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Templar tanking guide and ug basics- by Bahl

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    I I have in the belt, s5 stone golem,s5 cerberus, s5 Mino, s5 gnoll, s5 kenta and s5 Stone golem

    I want recistir more, I do not know if it's okay Help plz


    • BahlUni
      BahlUni commented
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      What do you mean with recistir?

      Nice belt pets, but it is more expensive than it is useful. You have 33% str / patk, 34% vit, 33% pdef, 20% block rate, 11% dex / acc.

      The 2nd s5 golem only adds 1% vit + def and you would get better stats if you replaced it with a s0 orc. But I would suggest using a bc instead. Replacing the other s5 golem, s5 kent and s5 mino with 3 s1 mino's would give you 34% str / vit / patk, 33% pdef, 20% block rate, 11% dex / acc.

      The s5 cerb adds 1% str/ patk and 11% dex / acc. If you need more acc you can replace it with a nightmare. An s5 skell usually adds more attack speed than a s5 gnoll. You would lose 1% vit though and with those belt pets I doubt your shield is low upped.

      So I would suggest using 3 s1 mino's and a boss card + 2 other pets depending on what it was that you wanted. For example add 2 uni's for evasion or nightmares for acc or skells for att speed. Unless you can't get enough attack speed like that. want more mdef or higher matk.

      An interesting belt that maxes matk is 2 s0 mino, s3 wd, 2s0 ogres + bc. It adds 34% str / patk, 33% int / matk / vit / pdef. I doubt that you lack funds, but a cheaper verion would be 2 s2 WD, s5 sally, s5 hawk, s0 kenta + bc. That adds 33% str / patk / int / matk / vit / pdef. You can make variations of those that add a little to either dex / acc or att speed.

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    Dear BahlUni,

    first let me thank you for the very good guide and all the other helpful comments in the other threads. I mostly agree with what you post and highly appreciate that you share your knowledge with us.
    I am playing a lvl 174 templar on the German server (name is Ichkanngarnix), I do mostly s1 LM runs which give me very good % (I never used growth potions, only SS) and a good amount of money by selling the items. I use a 502-build with max pAtk and mAtk with some loss on pDef which I don't need for what I use to do. I have all buff slaves available.

    I have actually three questions for you:
    1a: Regarding belt sets. Until now I always used Arnessa-set (hope it's the same name, it is the max-hp set), however I recently read again what you posted about the circus-belts. Unfortunately the names are different. I now (for testing issues) bought the one that increases the physical skills and the one that increases the passive skills. However, I really don't get how that works. If I just put on the on the first one (physical), I already get an increase in several stats (pAtk, mAtk, vit, AtkSpeed, all block-stats), but why? Additionally it obviously enables to use dmg-skills at a higher level (which I don't really need, but nice to have I guess). If I put on the one that increases the passive skills, the same stats icrease (to a different extent, though), but without any other benefit. As far as I can tell the difference in stats increase is minimal, hence the physical-support belt is much better? Did I miss anything?

    1b: Which earrings/rings do you suggest to go along with the circus belt? For the ring my guess would be a second vit/critpower ring, but for the earrings I am unsure.

    2: Someone mentioned that s4 LM runs could be more efficient for %/hours. I just quickly tested s3 LM, neither mini-boss nor end-boss are any problem. However, as soon as the many witches at the stone come to me I am finished due to stun-lock. How do solve this problem? Since you mentioned doing s3/s4 PP runs you should be facing the same problem I guess.

    Thank you in advance, Dankeschön, muito obrigado,



    • BahlUni
      BahlUni commented
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      Hi Forenposter,

      gern geschehen and I am glad it is useful. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

      1a the physical belt increases not only a lot of your active skills, but it also ups a lot of your passive skills. If you open your skill tab there is a section you can click for passives. That is the reason why your stats increase. Other circus belts up different skills and some of those are very useless. For a templar I would suggest physical. If you use a DT buff your actives and passives will increase as well.

      1b. my favorite earrings are the ones that add provoke on hitting. Another one that can be nice is fireball when getting hit. I also use 2 feral rings and don't like the circus rings on templar at all. Damage reduction wise I use ain (the witches) type for underground.

      2. I don't think high level LM will be better on a temp xp wise. I do those only for drops and use an mb to bleed and heal. For me an s4 run looks like this:

      I can do s3 sort of easy with a healpet, but you need good gear for that. s4 I is possible as well, but it would be slower since you would have to pull a lot less witches to avoid stun locks. Easiest way to do so would be with a r3 legendary bow. On US it is called longshot.

      I am not sure what belt setup you use now with what gear, but it might be more useful to get some less matk and max vit instead. The added patk from that might make you do faster runs. It is possible to get 33% vit / pdef / str/ patk / int / matk along with either some att speed or dex + acc or wis / mdef. But those builds are expensive. s3+ dt, s1 mino, s5 sally, 2 s2 WD + BC for example. You could replace the dt with a high staged cerb and could get identical stats if you replace the sally and the s1 mino with a s1 blight ogre and a s5 hawk. s1+ drill, 2s1 ogre, s1 mino, s1 WD + BC are also cool. But these are all very expensive and do not help you out all that much.

