can't give much more than that until I've set my rig back up.