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  • Returning Oracle - Help needed

    Hello everyone, after a few Years out, I just come back to rappelz and I need some guidance.

    First, in those years I been inactive, I gave away to friends most of that I had, so I got no money, weapon, helmet, decent pet/belt pets.
    I got some crap that I had laying around the bottom of WH and here how it looks now:

    -5 TPs
    +14 2h circus staff
    +20 R2 Helmet
    -Mass repentance armor, gloves and boots
    -2 Ice Maiden, 2 S4 Yetis and Mephisto boss card on a 6 slot belt
    -Basic S3 healer pet (almost perfect skilled)

    So, my questions are:

    1- I would like to rush 170 already with the help of the purge devildoom event gear, where is the best place to solo the 40% exp that I need? Circus Speed Run? LM UDG speed run? I do not feel ready yet to party up at devildoom, I would like to solo a little to get the dust out of keyboard.

    2- Which set that a Oracle should look for? Mass Repentance? Divine Shield? That new golden set that I don't know the name? Considering I would not be able to afford a +24 helmet and +9 card anytime soon.

    3-What belt set is the standard for oracle now? 3 s1 WD and 2x Cast Spd? What about boss cards, I'm also lost on which boss cards I should get when I open all the 8 slots on belt.

    4- I also would love to get tips on how to start raising money again, I got a few lucky potions and been farming ND at VI Island and doing daily tasks on circus, what more can I do.

    Thank you all guys.

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    Circus S4, RoA, Island (Not veiled) are all good places

    Lv.170 allows the equipping of Island (not veiled) accessories, where as you need Lv.175 to equip the weaponry and allowance to the new dungeon. There's also new armor sets from Devildom (DD) when Lv.175 however the grind is exponential by that time.

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      1- You should be able to solo ROA with the gear from the npc, so do that unless there are no spots open. Otherwise try PW or s3-4 cc or UG in that order.

      2- Whilst purge gear is around, I would use full mass repentance pieces. This is the best option since with a nice armour, you can tank np, and mass rep gains hits with each level.
      Oracle doesn't really have a single set to use. I know some that use divine shield, or dignity, or mass repentance. If you can't afford any of that, even 3s gear with good stats works until you can.

      3- Those are the standard belt pets. You can change a cast spd for s5 macc belt pet if you're missing on mobs, or unicorn for evading in higher dungeon.
      Boss cards... for a healer I'd suggest to maximise HP and matk, so something like hector, obsi, draka, or yushiva (equipping this affects barely affects your heals).
      If you're interesting in damage dealing or a hybrid build, mephisto, hector and swap the last for draka or crusty

      4- Farming extremes, making foods, selling tamed pets, using cs. There are extensive guides on this if you search in this subforum.

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