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    Why is Void Mage the strongest class in the game?

    Void Mage has always been a strong class and one of the best damage dealers in the game. The thing the Void Mage lacked were defensive stats, but with the addition of Devildom’s Nusylites and Fluminis set and the Yushiva belt, which make him immortal in PVE,
    he is now flawless.
    Once you can tank Devildom mobs, the only thing you worry about is kill speed. Void Mage offers the best AOE damage and the void mage is therefore (once you can tank it) the best class in the game (PVE).


    2-hand Staff vs 1-hand staff + mage wall:
    1-h staff + mw and here is why:

    You can have up to 16 more critical power with 1h Staff + mw than with a 2-h Staff (Max Crit. 2-h Staff: 40 // Max Crit. 1-h Staff: 20, mw: 36).
    You can awaken both your 1-hand staff and your mage wall instead of just awaking your one 2-hand staff.

    Mage wall + 1-hand staff gives up to +14% Int. (8% + 6%), 2h Staffs give a maximum of 84 Int. And since you are playing a Void Mage with a giant intelligence pool you always want to take percentage intelligence over flat intelligence.
    1-h Staff + mw also has more cast speed than a 2-h staff.

    The only thing the 2-hand staff can be praised for is being cheaper (only one awakening and you don’t have to enhance a mage wall on top of the staff).

    You optimally want to take a 1hand staff with Crit. Power, Matk., 6% int., m. ref., max. hp.) and a mage wall with Crit. Power, Matk., percentage intelligence, reflex, m.acc. and max. hp.)
    Always go for max. damage though, so don’t take a 1-h staff with only 16 crit. and 400 M.atk. just because it has m. ref. You always want to go for 20 crit. and as close too max. M.atk. (700) as possible. Same goes for your mage wall, (max. crit. 36 and max. M.atk. 1123,7).

    Donation Wings (Rang 1) > M.
    Luminous Wings

    Wis. vs. Int. mage wall:

    I tested it with identical M. atk (1123,7), the only difference being, that one mage wall had percentage Int. and the other one percentage Wis. + M. atk., the Int. mage wall won (both mage walls were +25).

    Character Skill (Distorted space Governor eq.): Crystal Aura

    Optimally you want Crit. Power and/or Intelligence on your gloves and your armor and reflex and movement speed on your boots.

    Soul stones:

    Crit./Int. or Crit./Int./Vit. or Crit /Vit. Depending on your situation. If you want to tank an entire room without Yushiva Belt Vit/Crit. Is good, but once you have the belt you are immortal, maximize your damage and go full int./crit.
    Like seriously … if you died while wearing a belt you probably were away from keyboard or wearing buff equipment.

    Speaking about buff equipment, you must use buff eq. The difference in damage is tremendous!
    +15% M.atk. by using three “Heed of the Conjuror” parts and another 9% M.atk (on fire and wind spells) by using three “Spirit of fire” and “Tempest” parts.

    Boss card collection:


    Raymond (10x): +2 cast speed
    Primal scream (10x): +50 M.atk.
    Likirus (10x): +50 M.atk.
    Licius (10x): +5 M. acc.
    Dominatus the Mad (7x): +80M.atk, +5 M.acc
    Ashmaw the Devourer (7x): +100 M.atk., +3 cast speed
    Obsidikar (7x): +200 M.atk.
    Butkadah (5x): +5. M.acc., +150 M.def.
    Microraptor (5x): +150 P.atk., +150 M.atk.
    Mephisto (5x): +10 Critical Power, +2 Critical Rate
    Lilith (5x): +200 M.atk., +200 P.atk.
    Knowledge of Grandmaster Hector (3x): +500 M.atk., +300 Max. mp., +15 M.acc.


