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  • Wk help please

    Hi everyone thanks for reading. So im hopeing someone can help me with wk build as far as belt, belt pets, stone build and tp build. And any help or advice you can give me to beef up this class no one plays. ^^

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    WK is tough - but cheap.

    TP build is either 331 or 322.

    Belt is between physical gaia bear, or endairon, which is best imo.

    Belt pets, you want to max out a lot. So you usually end up maxing nothing and going for a middle ground. I'll give some examples
    3x ogres, s5 golem s5 skeleton
    1xs5 naga, 1 S3 DT, 1x s5 Kenta, 1x s5 golem, 1x s5 nm
    3x s5 hawkman 1x s5 naga 1x s5 skeleton
    Basically you want as much patk, pdef, vit, matk as possible, spending the rest on attack speed and accuracy. Try out different things on the belt stat builder and figure out what's best for you.

    For gear you want swift enchanter on your pw gear, with self buff pieces for earth/fire/water to buff and swap back to. You want as high cards as possible on those so they can be as close to perma as can be.

    Your playstyle should be pretty much leviathan/swift/spinning blow and in between those use basics, so use gust and try hit the 959 attack speed plateau. Use your heals and lucid dream whenever you can. Swift can do upto 40m damage, and on 3x pieces you get CD down to 2s.

    Good luck building
    My youtube channel


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      It depends on how you want to play. You could either try for a 959 build and max out your strength, vitality, and attack speed on belts. Getting accuracy from your gear. You would lose out on some damage if you throw in some skills now and then but the bulk of your damage would be with basics.

      Or you could max your skill damage by getting the most strength, vitality and intelligence from your belt. This would make swift hit harder which pairs really well if it has a lower CD.


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        I using on my WK 2x ogre s1.1x dragon s1 1x death tyran 1x Stone golem s3 but i have s4 card boss hector/ soul of lunacy/ mephisto/ draka / njghtmare s5 and belt magican active gaia but its my building and i change boss card and pets on belt dependencies where i going