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  • Ashenslate Armor Set

    I want to farm the Asheslate Armor set, but I don't know where it drops. Can anyone help me? I see a lot of it in the Auction House, but not the helm. Does anyone know where it drops? for that matter, I would just like to know where to farm the whole set myself if anyone knows please.

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    The helmet for that set is a cash shop only item. The cs description still mentions the old level limit, but I am not sure if that is correct. I asked the GM's for an answer about it.


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      the ashendale is 145 right? that gera drop from mobs from Temple of Lost souls. I had an old toon in undine with a cs 140 helmet and its the first tier of R7, but when i bought it years ago was 150 lv limit. so all the cs helmet should be the current tier (140, 145 and 150)


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        From the last patch notes, the cs helmets have a chance on droping from their respective dungeoun bosses, so the ashentale helmet should drop from Ashmaw. Good luck on getting the helmet for ur class tho :P


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          Those are NON set helmets. To get the set bonuses you would still need to turn to the CS


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            Thank You so much everyone. I did find the in tghe auction house, but yes, it was a non-set one. I checked the cash shop and found it there, but that just brought up another question. If a game is truly free-to-play, and you are willing to devote however much time you need to farm end-game gear, why are certain items locked behind a cash shop? In my opinion, f2p means just that. As long as you play long enough, you should be able to get the same gear as the people who can afford to buy from the cash shop. Sadly, my resources are very tight. Does that mean that there is certain gear then that I just won't be able to get as I level up? I am at level 155 atm. What is in store for me at level 160, 165, 170, and higher?


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              Impressive necromancing or are the time stamps drunk?!

              However, most things that you need will be attainable in game even if they are CS items. People buy them from CS in order to sell at flea / AH.
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