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    War Kahuna as we know is the most uselss class in the game cuz hes aoto attks are weak and he have only on good skill
    the new passive two hand axe trining for WK is rly good but he still weak why ?
    cuz WK have no aoe damage have low passives giveing stat so what he need ?
    first AOE Damage
    as we know all the games in our world have classes and all the classes there who use two hand axe they have Cleave on there attks cuz of the 2h axe so WK must have Cleave like 60% on hes aoto attk when he useing the 2h axe
    if we cant add in rappelz Cleave we need then
    the Enchanted Slash become aoe 6m with out reduce damage when the targets are more then 1 or 5 or or

    then he need more damage to become a DD
    what he need ?? i think Crit power
    u can add a passive give him 0.3 crit power each attk with for 400 stacks max the time of the buff is just 1 sec
    so if he stop attking he will lose the stacks
    u give him a passive witch give him a 30 crit power as passive for each enemy max 4 enemys

    why crit power and aoe attk ????
    cuz he will become the only class useing 2h axe and 2h axe in all games means aoe and high crit power
    if u like my ideas plz late me know
    i have more ideas for other classes if u like
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    I always found this class fabulous, though it was always forgotten by the rappelz team. I noticed a subtle improvement with the recent update. They started a good update, mainly to uncertain it in the AOE wave. For inclusion of the class to be effective, I would like to see the change of two points in the class. First: reduction of the cast speed of the huge volcanic eruption skill, once the skill gravity amplification became very effective in the help in party AOE, it would be extremely effective to use both. Second: the physical defense is faithful to the demonstrated in the stats of the character, I find very inviting a magic class hybrid with excellent physical defense. That is why I ask you to watch this request with affection, so that this glamorous class returns to the game with good eyes of the other classes and helping with primacy in a really diversified party. Good morning to all and good work.


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      good idea with that aoe skills, wk dont have it 1min 3.20min and 1min cooldown , they need make from gravity amplification make from that skill dmg and first take back stun from leviathan torrent that is must have in pk mode


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        i don't think ANYONE plays a WK that is over 175 on the entire game.. clearly it's a major problem with this class