      High int is also not that useful if you don't spam. A good cheap build would be 1 s3 hawk, 2 s2 hawks + s0 angel + s2 sally + BC. This would give you 34% str / patk / vit / def, 16.5% int / matk. You would get a small increase if you up that to 2 s4 hawks, s3 angel, 2 s2 sally + BC. It adds 34% str / patk, 29% vit / pdef, 27% int / matk. At max this setup would be 2 s5 hawks, s5 angel (/ s1 wd), 2 s5 sally + BC. That would add 34% str / patk, 31% vit / pdef int / matk. That would be only slightly behind a 3 s1 mino + 2 s0 naga and in most cases beat a s1 mino + s5 kent + s3 sg + 2 s0 naga setup. The downside of it is that the build is less flexible if you want to add acc, evasion or att speed.

    • Forenposter
      Forenposter commented
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      1a: ups, although playing since forever I think I never realized there is a second tab for the passive skills, shame on me Thanks for that, I think I will switch to a physical belt for testing.

      1b: Since always playing solo (would like to DP but just doesn't make sense) I don't need additional provoke. Although my healpet dies from time to time it never dies due to aggro problems (rather due to the new way mobs can "see" or "not see" me even if standing 1m next to it, hiding behin a small stone...). I bought an earring with the fireball-efect and will test it. However, I guess the "old" critpower earring might as well do the job.

      2: Nice s4 video, however you are of course "cheating" since playing with 2 toons. I doubt you would have survived all the witches after the endboss with just a single heal-pet of your own. I will try the s3 again and compare exp. Since I have tons of UG-boots already I don't really care about those anyway.

      Regarding my belt setup: 32% Str / Vit / pAtk / Int / mAtk; 21% pDef, 20% BlockPer + BC
      There is actually 1% pDef missing but my stone golem already failed 2 times to s5 so...
      Interesting belt setups that you suggest, I could do most of them (more or less), I will play a little bit with what I have currently available but maybe some investment in more belt pets has to be done
      I think high int is quite useful for the AoE which I need for both the mini- and the end-boss (asuming that more int should translate to more mAtk).

      Again, thanks for the help and discussion, much appreciated.

    • BahlUni
      BahlUni commented
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      Staging can be a pain indeed and you have a nice collection of belt pets already.

      There are 2 reasons why int / matk belt pets are not that important on a PVE temp that doesn't use stun mace much. The first is because a big part of your matk comes from your total hp and is not modified by int / matk. The second is because matk doesn't matter much for holy ground if you use it on a lot of targets. When you use it on a lot of mobs at the same time almost all of the damage is from the patk DoT. Check the link for more info about the AoE.

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    Benefical belt increase both Heart of a player and Thorned shield by 1 level?


    • (MOD)Alexander
      (MOD)Alexander commented
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      Belts never increase TP skills. And I'd rather use physical than beneficial.

      And the skill is called "Heart of Prayer" :-/

    • BahlUni
      BahlUni commented
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      Physical is usually more useful, but if you have a beneficial already and are not using skills I would just stick with the beneficial. I mentioned both of those along with the main skills in my guide.

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    Thanks for the answer.

    Originally posted by BahlUni
    Because most people don't want to rely on all of the buffs (especially heaven) and gear requirements to reach those plats using an upped shield over +20 is a good idea. The higher it gets, the less dependent yon will be on buffs and gear. Using a beneficial or physical circus belt gives you 1 more fixed block rate, a 1.8% boost to your base block rate and 10% more att speed to your total block rate. Either dt buff would give you the same benefit.
    Can you explain me from where it comes the extra 10% more atk spd from total block?


    • BahlUni
      BahlUni commented
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      Sure. Those belts up thorned shield. That skill adds 4% of your block def to patk and 10% of your total block rate to att speed per level. Either DT buff or PW gear with thorned shield would do that as well.

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    Also i rebirthed to Templar and i found myself with a Dilemma.. Which are the best stats to look for on mace and armor? i already have a decent shield +20 but i don´t have so much Money atm to get both +20 armor and mace. I don´t have slaves but i have normally HV: i was thinking for the mace about one with Vit/str? But then i saw one str/int, and i was thinking about holy ground.. now i don´t know what to do T_T

    One question more... You talked about the belts, or belt sets: i was thinking about an anessa set, when i would get that should i still looking for a mace with vit or it would then definetely better a mace with str/int? I am playing with 3-0-2 TPs, should i rather focus on a physical or beneficial? considering that i am atm mostly soloing..


    • RobZombie1989
      RobZombie1989 commented
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      I guess i will try to get myself a physical or a feral belt then. Untill then i could just farm a bit with the endairon, just to have the 6 belt pets on xD

    • BahlUni
      BahlUni commented
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      If you need the added hp / def anessa isn't bad either. A big reason why those other 2 do more damage is the provoke earring, but that nerfs your pdef and relies on high attack speed to proc the effect. Not sure if those earrings would be worth using for you. I would suggest using statbuilder to see how far you get on your plateaus with physical compared to another belt.

