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Distorted space (pw) armor stats

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  • Distorted space (pw) armor stats

    what are the different stats values available in distorted space chest plate, glove, etc.
    I have been searching the forums and the internet for info about what types of stats available and what is there range to no avail, if someone can point me to the right direction I will be grateful.
    with thanks .

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    I'm doing this from memory so it's not 100% accurate:

    Gloves can either have 2 or 3 slots, and a combination of crit rate, crit power, attack speed, cast speed, accuracy, m.accuracy, m.pierce, p.pierce.

    Boots can obtain 2 or 3 slots, and a combination of evasion, magical resistance, moving speed, block percentage, block defense, perfect block.

    Armors can have 2, 3 or 4 slots and a combination of all of the above stats.

    Again, I'm not 100% sure about their range, but max accuracy (and m.accuracy) is 300, critical power around 12, and max mov speed is 20, same as block rate. Evasion, block def and m.res can get up to 200, and perfect block up to 5 I think.

    If 2 slots are awakened (on boots, armor or gloves) there's usually a small bonus to one of the six basic stats (intelligence, wisdom, vitality, strength, agility or dexterity). Max value I think is 30. 3 or 4 slotted pieces do not get this bonus.


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      A list was made here by Bahl and Athyra. It doesn't show the min/max. But tells you what stats can be gained.


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        ty @Newbzoe
        I have seen that post but I didn't understand some part of it and there is no numbers but ty for trying