    Ultimate Witch (10x): +30M.Def.
    Oforia (10x): +30 P.Def.
    Abhuva (10x): +5 Evasion
    Silex the Giant (10x): +150 Max. hp.
    Queen Eratia (7x): +100 M.Def.
    Ilrios (7x): +200 Max. hp., +200 Max. weight
    Betrayal (7x): +200 Max. hp., +100 Max. mp.
    Sand Lord Kynish (7x): +100 P.Def.
    Draka (7x): +100 Max. hp., +3 attack speed
    Queen Eva (7x): +10 Evasion, +5 P.acc.
    Butkadah (5x): +5. M.acc., +150 M.def.
    Medusa (5x): +150 P.Def., +150 Block P.def.
    Black widow (5x): +150 P.Def., +150 M.Def.
    Bone dragon (5x): +150 M.def., +300 Max. mp.
    Soul of lunacy (5x): +150 P.Def., +500 Max. hp.
    Courage of Grand Master Hector (3x): +500 Max. hp. +500 P.atk., +15 P.acc.
    Crystal Golem (3x): +500 P.def., +200 M.def., +1500 Max. hp.
    Bloodthirsty Slaughterer (3x): +500 M.def., +200 P.def., +1000 Max. mp.
    Yushiva (3x): +5000 Max hp., +3000 Max. mp., +500 Max. weight


    You want to take 2x Int. (max. 50), M.atk. (max. 150), Crit. Power (max. 24,3) rings,
    one or two Yushiva earrings, depending on how good you are at tanking. If you don’t struggle tanking an entire DD3 room, then only take one Yushiva earring and replace the other one with a Ruthless Navajo Earring (Level 150 M.atk. earring with crit. Power.).
    For the Yushiva earring(s) you want reflex (max 20) and m.acc. (max. 100).
    For the necklace you want to take a “Yushiva’s Blue Necklace” with Fire Additional Damage +5000

    Why is taking additional fire damage over air damage good (PVE)?

    Fire skills (that you frequently use in DD3):

    -Inferno Fire Arrow
    -Fire field
    -Fire Storm
    -Meteor Shower

    Air skills (that you frequently use in DD3):

    -Maelstrom Bolt
    -Lightning Field
    -Chain lightning
    -Splash Thunder
    -Heaven’s Breaker

    Inferno Fire Arrow+Fire field and Maelstrom+Lightning Field balance each other out so we end up with:
    Fireball, Fire Storm and Meteor Shower vs. Chain lightning, Splash Thunder and Heaven’s Breaker.
    Fireball is only used against bosses and you only use Meteor Shower to pull Guardians.
    So, Fire Storm vs. Chain lightning, Splash Thunder and Heaven's Breaker.
    You would think three skills win over one, right? You guessed wrong.
    Fire Storm is a dot (dot=damage over time), for 9 seconds Fire Storm deals a certain amount of Fire damage.Each time a seconds passes not only Fire Storm deals damage, but also the necklace with additional Fire damage. Splash Thunder and Heaven’s Breaker make each up for one tick, so we end up with 7 ticks from Firestorm vs. Chain lightning and there is no way you activate Chain lightning 7 times until Fire Storms is activatable again, especially not if you consider, that you are almost constantly using Dark Spiral.
    When choosing which necklace a class has to use, the only thing you look is the frequency at which a skill is used and if it’s a dot or not.

    Backpack: Traveling Gear vs. Expert’s Bag

    Traveling Gear: +25 on all stats, +4500 Max. weight and +5000 Max. hp.+mp. (free)
    Expert’s Bag: +4% on all stats, +6000 Max weight. (20.000 AP)
    As a Void Mage, who has insane Intelligence numbers and scales tremendously well with intelligence you must take the +4% bag.
    Once you reach endgame you have a base intelligence somewhere between 3000-4000 (white number) so the bag gives you more than 100 intelligence. 100 (+) >25 by the way.

    Awakening your 1-h staff, mage wall:

    You want to take Intelligence over M.atk. when awakening your weapons. VM scales so well with intelligence, because of Crystal Aura and he gets percentage intelligence everywhere, his mage wall, his staff, his bag, his belt pets, his frags, …
    80 awakened intelligence will serve you better than 800 awakened M.atk.

    Awakening your accessories:

    No big secret here. Go Full Crit. Power!

    Boss cards:

    Mephisto, Crystal Golem, M. Hector, Obsidikar, Sand Lord Kynish, Yushiva, Crustalino
    If you are incapable of tanking an entire room but have or want to and exchanging your Intelligence soul stones with Vitality is not enough then you must exchange these boss cards one by one until it works. You can tank the entire DD3 room with mediocre gear and without a Yushiva Belt, if you go full Vitality and take a Yushiva, Obsidikar and Crystal Golem Card, you will lose a lot of damage but your HP pool will be so huge, that you are not going to instantly die once you get stunned.
    A lot of people have the problem, that they could tank the entire room if it was not for the stuns, because they can’t abuse “Sadism” while being stunned.
    By having a HP pool large enough to survive one or more stuns you can just life steal everything back afterwards.
    As your gear grows you can steadily reverse the boss cards and vitality soul stones until you can tank an entire room with full damage gear.
    Take Sand Lord Kynish if you are not a fan of Obsidikar, the Giant growth effect is almost always active due to all the AOEs.