    • RobZombie1989
      RobZombie1989 commented
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      yeah will check it tomorrow, will finally have more time

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    Hi BahlUni & all the others,

    I finally achieved in upgrading my shield to +24. However, I got quiet dissappointed when I checked my stats, as I was hoping to finally achieve the 959-plateau.
    But as you can see I only reach 830 Attackspeed

    I will list all attack-speed-relevant information as follows:

    Gloves: Attspeed +8.1
    Boots: Block% +18.9
    Mace: Attspeed +17
    Shield: +24 (=Block% +182), Attspeed +15
    Earrings: Attspeed +2
    Rings: Attspeed +2 (I rather focused on CritPower)
    Necklace: Attspeed +6
    Deko-Bear Mace+Shield: +2 & +3 Agi
    Pet-Toggle: s5 Harp Relic
    Active Guard (Self-buff): +7 lvl 22
    Buffchars: My available setup includs Deadeye, War Kahuna, Magus, Marksman, Cardinal. However, only Corrupter but no Voidmage
    Belt: (circus belt, the one suggested by BahlUni), Str 32%, Vit 33%, Agi 16%, pAtt 32%, pDeff 32%, AttSpeed 16%, Block% 20%
    Joblvl: 60
    Arena-pieces: Agi, Str, Vit, Int, AttSpeed, WalkSpeed
    DeathTyrrant pot

    I was hoping on some feedback on how to finally achieve my goal.

    Thanks a lot & regards!


    • Forenposter
      Forenposter commented
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      To keep you updated:

      - I will first push my Cor to 160 and rebirth him to VM, there is no way it will work without VM, apparently. But as we have a lot of PK-action in front of cube dungeon that will take some time...

      - That is a good idea @Alexander, I think I can live without the SG in belt. Although my armor is not very high (+21) in contrast to what you expected

      - @Ravgaor: Thank you for your suggestion but the belt combination suggested by Alex has more benefits.

      - I tried 50+ rings but only got very low attackspeed enchantements. I will look for better rings, though.

      The question is: when is the point where the loss in e.g. critpower is worth the gain in attackspeed/new plateau?
      I noticed that according to chracter screen I now have 7.xx hits/minute instead of previously 5.xx. Is that true or is it a all-or-nothing situation between the plateaus?

    • BahlUni
      BahlUni commented
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      The char screen tooltips for att speed are useless. The number of attacks per second almost double when you hit 959. You can lose a good amount of crit power and still do more damage against a single target. The damage you do with skills and holy ground will be lower though. If you only look at basic hits vs single targets you could drop 227 cp and still do the same damage per second. That is based on the stats you posted.

      It is also possible to get 959 without VM. I can even make a decent one without slaves with a +24 shield, but I have a lot of good awakenings to swap to + timed gargoyle wings. I also sent you a pm and don't mind checking what belt setup would work if you give me more info as mentioned in the pm or first comment I did.

      I wouldn't start buying expensive belt pets if you aren't sure that you'll need them.

    • RedRiding
      RedRiding commented
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      I rather like the 3dts build suggested below but the gnoll 2 skellys is definitely better for atk speed, and if you run the kent and the golem as well you still have 20% patk str 21% pdef vit. One of the quick fixes I use on my Templar is a devouring ring with an atk speed awakening, while you loose some hp the extra damage at 959 is so worth it. On lazy runs I also have been using a feral instinct pet. The +90 spike buff is enough to kill the last boss and witches in ug at 959

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    I had 915-ish attackspeed on my templar last night. That's with Deva's Blessing, HV and +22 shield... Gotta fine tune a little more so I reach 959. I belted two gnolls, two skels, yeti and SoL-card. Some pieces were popped too.
    Lydian -> Fenrir -> Baphomet -> Betrayal -> Reviac server


    • BahlUni
      BahlUni commented
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      Looking good

      Not sure if you are considering to up your shield, but the base 22 blockrate would give you around 50 more attack speed. If you have a very high active guard you might have enough with that. You can calculate it by adding 132% (base + gnolls) to the % from ag and multiply that by 26.4 (asuming you have lvl12 thorned shield). I don't know what awakenings you currently have, but it might be worth trying for some high attack speed accesories.

      I'm not sure how much you need the def for what you are doing, but you could have some minor boost by replacing it with an sg. Using a kent might increase your ks, but it could also be tough on your pdef. Possibly a hybrid like a hawk or mino would work nicely.

    • Evilite
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      Nice advices there Bahl! Armor is +22 too so p.def isn't an issue. I never really thought of 959 but since I got so close to it I'm gonna try to get more atk.spd.

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    I have issues atm with my accuracy. What should i do to make it higher? i am running 2x hawks/1x orc/yeti(or kenta)/skell/boss card.
    I was thinking about switching the skell with a harpy or the kenta with a cerb, or both.. or should i just try to find gloves with p acc?

    PS: i am still 160 and jlvl52


    • (MOD)Alexander
      (MOD)Alexander commented
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      I have gloves and weapon with acc. Gloves should be enough for most situations... other than that you might try switching the "yeti or kenta" slot for a cerb or nightmare.

    • BahlUni
      BahlUni commented
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      You can get up to 300 acc on gloves and that is usually a lot more than you would have gotten from swapping one or 2 belt pets.

