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non riesco a trovare quest masterclass

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  • non riesco a trovare quest masterclass

    buongiorno, dopo qualche anno ho ripreso a giocare ed ho cominciato da capo con un assassino..sono uscito da kassia con lv 135.. ho fatto quest fattoria scarlatta,strega assoluta,speranza arrivando a livello 153.. il problema è che non riesco a cominciare le quest masterclass in quanto hektor non me le da.. come mai??? che devo fare???

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    Good day to you too!

    After finishing sanctuary questline (kassia), you need to become lvl 138 to progress with the Witch quest line.

    If you don't want to farm, you can work on other questlines to get there quicker: Veiled Island / Unicorn Forrest / Ice Maiden quest line

    Once you are 138, you should be able to do the masterclass questline.

    Buona fortuna!
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    • Francex843
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      I farmed in kassia up to level 135. after I did this scarlet farm, this absolute witch, hope and I got to level 153. but now hektor does not give me the master quests. why?

    • (MOD)Lagamandra
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      If I understand correctly you did Red Farm quest (near Rondo) and in the end killed the Ultimate witch at Hero Hector. But did you the second part of the witch quest line as mentioned in the first link I gave you?
      After reporting the killing of the Witch at Dead Spirits Altar and being above 138, speak to Hector again. He should give you a quest to go to Templar Headquarter and talk to the Pope. They will send you back and forth a lot. At some point they want you to kill things again...

      Can you maybe take screenshots of the quests in your quest list atm and share with us here? Maybe that gives us a clue where you are stuck.

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    Ciao ti consiglio di fare le quest del mercante Aka di Rondo.
    Ti dovrebbero aiutare ad arrivare al livello 138 e clv.50 per intraprendere conseguentemente le quest della Masterclass.
    Se quelle non bastassero ci sono inoltre le quest dell'isola velata, perlopiù il filone che porta alla kainen e le quest dei koala!

    Fammi sapere.