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    Some information is missing or outdated since this Guide is ~one year old, most of it should still be applicable though, will be updated once the balance updadate happened.


    Slayer is the best single target class in the game. He obliterates bosses like Yushiva within very few seconds with the right equipment. Slayer is also the best PVP class due to his giant hp. pool.
    Slayer is in my opinion the second-best class when it comes to Devildom kill speed. The best feeling playing a slayer is using Hellstorm on your enemies and seeing their hp. bar drop.

    (This Guide focuses mainly on the sword build since swords are superior once you have decent gear.)

    Swords vs. Daggers:

    This comes down to your personal budget.

    Swords are superior to daggers if you don’t need that extra HP (You can still get over 1,3kk HP. with swords, so it’s not like your HP. pool suffers greatly from taking swords…).
    Swords come to the expense of requiring a heavier armor though.
    If your gear is generally weak you want to take daggers over swords since the additional hp. is very helpful.

    Character Skill (Distorted space Governor eq.): Phase Blades

    The random effect options are pretty straight forward. Optimally you want Crit. Power and/or strength on your gloves and your armor and reflex and movement speed on your boots.

    If you can’t afford Phase Blades equipment either take Dual Blade Expert equipment for more damage or Shadow Forged Plating eq. for more health (works especially well with daggers).

    Soul stones:

    Strength and Crit.

    Boss card collection:


    Baron Madius (10x): +30 P. atk.
    Taranida (10x): +50 P. atk.
    Crustalino (10x): +3 atk. Speed
    Soulseeker (10x): +5 P. acc.
    Kiscia the Beautiful (7x): +80 P. atk., +5 P. acc.
    Lady Ruina (7x): +10 P. acc.
    Aurumis (7x): +100 P. atk.
    Draka (7x): +3 atk. Speed, +100 Max. hp.
    Queen Eva (7x): +5 P. acc., +10 Evasion
    Microraptor (5x): +150 P. atk., +150 M. atk.
    Mephisto (5x): +10 Critical Power, +2 Critical Rate
    Lilith (5x): +200 P. atk., +200 M. atk.
    Courage of Grand Master Hector (3x): +500 P. atk., +15 P. acc., +15 P. acc.


    Ultimate Witch (10x): +30M.Def.
    Oforia (10x): +30 P.Def.
    Abhuva (10x): +5 Evasion
    Silex the Giant (10x): +150 Max. hp.
    Queen Eratia (7x): +100 M.Def.
    Ilrios (7x): +200 Max. hp., +200 Max. weight
    Betrayal (7x): +200 Max. hp., +100 Max. mp.
    Sand Lord Kynish (7x): +100 P.Def.
    Draka (7x): +100 Max. hp., +3 attack speed
    Queen Eva (7x): +10 Evasion, +5 P.acc.
    Butkadah (5x): +5. M.acc., +150 M.def.
    Medusa (5x): +150 P.Def., +150 Block P.def.
    Black widow (5x): +150 P.Def., +150 M.Def.
    Bone dragon (5x): +150 M.def., +300 Max. mp.
    Soul of lunacy (5x): +150 P.Def., +500 Max. hp.
    Courage of Grand Master Hector (3x): +500 Max. hp. +500 P.atk., +15 P.acc.
    Crystal Golem (3x): +500 P.def., +200 M.def., +1500 Max. hp.
    Bloodthirsty Slaughterer (3x): +500 M.def., +200 P.def., +1000 Max. mp.
    Yushiva (3x): +5000 Max hp., +3000 Max. mp., +500 Max. weight

    M. atk. and therefore HP.:

    Primal Scream (10x): +50 M. atk.
    Likirus (10x): +50 M. atk.
    Dominatus the Mad (7x): +80 M. atk., +5 M. acc.
    Ashmaw the Devourer (7x): +100 M. atk., +3 cast speed
    Obsidikar (7x): +200 M. atk.
    Knowledge of Grandmaster Hector (3x): +500 M. atk., +300 Max. mp., +15 M. acc.