      I am not sure how often you miss now though. If you only have issues on bosses, it might be worth it to get a staged gnoll for murderous intent. 2 s1 lvl 60 would be enough to keep this up perm. The reason why I don't like gnoll buff is because it reduces your movement speed. Lower movement speed might be less of an issue depending on what you do.

      I remember that you weren't swimming in rupees. I'm not sure what stage your belt pets are, but if the hawks / orcs are staged you are probably better off replacing the yeti or kenta with another hawk. 3s2 hawks + s4 orc would give you as much str / patk as in your kenta setup and the same amount of vit / def as with the yeti. It should do well enough until you want to invest in a more powerful setup.

    • RobZombie1989
      RobZombie1989 commented
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      i am working for a 4rd hawk yes... in the last cps i was in i got DE and MM buffs and with them and the gloves with 250+ acc i get to around 750/800 p acc... i still miss from time to time on butty but now works just fine... have a cerb in belt tho

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    3 s5 hawks + 1 s0 orc works great


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      7 TP Build for templar?
      I belive with helmet upgraded to +24 and nice Shield (mine is +25) with all new awakened bonuss for atk spd and Active Guard gear there is possible to reach 960 atk spd with
      3-3-1 build.
      Im wondering if i can reach 960 atk spd with that and overall gain some P.atk and M.Atk boost from Onslaught. Also im curious if i can reach 960 atk spd with annessa there is any point to used bear belt?


      • (MOD)Alexander
        (MOD)Alexander commented
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        It does sound possible. Using Anessa and 331... might still be possible. You'll just depend on pieces and energies a lot I suppose, but with your level of gear I doubt that's too much of a problem for you to fund?

      • CantSeeMe
        CantSeeMe commented
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        Jordan has been switching between Annessa and Endairon, simply because it offers a hell of a lot more damage. He uses it at every chance he can.

      • BahlUni
        BahlUni commented
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        Compared to anessa and endarion, bear belt is mainly good for 2 things. The most obvious one is if you need the attack speed. The second is if you want / have to use circus earrings. I use endarion most of the time, but I do use either of those other belts as well as feral.

        I've tried 3/3/1 twice so far. This was with a +24 shield. The main reason why I swapped back to 3/2/2 is that I am still missing high acc RP gear. The attack speed wasn't the issue as much, but it was losing belt acc for RoA etc. I needed to use bear belt to get an ok enough amount. That along with the loss of movement speed was why I ended up swapping back.

        This is one of my old 3/3/1 screenshots with anessa.

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      good read.. i will be back bahl.. see you in-game..


      • BahlUni
        BahlUni commented
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        Sounds good and cya soon.

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      I rewrote my guide in the first topic and I'm abusing this post as a placeholder for the original one. The current guide is mainly meant for new players.

      1 prologue

      2 tp’s + playstyle
      -a tp setup
      -b tp active skills
      -c the 4 basic templar setups
      -d cube
      -e skills

      3 setup
      -a weapons
      -b dura gear and awakenings
      -c stones
      -d belt sets
      -e belt pets
      -f boss cards
      -g titles

      4 pets

      5 high level templars

      6 ug and circus gear

      7 killing in underground

      8 YouTube channel

      1 prologue

      I've noticed there was a lack of templar guides and figured it was about time to make one. There’s plenty to say about this class, but i’ll mainly focus on a PVE setup for tanking in non aoe DPs and solo.

      2 tp’s + playstyle

      2a tp setups

      The main strengths of a templar is his shield. It allows you to get hit for less, get no damage at all from a % of all melee hits and allows for high attack speed builds or getting the same attack speed plateau with fewer sacrifices. A minor part of their block def nd a big part of their patk gets turned into patk. Holy ground is still a very powerful way to damage a lot of mobs, but the threat on it is far less. I would suggest going 3/0/2.

      If you don't have enough attack speed to reach 502, hardly use shield charge and prefer spamming skills you could go for a 3/2/0 setup. Doing so lowers your max hp, def, movement speed, block rate, block def, perf block, attack speed and your shield charge will have a longer cool down. In exchange you get more atk, higher damage and shorter cd on some spams and a longer duration and shorter cd on exalted. Wanting to use spams should be the main reason to want to go for this build. Compared to a good 959 3/0/2 attack speed build a 3/2/0 spamming one would do much less damage and generate less threat.

      2b TP active skills

      - holy ground: a targetable aoe. It damages based on matk every 3 seconds, adds a 40% patk based DoT that goes up to 120% of your patk and adds a minor debuff. This makes it extremely useful for AoE-ing in PVE and PVP. For more info check the following

      - onslaught: a cool toggle that will up your damage, but drains mp.

      - imbued light: the added damage from the toggle is just about useless. The only reason to go for this would be if you like the damage reduction. The mp drain on it is big and it wasn’t even remotely able to keep up spasm while using it. The mp costs on it were lowered in the current epic, but I haven't bothered testing it.

      2c the 4 basic templar setups

      In epic 9 there are 4 main ways to play a temp.

      The first is skill spamming. This will only be the most effective setup if you don't reach the 502 attack speed plateau or can only reach that by making a lot of sacrifices. Upping your shield would be preferable, but if that isn't possible try using some or all of the following: attack speed unity, pots, belt pets, dt buff, circus belt, awakenings, hvs, cs items and buffs before you start restoning gear. If you lack only a little an intense or devouring piece might do the trick.

