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    I really think the most enoyng thing its to put on toolbar difrent lvl skill on tool bar coz of DT buff and dif gears ( such as buffing gears and difrent sets.. as change between active belt and aneesa) and for Vm that use skills only its really a pain .. coz I lose my skills from toolbar when I lose DT buff and when I change sets ... I think it should automatic change on tool bar when skill lvl changes.. this way I can put on tool bar more skills and just few skills from same lvl

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    This applies to all classes. You should be able to select maximum skill level fully boosted and then it should drop on skill bar when DT buff runs out.

    I'd also agree that the length of the DT buff needs changing to 20 minutes.
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      yes.. but its defently more enoyng on mage class that use skills only, maybe ill coppy it to all classes posts

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    should just be happy about beein the class that gets the most out of the DT buff, it really doesnt need any change in that point in my opinion. Having the higher lvl skills greyed out actually helps with making sure you are using the right levels and dont have wrong stuff equipped by mistake.