    If you aim for max. damage take Strength , P. atk. , Crit. Power Rings.

    If you struggle to sustain your attack speed plateau you might want to take up to two (depending on how much attack speed you need) Strength, Attack Speed, Crit. Power Rings (959 = highest attack speed plateau (unofficial cap = approximately 1050 (for smoother attacks))).

    If you have troubles hitting your enemy take one or two (depending on how much accuracy you need) Strength , Accuracy , Crit. Power Ring(s).

    Max stats (Ring): Strength: 50, P. atk.: 250, Crit. Power: 24,3, Attack speed: approximately 20, Accuracy: approximately 60


    Take a Yushiva’s Necklace with Non-Elemental Additional Damage and P. def. (5000 Additional Damage and 550+ P. def.).
    Your auto attacks and Hellstorm are both non-elemental attacks.


    This depends on how badly you need the 3% damage reduction, up to 100 accuracy, approximately 20 attack speed and 20 Reflex

    If you don’t need any of that then exchange one Yushiva’s earring with a Crazy Clown Earring, you only get 12% instead of 15% damage reduction and you can’t chose between Atk. speed + Evasion and Accuracy + Evasion as the random option, but when attacking, a provoke effect will be applied with 2% probability.

    Take the 2% earring over the 6% earring, because the 6% earring only applies when you are under attack and the 2% earring applies the Provoke effect when attacking yourself and since you are attacking so quickly when playing Slayer, the 2% earring is superior.

    Provoke effect: +10% P. atk., -5% P. def.

    Boss cards:

    Mephisto Card, Grand Master Hector’s Card of Courage, Sand Lord Kynish Card, Soul of Lunacy Card, Crustalino Card, Lilith Card,

    Take up to three of them (depending on your belt slots and how good your gear is).
    I play with: Mephisto Card, Grand Master Hector’s Card of Courage, Sand Lord Kynish Card
    If you struggle to survive, take a Soul of Lunacy Card instead of Sand Lord Kynish Card.

    Exchange Sand Lord Kynish with an Abhuva Card in PvP.

    Talent Point distribution:

    5 TP: 2 : 2 : 1
    6 TP: 2 : 2 : 2
    7 TP: 2 : 2 : 3

    1. Ranged DD with double Harp. and Weakness Analysis
    2. Melee DD with Death Tyrant Unity, Wolf Relic, Mana Injection and Encouragement P. atk.
    3. Healer with Master Devotion, Unicorn Unity, Drillbot Relic, Painful Aria and Encouragement M. atk.
    Take a ranged DD if you struggle to sustain your attack speed plateau (and the Death Tyrant Unity isn't enough).

    Pet potions :

    Three Options:
    1. Minotaurus if you want to farm RoA / Underground, where you can use some extra movement speed
    2. Death Tyrant if you need more attack speed.
    3. Mystic Koala for max. damage.
    Belt pets:


    3x Death Tyrant Stage 1 , 1x Stage 2 Unicorn, 1x Stage 3 Unicorn
    33% P. atk. + Strength + Atk. speed, 32% Agility + Reflex
    If you struggle to survive and want to tank by dodging a lot (additionally helps you with attack speed due to the extra agility).

    3x Death Tyrant Stage 1, 1x Stage 5 Unicorn, 1x Stage 5 P. def. + Vit. pet (Yeti, Stone Golem, Undine)
    33% P. atk. + Strength + Attack speed, 19% Reflex + Agility 12%-25% Vit. + P. def.
    If you struggle to survive and don't want to rely on dodging attacks.

    3x Death Tyrant Stage 1, 2x P. def. + Vit. Pet
    33% P. atk + Strength, 32% Vit. + P. def.
    If you struggle to survive and don't want to solely rely on dodging every incoming attack.

    2x Death Tyrant Stage 5, 3x Minotaurus Stage 1
    35% P. atk. + Strength, 26% Atk. speed, 33% Vit. + P. def.
    My personal favorite, because this is the highest damage belt pet setup .