      ​The 2nd and 3rd are auto attack builds. You aim for either 502 or 959 att speed. The only skills you will be using are stuns, AoE's, spell intercept and damage reducers. It is possible to get the 502 plat without buffers or attack speed belt pets, but you will need good gear in order to do so.

      The 959 plat requires more buffs and you can reach this without making sacrifices to your crit power and vit, but it will be expensive to make / keep up. This is by far the most powerful setup to kill single targets in, but there are a lot of ways of getting it. The most op one has a +24 or higher shield, doesn't need heaven or hymn and makes no sacrifices to damage per hit and hp at all. But you can reach it with much cheaper setups. Since there are countless setups to do this in, I've decided not to bother mentioning them. I would not go for one until you have 160 gear and only try them if you always have full buffs and don't mind using cs and cs items. .

      The 4th build is when you do most of your damage by AoEing. Unless you are farming, this is usually coupled with one of the previous playstyles.

      2d cube

      In a cp you can shield charge mobs as soon as they are in range. This works best with a range char doing the chipping. If you kill fast it might not be needed. When you use it on a boss, you have a chance of putting it into an animation where it doesn’t hit for a few seconds. Getting a good card on that skill is helpful.

      If you are doing an AoE cube, you'll want to move in a little and use HG on all mobs before you start hitting them. It takes some practice, but when you do it right, most of the mobs will stay close together. The aggro only links between similar evo cubes and only if they are close together. You'll want to swap targets often to keep aggro of the others in your party. If it is a solo and you have good gear, you'll want to damage all the mobs equally. In other words: don't kill them one by one, but damage the highest hp ones so that HG will do optimal damage. Don't forget about heavens madness and judgement.

      2e skills

      You have a variety of stuns and you can keep a mob immobile with those if you save them up. Try not to waste them on near dead mobs. The game is setup so that you can’t use a skill with a shorter stun duration even when there is a sliver of a stun left that originally had a longer stun duration.

      Holy aura is a rather nice toggle now. I haven't noticed anything useful about using a higher level in it and only use level 1.

      Provoke is a toggle since e9. It adds threat on basic attacks and you should always use it if you plan on tanking. The skill cards add 1% threat per +. In a 3/0/2 build you can get up to 140% +1% per plus if you use medusa, a circus belt and a dt buff.

      Thorned shield is a passive that adds 40% of your bdef as patk and 100% of your blockrate as attack speed. With a DT buff and a circus belt you can get up to 48% patk from bdef and 120% of your block rate to attack speed.

      Exalted and deflecting shield can severely reduce the damage you take. They are very useful, but it will take a while to get used to when to use them.

      Active guard became very useful in e9 since it will up your block rate and attack speed.

      Hate aura is nice topull mobs, grab adds or summons of people that haven't attacked it yet or of dethreat pets that did.

      Spell intercept can be rather nice on bosses, but you have to time it just right. It doesn’t always work even if your timing is perfect. Getting a good card on it helps.

      Restrain can be nice if you are trying to prevent a mob from reaching a dd that has aggro. You could also use it with a bow for hm soloing in low gears.

      With stuns and restraint it’s possible to keep aggro of good dds even if you have crappy gears and low level. You could however need to have a high amount of acc and a fast ks. If you do it like that, keeping aggro on bosses will be pretty much impossible.

      Skill cards of other skills aren't very useful unless you are using a spam build.

      3 setup

      3a weapons

      Nothing beats a mace and shield, don’t bother with any of the other things you get a weapon passive for.

      A shield (or magewall) allows you to block hits and does so using your block rate. When you successfully block a hit your block def will be added to your pdef. If you have level 20 active guard and a decent card for it, you would need a +12 / 13 d2 MC shield to block every single melee hit. There is an additional benefit of blocking and that is a chance to get no damage at all from a blocked hit. The rate you do this at is called perfect block. Most templar have around 30-40%. You can get over 50% in an UG set, but doing so would severely nerf your damage / aggro output. Swapping gears to increase your perf block and bdef does make tough bosses a lot easier. It is possible to get the 502 plat without a high upped (+20 and higher) shield, but it gets a lot easier when you do have one.

      There are some situations where other weapons might be useful, but I wouldn’t waste to much effort on them unless you plan to be in those situations often. Bow pulling with or without restraint can be nice for ug and can be nice on the rare pvp occasion as well.

      3b dura gear and awakenings

      I've used full ferals and would suggest using them until t3. Do get some spare decisive boots gloves on your hotbars to swap to in case you start missing and fortifying ones in case you take to much damage from bosses. You might want some intense if you are close to an attack speed plateau.

      Block def stuff can help you survive longer, but to much of it will make you unable to tank in a party.

      With the new awakening system it became a lot easier to get attack speed plats. The most useful stats on rings, earrings and necklace are in my opinion att speed and crit power. At 160+ movement speed becomes very important and below 160 accuracy is more important.

      3c stones

      Full crit + vit is nice if you like doing damage. Possibly you'll want to use other stones if you are just short of a plateau. Some bdef can be nice if you want to take less damage and have no issues with aggro.

