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    The main thing this class needs is lower CDs.

    I haven't tried with the new gust, but the skill damage is what this class mainly relies on. Its basics while high dont have double attacks. Therefore, the focus should be on skills. Which is ok. We have plenty of attack speed based characters.


    Spinning blow:
    This needs a much lower cool down. 30s is too high, and is the WKs strongest skill. In order to make up the lame basics damage, I think it needs to
    a) lower the threat it generates
    b) decrease the cool down to 10 seconds

    Volcanic eruption and shuddering flame:
    I base this consideration on what MM looks like now. That class stands fairly well where it is, because they have spammable aoes. The war Kahuna does not. Reduce their cool downs to 10-15s. These two aoes are incredibly powerful, but with 30s they fizzle off.

    With those two on rotation, it would be very sought after in DPs.

    Swift enchanter:
    I suggest making the damage for this match the one for spinning blow. Firstly, it doesnt make sense that a TP skill hits less than a non-MC skill.

    Secondly, I compare to MM again: it has heat shot, freeze arrow and DS, all hitting higher than 100m. The WK has spinning blow. That's the only nuke it has.

    With increased damage and its spammability, it'll at least match the single target damage or MM.

    Firstly, they should not do any self-damage.

    Second, I want to suggest an overhaul of their %. They should be more like a VMs self buffs - permanent. For that reason I suggest to lower their %, amend the CD and duration.

    Regardless of how you feel towards this, earth needs to be fixed too. I rather they get changed all in one in a way that boosts WK.

    This skill is a stun and its weak.

    Therefore, I find it the perfect candidate for an aoe stun. It's the only source of CC for WK, so while keeping the CD the same (read: long) make it into a stun. It's not an OP or game breaking suggestion like others have tried (leviathan into an aoe). It is necessary.

    Gravity amp:
    I would suggest you change this.. ONLY in the case you do the changes above.. It should be more like windy shackle rather than wide windy

    Either make it single target, or increase its CD to 3m and leave it as AOE.



    What do these changes achieve?

    The WK will have a permanent +50% patk, along with 3x single target spams, two of which are nukes. It will have 2x AOE skills, one as strong as hellstorm, the other more like apocalypse. On top of that, it has 60% ppierce buff, 45 extra CP and 20% double attack.

    With the recklessness of earth change, slightly higher hp, a weak heal and an aoe stun to help with survivability.

    This change in total makes this class playable, not OP (believe me, its survivability will still be relatively low. Its damage will be high, as it deserves), but definitely enjoyable.
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    Subject: Free-My-WK

    With the obvious stated by Hitsuyga, I believe The reckless are haphazardly fine as they are with the exception of:

    1. Recklessness of Fire: having 2 negatives for a spike Buff isn't fair. Your already reducing my P.def by 20+%. So bleeding me is unnecessary.
    2. Recklessness of Lightening: Should be switched to an overall Damage increase (like Heed of the Conjurer) -instead of having a two P.atk increasing spike buffs- an the Atkspeed increase and bleed for MP and HP. Kept. (you can add in a Cast speed buff also).

    As the reckless are viewed as Situational Spike Buffs. I believe they should not be made perm like VM. When you need more P.atk use Fire. When u need more P.def use Earth. When you need more M.atk use Water. When you need a overall Dmg Boost use lightening. IMO.

    The passive Khuna's Combat Skill Should immediately be changed to a %-based Passive like most other Passives have been done. Basically This Class is set in 3 modes: P.atk (single mob/ atkspeed focus). M.atk (Where most of its Aoes are based focused). and Hybrid Build. that should combine the 2. (Mace?). Also this Skill Should be given Additional Levels at MC (above Jlvl 60).

    The passive Blessed Purified Water should be looked at. Changed this skill to a suitable Self restoration will give WK the much needed Survivability that it is missing. Keep in mind this will not make WK able to tank as the HoT skill won't make up for WK low HP/Evasion which is essential when attacking bosses/ multiple high level Mobs.

    Gravity Amp is Fine.

    ThunderStorm Slayer should be Revisted. Large Aoe. more damage (Patk Focused).
    Huge Rock Fall Also Should be given Lower CD.



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      I agree with alot of the components however the earth toggle like as is the tick adds a ok DOT. The only thing i dont agree with is that you said it should have less hp the a MM. I understand it is a DD however the difference is MM, CORR, VM, DE are all ranged they have a second to either run or find a fall back. As for WK your up close. I have built full vit crit and almost die in one hit from some mobs. I understand i can throw yushiva on to have more survivability however there goes all DD which class is meant for. Im not saying to boost its HP out of control but i believe it should have simialr HP to slayer. up close DD


      • Hitsuyga
        Hitsuyga commented
        Editing a comment
        Dont you find that the dot gets reapplied over and over which makes it do no damage? That was my experience with WK, tho I played it over 1.5 years ago.

        Regarding MM: The thing that MM wont have is a 10-20% damage reduction that is kept up permanently, as well as heals (it's own, and hector card). Say it reaches 140k HP - it would still have adequate survivability.

        I want WK to hit harder than MM. Therefore it shouldn't match its HP. Especially considering the heals and damage reductions it will be given.

        Overall, I'd say the MM would be 8 damage/6 survivability(HP+ranged+spiracle heal) 4 support (traps)
        Whereas WK would be 9 damage/5 survivability(earth, heals)/5 support(gust, HoT, gravity amp if it isn't changed).

        That seems fair IMO.
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        The changes made were.. disappointing.

        It did nothing towards making recklessness permanent. It is now impossible to make it perm.

        They essentially removed one single target spam.

        Swift enchanters damage was lowered by a lot - and the multiple hits split the total damage between them.

        A WK does a crow in about 5s. A corr ran in to the crows and cleared all 8 in under 15s!

        The AOE rotation is now good - not perfect, but it's ok. Therefore I will suggest some changes in line with these to bring WK further up. It is without a doubt BETTER than it was last week, but way behind any comparable classes.


        Spinning blow needs a lower CD more than ever. WK only has one single target spam. See first post for details.

        Recklessnesss still needs lower %, longer duration. See first post for details.

        Leviathan damage has to be increased - it is a joke as it is. Match it to old swift damage.

        Shuddering flame to match volcanic eruption damage and CD

        Swift enchanter... damage should increase by a lot, or CD should decrease by a lot. It's honestly the most disappointing of all the changes.

        make its damage hit as half of what volcanic does, or reduce its CD to a fixed 5s

        huge rock: damage has to increase. It's redundant.

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