    3x Death Tyrant Stage 1, 2x Snowman
    33% P. atk. + Strength + At. speed, 32% Luck
    More drops, weaker defense.


    3x Drillbot Stage 1, 1x Kentauros Stage 5, 1x Cerberus Stage 5
    33% Vit. + P. def. + M. def. + Wisdom, 32% P. atk. + Strength, 12% P. acc.
    This is the best setup if you are up against a magician.

    3x Minotaurus Stage 1, 1x Unicorn Stage 2, 1x Unicorn Stage 3
    33% P. atk. + Strength + P. def. + Vit., 32% Agility + Reflex
    This is the best setup if you are facing a warrior (If you don't need accuracy)).

    3x Minotaurus Stage 1, 1x Unicorn Stage 5, 1x Cerberus Stage 5
    34% P. atk., + Strength, 33% Vit. + P. def., 19% Reflex + Unicorn, 12% P. acc.
    Take this if you are facing a warrior but need some accuracy. If you need even more accuracy, but not
    enough to justify the exchanging of the Unicorn with another Cerb., exchange the Cerberus with a Stage 5 Nightmare ( 19% P. acc. )

    2x Minotaurus Stage 0, 1x Drillbot Stage 5, 1x Unicorn Stage 5, 1x Cerberus Stage 5
    33% P. def. + Vit., 33% P. atk + Strength, 13% M. def. + Wisdom, 19% Agility + Reflex, 12% P. acc.
    Take this if you are in an open battlefield with several enemies ( more physical enemies than magicians).

    1x Minotaurus Stage 1, 2x Drillbot Stage 5, 1x Kentauros Stage 5, 1x Cerberus or Unicorn or Nightmare Stage 5 (depending on your and the enemies accuracy).
    32% P. atk. + Strength, 33% P. def. + Vit., 26% M. def. + Wis.,12% P. acc., 1% P. atk. + Strength or 19% Agility + Reflex or 19% Accuracy
    Take this if you are in an open battlefield with several enemies ( more magicians than warriors).

    Backpack: Traveling Gear vs. Expert’s Bag and Luminous Wings vs. Donation Wings

    Traveling Gear: +25 on all stats, +4500 Max. weight and +5000 Max. hp.+mp. (free)
    Expert’s Bag: +4% on all stats, +6000 Max weight. (20.000 AP)

    Expert's Bag > Traveling Gear once you hit ~600 Strength, which is very easy.

    When I tested it, I got more P. atk. with Rang 1 Donation Wings than with Luminous Wings (I was all in on Strength though).

    Girdle of Endairon vs. Bear Skin Belt:

    Table of what which belt offers (left colum = Bear Skin Belt, right colum = Girdle of Endairon).
    More attack speed +45% P. ignore
    You can wear another Ring of Horadric and Yushiva’s Earring / Clown earring +10 %P. atk.
    More hp. +10% Strength
    Assassin Impact +1
    All skills +1
    If you want to increase your damage per second, take an Endairon belt.
    If you struggle with your attack speed plateau or need some extra health you might want to take a Bear Skin belt.
    (Or simply take a Yushiva's belt .)


    Slayer is a beginner friendly class, because of the giant base health pool due to "Shadow Forged Plating".
    Becoming a non-plus ultra Slayer is very expensive though, because it is a very popular class and good Phase Blades Equipment etc. is therefore rather expensive.

    Take Daggers over Swords if the rest of your gear is weak. If you don't need the extra HP. change to swords.
    Highest DPs build: Phase Blades Eq., 3x Stage 1 Minotaurus , 2x Stage 5 Death Tyrant, Sand Lord Kynish Card, Mephisto Card, Hector Card,Strength P. atk. Crit. Power Rings, 5000 non-elementary additional damage necklace, Donation Wings>Luminous Wings, AP bag > free bag, one Yushiva's and one Clown Earring.

    I managed to get over 240.000 P. atk. and over 900 Crit. Power. with this build.

    German Translation:
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