      3d belt sets

      -anessa: lots of survivability and high p and matk if you have 2 or more points in the first tree. Keep in mind that your mp pool is low. That isn't an issue in an attack speed build and it shouldn’t be in a spam one as long as you use mental breaker and have enough acc to land it. An enhanced blue pot gives you back almost full mp, but it can lead to issues if you fail it a lot.

      -feral belt setup: one of my favorites, but the lower amount of vit and hp could make this a bad choice depending on your armor and what you do.

      ​-circus belt: physical is the more obvious choice. If you have a beneficial already and are not using skills it is almost as good. They will make it easier to reach an attack speed plat since it will up all your passives and give you a higher level of active guard. The higher level of exalted is also nice. The physical would up madness, judgement, stun levels while you would get a higher level on angel restoration, forces of nature and deflecting shield with a beneficial belt.

      -salem: very good belt at low levels. You need to hit to be useful and this will help a lot. As you gain levels,it will stop being useful.

      -rakeshi: will add a nice amount of vit / hp along with some other stat incs. Decent belt.

      -endarion: not a fan of this one. Only a small amount of your patk comes from your weapon and that makes this a bad idea.

      -silarion: not an obvious choice and it can help at t3 in specific setups. I would however don’t bother with it just yet.

      3e belt pets

      There are various options ranging from low cost to expensive. Just keep in mind that you need to get your att speed plateaus.. Patk inc and attack speed pets are a bit ineffective because of the passives that add big amounts of patk and attack speed that isn't modded by belt pets.

      Some decent cheap spam setup would be 4 s2 hawks / s4 orcs + s2 nm + s2 nm / bc. For a cheap 4 slot setup on a low temp I would suggest 2 yeti's, 1 nm, medusa / nm. If you can afford them 3 s3 cerbs, 2 s4 yeti's + bc at low level, but it will be a cool build with s0 cerbs as wel. You don't have to use attack speed belt pets to reach 502 or 959, but you are very likely to need some for 959. With ug gear you might get more acc without any acc belt pets and you might want to remove those at some point. Belting a gnoll can be useful for reaching plats, but you'll need to have a good amount of blockrate and attack speed on belt in order for it to be worth while.

      3f boss cards

      Medusa is by far the best all round card on a temp, but I only use mine in a high level dp setup. Most of the time I use mephisto and on occasion swap that for a lunacy boss card. If you are at 502 or higher plat, you'll have the resto on a lot and this can make life much easier. If you have aggro issues medusa would help you more than mephisto.

      In some cases like having lots of mobs and you don't expect to be able to move, an obsi can be nice. Black Widow can be useful in underground depending on your gears and what level you do. The ranged attacks from the witches use matk. I sometimes use bone dragon for running, but haven't bothered with that for a long time. If the red harlequins take ages to kill use a emmanuel.

      If you can't get a mephisto or medusa card a crusti would up your damage. Draka can be nice if you need more hp and butkada if you want your melees to do more damage.

      3g titles

      I would suggest either murderer for blinds (useless on bosses) or camper for reduced damage on you.

      4 pets

      You might need an attack speed unity on a pet in order to reach your plateaus. WIth higher gear and / or more buffs you can still pick any pet. You usually want a pet that supports you in some way. Gnolls are rather legendary for their buffs and unity. Especially with a low upped shield. Cerb unity is still cool for the accuracy. Healpets can be as useful as they ever were and plea is rather nice on a templar. Evasion unity is still cool and the AoEs on a melee pet can be very helpful. In some setups you can use feral instinct to push you to 959 long enough to kill a boss. If you use a range pet you are able to use it to attack without getting hit by an AoE in some cases while a melee can not. For example: core in ug and mephisto.

      Regardless of the pet you use, you should try to get 2 pets with staged gnoll buff if you are low r7. At higher levels you might want to get DT buffer pets to up your atack speed.

      5 high level templars

      Once you mastered all the basics, gained levels and got your gear up while doing so, there will be different possibilities available for you. Check the first post in this topic for more info.

      6 ug and circus gear

      You can go for various builds with these and you will get more hp / pdef and a lot more mdef than with a feral / bdef set. You can also for example focus on defensive stats like high evasion, high mres, high perf block, added vit / hp and bdef. Or you could go for offensive ones like crit rate, crit power and accuracy / macc, att / cast speed. I'm a fan of mix and matching and swapping boots gloves as needed.

      What is best suited for you depends on how you like to play. High crit rate and crit power became more and more important on a temp to keep aggro of good DD's, but it is essential if you plan to farm, solo ug a lot and be more useful in aoe parties. I use a mainly offensive setup with high evasion to reduce delays when getting hit and sometimes swap to defensive gear on bosses. Regardless of what you pick there are a few things to keep in mind.

      - helmets will always be 2 slot and will only have def and mdef defining. Since they are easy to get and add enough from enchanting, I tend to fortune mine till they break or get to some nice plus. If you plan on getting them +20, don't use this method. The 2 I use on temp have low def / mdef defining on them, but the +14 more than makes up for it. I stones vit + crit and vit + bdef in the other.

