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Final Awakening System Explained

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  • Final Awakening System Explained

    With Epic 9.3 - Rise of Power a new way to enchant your gears got introduced: The Final Awakening.

    What items can profit from it?

    The Final Awakening regards +20 or higher boots, gloves and helmets exclusively.

    How to?
    The item needed is called “Final Awakening Stone: Armor”: the pink counterpart to the blue awakening stone for weapons. It can be bought in-game from the Black Market NPC for 50m rupees each.
    Use the enhance window, place your gear item in the “target” box on the left, the Final Awakening Stone: Armor in “materials” on the right side, click the “enhance” button.

    How will it improve my items?

    After using a Final Awakening Stone Armor, your gear item will get the following results:

    If you awaken your helm, gloves or boots at +20 and later on increase the enhancement, the awakening will not automatically change. To change the awakening, like with weapons, you need a sealing scroll, in this case the “Final Sealing Scroll: Armor”, exclusively being sold in cash shop, but freely tradable in-game.

    When to use a Final Sealing Scroll: Armor?

    When the item is enchanted higher than +20 and already was awakened before.

    ~ Credits to [MOD]Nazgul,
    MadHatteress​ and [MOD]Alexander, Gouron
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    Tried that it does not work


    • Nazgul
      Nazgul commented
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      What are you having issues with?
      Hopefully we can solve it for you.

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    I am lvl 150 i bought a Final Awakening Stone and if i tried exactly that what you explained My armor in the main slot the stone in one of the other slots it say you cannot use that combination.


    • Nazgul
      Nazgul commented
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      It won't work for armors.
      It has to be either a Helmet, Boots or Gloves.

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    Could I request some clarification on the pet stat increases from the boots please?

    Do they increase the primary stats of Str/Vit/Dex/Agi/Int/Wis/Luck, the derived stats of HP, MP, Patk, etc. Or everything?


    • (MOD)Baell
      (MOD)Baell commented
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      It is an end modifier on pet patk, matk, def and mdef only.

      So if your pet has 20k patk with buffs and a 10/80 weapon passive it would get 22k patk with a 10% passive from + 21 boots.