    Talent Point distribution:

    5 TP: 1 : 2 : 2
    6 TP: 1 : 3 : 2
    7 TP: 2 : 3 : 2

    Why no Chrono Shift?

    You don’t need this skill, because once your CDR. passive is maxed out, you have your +24 helmet and you have good skill cards you can non-stop use Dark Spiral and therefore every other spell (due to Time Lapse). This only works if you tank the entire room, but if you are not then you are doing something wrong. Always tank the entire room, if you can only tank half of the room without the Yushiva boss card then use the Yushiva card to tank the entire room (or any other boss card/ soul stone for that matter but tank the entire room!!!). Tanking the entire room makes your TP passive “Time Lapse” proc more frequently which enhances the kill speed tremendously.
    Yushiva does not reduce your damage by 50% by the way, it’s more like 20%, but going from tanking 50% of the room to tanking 100% of the room will make up for that and you will clear the rooms quicker eventually.
    The only time Chrono Shift is useful is when you are stunned at the very start of your Dark Spiral, but that can’t happen, because you always stun right before you use your Dark Spiral.
    • Chrono Shift is useless, because all your skills are always up anyways (when tanking the entire room (and having high enough skill cards)).

    Your pet as a Void Mage is pretty much only there for the buffs and toggles it offers, so you want to use a healer (preferably a Dragon or Beast, so it’s a little bit healthier in DD).

    You want your healer to have the following skills:
    Painful Aria, Master Devotion, Unity: Unicorn, and Drill Bot Relic, Kiss of the Goddess

    Your pet needs a lot of M.acc. so it always hits “Painful Aria” on bosses.

    As for Artifacts you want to take 2x Master Devotion, so you get +90 on all stats (excluding Luck).
    Your pet does not really need super high M.atk. stats since your insurance is Sadism anyways. I can’t remember when I healed myself in DD3 (excluding Kiss of the Goddess).

    Pet potions:

    Three options:
    1. Blight Ogre if you want to farm RoA and can use that extra movement speed.
    2. White Dragon if you are incapable of tanking DD3 without fearing death.
    3. Mystic Koala for the highest damage numbers

    The only ( damage ) skills you use in PVE (DD3) are:
    Chain Lightning, Inferno Fire Arrow, Maelstrom Bolt, Fireball, Meteor Shower, Life leech (if you don’t have great gear), Heaven’s Breaker, Splash Thunder, Fire Storm, Dark Spiral, Lightning Field, Fire Field

    You also want to use Windy Shackle (if you or your tank needs it on Kraken of Infinity + Yushiva) and Weakness Skin if you are in a group with at least one physical class.

    You ALWAYS must have Deep Evasion, Spirit of Fire, Heed of the Conjuror and Tempest active (the last three with buff equipment!).
    It is going to annoy you the first few times, but after some time you get used to it and it becomes a reflex, you don’t even think about it, you just do it and it boosts your damage tremendously.

    TIP (This works for everyone who uses buff equipment):

    After every skill you cast, you want to move (just go forward and back so it cancels each other out), that cancels the animation and it lets you change your equipment a lot faster without that stupid waiting time in between every buff.
    (What I do on my Void mage: I always run against a wall in DD3 while buffing myself (I just non-stop press W or A/D depending on the wall, that I am running against).)

    DD3 Tips for Void Mages:

    -Always, always, always focus all mobs on one point. You might think that pulling and killing 50% of the room is half as slow as pulling and killing 100% of the room, but you are wrong. If your Dark Spiral hits the entire room you can literally non-stop use it which increases the kill speed by a lot (you obviously want to use your fields, stuns and fire storm in between your Dark Spirals)

    -Before every Dark Spiral you got to stun the focal point, so you do not get stunned the frame your Dark Spiral starts (that’s a real ks killer and tilter …).