      - boots will have mainly defensive stats. They are the only piece that can add movement speed. Apart from the added hp, they can get any of the defensive bonusses I mentioned in the example. The ones I got were either 2 or 3 slot, though I'm not sure if there are 4 slot ones as well.

      - gloves will have mainly offensive stats. It seems to be the only piece that can have att speed and cast speed. It can have all other offensive definings on it. Like boots I only saw 2 or 3 slot ones so far.

      - armors are the toughest to get. Mainly because there are 4 possible types you can get and the boss is a lot tougher to solo at level 3 than any of the other bosses. Armors are the only piece that can get added hp, mp, mpr or hpr. They can get any of the other stats with the exception of cast, attack and movement speed. They can be 2, 3 or 4 slot.

      For a full explanation of what stats you can get, be sure to check this guide for underground gear:

      And this guide for circus gear:

      7 killing in ug

      In order of difficulty I would rate m as the easiest followed by lm, pp and cv. You get helmets from m, boots from lm, gloves from pp and armor in cv.

      Keep in mind that normal mobs are linked, but witches are only linked when they are stationary. I usualy don't bother with aggro on normal mobs. They would die from a holy ground and focus on witches and bosses. What the aggro link means is that a DD might pull all a complete chain of normal mobs off you, but he would only ever get aggro on one witch unless he used an AoE as well. I always ask DDs to focus on witches first. I also tend to move my pet away from me when I expect I might get AoEs on me. If needed tell the others in your party to use the room and to not stand on top of you or each other. The range damage skills witches use are matks and use mdef to calculate damage. You can resist debuffs with enough mres. I tested it briefly and didn't think it was really worth it on a templar.

      When mobs are in a HG area, it will take 3 seconds before they get max stacks. Any AoE from another class is extremely likely to pull aggro of complete chains if they use AoEs or attack mobs that aren't being tanked. This doesn't matter if they can kill the mobs before they reach them, but I had it repeatedly that people ended up dieing or running around. This usualy results in rounds taking longer to finish with those people than without.The mobs witches summon have a lot less hp, but they will give you just as much delays when they land hits.

      With good gears and buffs you can easily solo level 1 and 2. I would suggest using running gear and only stop, swap and AoE around mini bosses and boss rooms. The delays you get when hit are terrible and I like having high evasion and murderer title to make this a little more doable. While you have those delays you can't see what is going on at all, but skills you use will be used at the time you press the buttons asuming that you aren't stunned or cced and the mob you are targetting is still alive.

      When I do level 3 or higher I tend to shield charge into witches, and swap targets a lot to stun and provoke as many as I can until I get stunned froze or lagged out. Heavens madness is helpful, hate aura can be nice if a dd had aggro on a witch and it summoned mobs on them. I tend to save holy ground if there are a lot of witches or someone ends up with a chain of them by moving past you in level 3. If you kill very slowly or are in level 4, you probably wnat to use HG on less witches as well.

      Mini bosses have a specific skill that can be somewhat annoying at times, but since they shouldn't be much of an issue I'll leave it at that.

      The main bosses have a big aggro range. When you can see them, you are close to pulling them. The witches in a boss room have only a slightly lower aggro range. Move very carefully in boss rooms and tell other people to stay back if that is needed. If your party can't handle all the witches or if you expect to pull both a room full of witches and the boss, pull single witches with a -105% threat pet. Doing so would only pull one witch and not the entire chain. Just keep in mind that though the aggro range for pets is shorter than for players, they can still pull adds if they move to close. Moving the pet back and chipping the witch when it gets close would be enough to pull aggro back on you. Pulling with a lbow would also only get you one witch if you are at max range.

      The debuff crystals are rather annoying and bosses will get a lot more annoying if you have a crystal debuffing your party at the same time. Some people like kiting bosses while everybody else kills of the crystal. I'm not one of those and prefer to simply pul the boss away from it. If you hit a crystal from another side (and you have aggro), your dd's / range pets can hit it without getting debuffed. They might want to wait until you moved to the correct spot.

      The bosses themselves each have a special skill.

      Medusa has a petrify which makes you unable to do anything. I tend to use HG before I pull it, godly when it gets close and provoke when it gets in range.

      Black widow uses a higher damage fire skill on you. I'm not sure if it is matk based, but it isn't a big problem either.

      Microraptor has a very high damage attack that can almost one shot my temp in level 4. The only positive thing about it is that you can clearly see it coming. It is a 2 stage attack. It starts to fly first and you can spell intercept it. I usualy use godly or deflecting if that fails. Make sure your healer is aware of the high damage it will do and to keep you full health and if they have it to use a damage reducer on you. In ideal parties you are much more likely to die from this boss than you would from the bone dragon. The main difference is that the bone dragon will be much tougher in non ideal party setups.

      The bone dragon has a big range AoE fear and higher hp than the other bosses which makes it rather annoying. It takes ages to solo in level 3, but in a good duo or trio it is perfectly doable. A decent party shouldn't have issues with it apart from it taking longer. There are two ways to handle the fear.

      -One is to simply take the fears head on and just run around like an idiot until the next fear happens. It is only useful to do so when you lack DD power and clearing out the whole room before you start killing would make it easier. You can heal with toons outside of the fear range and a MM / DE can attack outside of it. Some like to move healpets in and out of fear range to heal. With a tank that gets feared they aren't likely to stay outside of the range.

