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  • VM balance

    Void Mage from the name u have to know this class is bad ass but .. in this time this class is all in one have everything- good hp -huge damage -tanky- lifesteal -huge aoe damage - armor ignore - and CC witch means fear stuns slow and silent he have every thing
    at first u have to know i dont hate VM i love mage class why i love them cuz u have to use ur brain to move and attk dont late any one tuch u but .. when i go solo in the mobs and bosses like in GM mode with out dieing thats is not a mage class thats is a JOKE
    this class must have a huge damage but not tanky and no lifesteal and no to much cc so how ...

    head of the conjuror
    M.atk 5% per level
    damage taken 3% per level

    M.atk 3% per level
    damage taken 2% per level

    spirit of fire

    m.atk 3% per level
    damage taken 2% per level


    reduce 10% agroo per level
    no more healing cuz we have a healrs class in game

    u have to understand thats is not nerf just balance cuz VM must have huge damage but not a tanky to give other classes hope to use

    hope u guys like my ideas so if u like plz late me know

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    VM should be like a glass cannon, high damage but low defence, they should NOT be able to solo bosses.


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      if you remove the healing from sadism. remember you would have to balance it with all classes. meaning no more hector card heals and corr no longer gets the mp recov with attacks and de no more low cd drain shot. that would be the only way to make that nerf fair.