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    I am currently taming all T2 pets, somewhere around 1000 of each. As you can imagine, this is really boring. I've made it through 4 species. I generally try to sit with netfix open on one screen and absentmindedly tab+1+2 on the other while I watch stuff. But the problem is I cant find a place with proper mob density. Instead, I have to run around and find the mob, and then tame it; cant really pay attention to what I am watching while doing that. I constantly have to rewind to re-watch what I missed. So here I am: can someone fill me in on spots for every species of T2 mob that has a high density of mobs OR moderate density with fast respawn? Species are:

    Red Pixie
    Blue Pixie

    I am not there yet, but my next step is to hit T3 as if you could help with those, that would be cool too. Those species are:


    Thanks guys!

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    This is old but since you are starting with taming original pets try here for Pet taming map. :
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      Pixie Forest doesn't have a single Red Pixie anymore. Instead it's filled with feels like 70% Angels and 30% Unicorns...
      Thank you!


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        I actually found that map in my initial search before posting here...that helps in terms of where certain mobs are located, which is good. But density is still VI Kaia lake has yetis every frickin a character taming yetis could just sit and tame there and never have to run to find one, as opposed to taming in Logging area in Laksy. You'd have to run in a small radius to keep a yeti in your sight.


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          Harpy = waterfall or pp Unicorn = fairy forest Nightmare = pbw Sala = desert Hawk = katan cemetary Those are places I usually go to tame...
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            If you want high densities:
            Yetis south of sirens island,
            Hawks tele sirag ruins from katan go a bit south then east and a bit north again.
            Bpś go to cv maybe, you wont have to run far there if you go to a small room with bpś
            Octoś arent anywhere in high density.
            Harpies, maybe ssk room in pp?
            Nmś go up to the castle to the south where the 9x nmś are (pbw), but they are mixed with angels.


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              Originally posted by Torgan View Post
              Octoś arent anywhere in high density.
              If you can still get on the boat Navislamia on trainee island Baby Kiscia has a pretty fast respawn rate and you never have to run to find her.

              That's where I tame Octos


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                They removed them at wound of arrogance? I liked the 100% octo mobs there.

              • (MOD)Alexander
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                Wound of arrogance is still the best place for octos, especially with the reduced CD on creature taming, which I believe is faster than baby kiscia respawn time.

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              Skeleton - sirag ruins
              Siren - siren island
              Wolf - trainee island
              Yeti - laksy field
              Lydian - can do in Rondo
              Red Pixie - oasis in the desert (katan)
              Blue Pixie - laksy field
              Orc - laksy field
              Octopus - oasis in the desert (katan)/ navis lamia
              Harpy - Sanctuary
              Hawk - way to palmir platue
              Salamander - way to palmir platue/rondo
              Nightmare - Pitch black woods
              Unicorn - unicorn forest


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                My favorite places
                Skeleton katan graveyard
                Siren I usually tame as I am farming the gnoll but south of there has a pretty high density
                Wolf Vi anywhere on the east shore of the lake
                Yeti South of cube
                Lydian south east of siren island at the edge of pbw
                Red Pixie North of siren island
                Blue Pixie lasky east
                Orc woods just north of lasky anchor pp may have less running
                Octopus Ceriu oaisis or kisca might be worth trying
                Harpy usually tame when farming the gnoll or naga or south of the genie watchtower
                Hawk west side of katan graveyard or palmir plateau
                Salamander Ceriu oaisis
                Nightmare Unicorn forest west of the entrance
                Unicorn Unicorn forest
                Some places may be better to tame a combo of mobs, for example the oasis has sallys octos and red pixies or south of rondo and do Lydians and sallys or south of the watchtower for harpies sallys.


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                  West of katan for skels,
                  Wound of Arrogance for octos,
                  Trainee Island or VI for wolves,
                  Lydians near creature farm

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                    There is an often overlooked Orcs (Nimble, Fierce, and so on) area south of the Fairy Woods, but north of the dividing river (which means, west of the area with the lizardmen). The more commonly farmed area east of Ivory tower is interspersed with Airis (Kentas), but they become less in this narrow strip.

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                      where do I tame blue pixies?
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                        Around lower Laksy is the highest blue pixie density.