    -If there are some Guardians at two or more different locations and you can not focus them at one point without running around the room for a long time, what you want to do is bring all the mobs to the guardians that are more separated (but still both in AOE range), stay in middle of them and use Meteor Shower to on the Guardian(s) who are not in AOE range (always try to maximize the amount of mobs your AOE hits, if you have the choice between pulling in one or two Guardians, you always take the two).

    -If there are some bloodies who are not in AOE range, you pull the entire room until all the bloodies are collected at on side of room, then you stun the melee monsters, run away from the bloodies, they are going to follow you, when they are standing on top of the melee monsters you run back into the focal point or if the travel distance is too large you stun again and run back.

    -[This only applies to low-medium ks dungeon parties or if you are solo]
    If you are at Yushiva and there are more Void Mages than Mercenaries (Even if there are 4 Mercenaries and only 3 Void Mages you want to do this) you pull Yushiva right between both Satanic Crystal Cores, so that your AOEs hit both Crystal Cores and Yushiva at the same time.

    Belt pets:


    3x Stage 1 White Dragon + 1x Baphomet + Snowman
    33% M. atk. + Vit. + P.def., 34% Int., 25% Cast speed, 21% Luck : High Damage with a bit more luck.

    3x Stage 1 White Dragon + 2x Snowman
    33% M. atk. P. def+ Vit.+ Int., 32% Luck : Max. Luck

    3x Stage 1 White Dragon + 1x Baphomet + M.acc. pet
    33% M. atk. + Vit. + P.def., 34% Int., 25% Cast speed, 19% M. acc. :You struggle with accuracy but not with survivability.

    3x Stage 1 White Dragon + 1x Stage 2 Unicorn + 1x Stage 3 Unicorn
    33% M. atk. + P.def. + Vit. + Int., 32% Agility + Reflex: You struggle with survivability.

    3x Stage 1 White Dragon + 1x Stage 5 Unicorn + Baphomet
    33% M. atk. + Vit. + P.def., 34% Int.,. 19% Reflex + Agility, 25% Cast speed : You struggle to survive but you have enough M.acc.

    3x Stage 1 White Dragon + 1x Stage 5 Unicorn + M.acc. pet
    33% M. atk. + Int. + Vit. + P.def., 19% Reflex + Agility, 19% M. acc. : You struggle to survive and to hit your enemies.

    3x Stage 1 White Dragon + 1x Stage 5 Unicorn + Snowman
    33% M. atk.+ Int. + Vit. + P.def., 19% Agility + Reflex, 21% Luck :You survive longer and drop better, it takes you longer to kill everything though.

    4x White Dragon + Baphomet
    34% M. atk., + P.def. + Vit. 35% Int., 25% Cast speed : Max. Damage.


    2x Drillbot, Stage 5 White Dragon, Stage 5 Naga + Baphomet / Unicorn / M.acc. pet
    33% P. def. + Vit., 26% M. def. + Wis., 32% Int. + M. atk., 1% Int, 20%-25% cast speed, 19% Agility + Reflex, up to 19% M. acc.

    3x Stage 1 White Dragon + 2x Unicorn / Baphomet + Unicorn / Baphomet + M.acc.
    33% M. atk. + Int. + P.def. + Vit., 32% Agility + Reflex, 1% Int., 20-25% Cast speed 19% Agility + Reflex, 1% Int., 20-25% Cast speed, up to 19% M. acc.

    Depending on the situation and on who your opponent is.
    If your opponent is a mage then you want Drillbots, if your opponent is a physical class then you want white dragons and one or two unicorns depending on your and his/her gear.
    If you are incapable of hitting your enemy then you take m.acc. pets, everything is pretty much self-explanatory to be honest.


    Void Mage is expensive but worth it. Going from mediocre gear to good gear is a bigger jump when playing Void Mage than with other classes. This class is not very beginner-friendly since you need pretty good gear to be able to farm efficiently and tank the entire room.

    German Translation:
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    Thank you for this helpfull updated guide.


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      Lol you just gave a reason why VM will get nerf'd for class balance they are immortal in PvE yes and high dmg AoEs. Should be nerf'd hard.


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        Not necessarily. OP is saying how to solo DD3 with near-endgame (expensive) items and higher levels. That's hardly the same as a 18x Slayer soloing DD5.

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        They cannot tank a whole room by themselves lol has to be 1 mob each. Their hp too low