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How do I maximize luck stat?

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  • How do I maximize luck stat?

    Luck is obviously important when trying to get the most out of your farming runs but I dont know everything I can do to raise said stat. Wings give a decent amount howl buff is crucial as well, what else can I do? I know there are dirks that raise droprate but by how much? are they worth going for? I would have to create a new character and get decent gear but if they increase the droprate significantly I might consider it. The weapons are what Im most interested in if anyone could tell if they are worth the effort of getting slayer gear in this case, thatd be great. I currently farm with around 350 but Im sure much higher values can be achieved.
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    To increase luck, you could belt 2x snowmans as long as it doesn't reduce much of any other stats.
    Eyeglasses increase luck by 25, and crystal sword (which is actually a 1h staff) increases it by 50.
    Magus+WK+howl buffs with full PW pieces should give you an extra 58+58+141 luck.

    If ur farming for ND at lower levels, then everything here should be used except the taming sword (170+ req).
    If ur farming circus for drops... Then id suggest 1x-2x snowman, eyeglasses, and full buffs.

    Either way you should be popping LP. This has a bigger affect on drop rate than increasing luck stat.
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      Don't forget about the Luck Charm from Luminous boxes
      iirc it's +50 to both Luck and Move Speed


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        true true, which reminds me
        luminous wings give +50 to luck.. can't believe I forgot that one

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        Forgot to mention, if Slayer, the Dimensional Barbs (Dirks) also give +50 to Luck AND Increase Drop Rate
        holy moly

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      also full moon rings add 40 luck each.
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        Those Crystal Glasses you find in RoA gives luck too.


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          Erm I was under the impression that the LUCK stat had absolutely nothing to do with drop rates etc it only affected CRIT hits (presumably by raising the crit ratio etc)


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            They changed it.