      -What I used to do is to simply equip a drakas axe instead of a mace so that fs healers, MM and DE can attack while being outside of the fear range and it is possible for mages as well though their safe range is very small. Another benefit is being able to use damage reducers and consumables as needed. There are some skills that you can not use with an axe and your own damage will drop, but neither of those will be much of an issue if you have enough DD power. In some cases it might be useful for a MB with 2 healpets to equip a drakas axe on the 2nd pet. Law would still give it a fair amount of matk and the 2nd pet would always be able to heal. If the boss isn't very close to the entrance of the room, I clear the north west area for the chars that are to stay outside of the fear range and kill it in the south west. With the reinforcement system I tend to just take the fears again and risk it going back to spot. Depending on how high your gears are, equiping a drakas axe could still be good.

      8 YouTube channel I posted some vids that are mainly about templars. Feel free to pm me if you have requests.
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        Where has this been all my life! Thanks BahlUni ! I appreciate all the knowledge sharing. One of many things in there I didn't know about was that you could Spell Intercept Hector and prevent the mini-boss summons!

        "we're not worthy, we're not worthy!"


        • BahlUni
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          You're welcome and glad it helps
          You can do something similar with a VM, magus, WH or cardi, but it's easiest on a templar.

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        Hello, im 2-3-2, cna u tell me which stone i should give? 2x feral + 1x vital ////// 1x feral 1x vital 1x block /////// 2x block 1x vital /////// 2x vital 1x block ??
        And how I can do +/- 50 perfect block??


        • BahlUni
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          It depends on what you want to do. If it's doing as much damage as possible, you should go for full crit stones and fill the rest up with vit. Deco wise go for primals, but you'll be far off 50% perfect block.
          If you don't want your damage to suffer, you could try to get high perfect block rate boots and chest piece (6+ each). Added levels from helmet / DT add 1% for each level. Using a shield with perfect block can add a couple of % and does not hurt your damage that much.
          Using block stones, accessories and deco's ups your perf block rate, but it also lowers your damage a lot. Getting / keeping aggro will also be lot harder.
          I personally wouldn't bother with block stones unless you can't possibly handle otherwise.
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        Hello there! I have not played this game in years now and seeking help as pretty much everything has changed for me (new gears, bonuses etc)! Due to the new level rewards I decided to main Templar. I realise there are 2 ways to play Templar- aoe and att speed. My question is, because I don't have any buff slaves nor funds to roll on all the CS buffs at all times, is there any reason to even try to push for 952 plateau and rather go with the AoE build?

        I think I can reach 502 with no issues but as the game is quite old by now and the playerbase geared, I recon 502 att.speed wont get me too far nowdays?
        I am currently level 160 and gearless.
        First question I have is belt. Exactly how does this physical belt work? Will it also affect my passives, such as Salvation, RP and Thorned shield, Active guard? I am currently planning on making 8 slot belt but I can only make 1 set so I got to choose (currently using 6 slot anessa).

        Does the +20 helmet +1 skill bonus also add to passives/buffs such as Salvation, RP and Thorned shield, Active guard?

        For att speed build, which armor bonus would be better way to go? Active guard or Thorned sheild? I'd prefer Salvation or RP on armor/boots/gloves but I recon I'd never reach 952 that way?

        Currently using my old Beast Master belt pets and I've got no clue what to change/improve. Atm I got x2 s4 skell, s4 hawk, s3 golem, s3 kenta, mephisto(6 slot).
        However since planning on 8 slot, what could I improve?

        I've got some funds left over since the older days I played so I could maybe afford +20 armor, shield, mace, however +21 or higher is quiestionable...

        Thanks for this guide by the way, been trying to make sense of it for days now!


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          Hello and welcome back!
          Getting 959 at 160 is pretty hard in your situation. It might be doable with an upped 175 shield (a +22 adds more than a +24 circ one, so it get's cool fast). A +20 helmet adds to all skills except TP skills and recall creature, creature control and luna chip. A physical belt adds something similar, but it misses a few more skills. Neither adds to RP or salvation, but they would add thorned shield and active guard.
          An active guard + adds as much as an additional skill level. It's also possible to use active guard pw gear for buffing and swapping it to something else. Thorned shield pieces will up your attack speed, but it's not likely to be enough without regular buffers. Not sure if your comp can handle multiple clients and whether you want to make some slaves. Otherwise I'd suggest going for the salvation setup. That setup relies on having high matk.

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          For the 7th and 8th slots, they are only boss cards so there's no rush for them, the 1st to 6th function as normal.

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          Oops, I forgot to mention that and thanks Spazz. Attack speed and stat wise for a RP set and startnig with the pets you already own you'd get the most attack speed by belting the s4 hawk, s3 golem, 2 s4 skells, 2 s0 gnolls, Sand Lord Kynnish BC +1 more BC. The SLK
          Using a takin card for the last would give you more attack speed, but I'd try this using a mephisto BC for damage first. I'll try to do some quick test with lower upped shields and helmets getting 959 unbuffed later today.