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  • VM changes ideas

    First of all, I must say that I am very happy that we also have the opportunity to participate in the class balance.

    My ideas for VM changes :

    1.) Evasive Resilience need same/even better boost than slayers get from 9.5 epic to we can get more hp.
    -> HP -> Skill Lv.* 190 for MAX HP and slayers have * 450 thats 260 different at max HP increase from % of evasion.

    VMs have alot less evasion than slayers so this passive can be bosted even more then slayers did.

    2.) Two useless skills need to be changed somehow :
    -> Neutralize Magic
    -> Magic Skin

    Using this skills on VM is useless because you cant get MP back from attacking like corr can.

    3.) Chain Lightning need some bust my idea :
    -> Bounces 5 times ---- change to ---- Bounces 10-15 times
    -> Effect reduced by 10% after each bounce ---- change to ----- 0-5% after each bounce
    -> Bounces up to 10m from the target ---- change to ---- 15m or even more

    4.) Crystal Aura :
    -> To stuck with skills/belts ex.. which increase MAX MP% and MAX HP% but with less increase matk % of MAX MP
    -> Why boost CA skill : With +25 1h Staff / +25 CC shield fully 3x CA Parts + Int/Cp build i am doing 13-14m damage per cast with 80k HP.
    Is this fair to slayer in 9.5 with +22/+23 dirks doing 40-50m damage with 800k hp ???

    - Here something need to be changed or BIG NERF to slayers of BIG boost for all classes include VM.

    5.) Sadism :
    -> 5% Nerf is real too much. We all think 15-25% is ok.

    And for finish what is most BORRING part playing VMs to change 3 types of gear each 1-2min.

    Please change DURATION of next 3 skills :
    -> Heed of the Conjuror
    -> Tempest
    -> Spirit of Fire

    To normal time like DT buff 8-10min.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    I hope Webzen will use any of my ideas at new VM update.

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    Work in progress...

    Mage pets should use their cast speed as an attack speed for basic attacks and their m attack should be used as their p attack for basic attacks. Non mage pets should use their attack speed as their cast speed for skills. This would make dragging around a siren relic pet on a vm far more useful.

    Corruption....i don't even think it could be fixed. With maxed grim attrition I do more staff whacking then it does over time. It is really best suited to be fixed when the corroptor balance comes along.

    Neutralize magic and Magic Skin both need to be toggles and separate versions from the corruptor versions. Corruptors can afford to have 65+% of the damage they take go to MP with vampirism, but vms can't. After 1 or 2 hits, we can't recover MP until the skills even run out unless this skill becomes a toggle mode. If the new skill added pdef and mdef by some amount or % per lol, it would make them much more useful.

    Life transfer should trade 1 to 2% of the vms HP per lvl to the target.

    Make haste if the conjurer a 1 minute buff that allows instant casting skills with a 10 minute cd unaffected by other skill passives. Have it disable time lapse but decrease all other skill cds by 7.5% per lvl excluding itself and time warp. This would give vms a burst damage mode to some degree, but would limit skills like dark spiral during the skill. I am still working out some math in my head as to balance.

    Chain lightning should be able to hit up to 17 targets. The primary target takes full damage. Then 8 random secondary targets takes 55% of the full damage. Then 8 more random third in line targets that have not been hit before take 40% of the full damage. The passive should increase the base skill damage of chain lightning by 5% a lvl, decrease the cd by, .1 sec per lvl, and decrease it's cast time by 3% per lvl.

    Make dark might add 5 to 15% per lvl of p attack to physical attacks and 5 to 15% of m attack per lvl to magic attacks. This should be added like it is now to attacks, unaffected by crit power etc., as a + number at the end. Ultimately it should increase to overall damage a few %.

    Dispel magic should be an aoe centered on the vm with a 30 m diameter. It should remove all over time effects and debuffs from all party members and pets while also canceling any buffs on enemies. It should also decrease all magic damage done to and by things in the area for 5 seconds after it is cast. Keep the cd of it around 2 to 3 minutes. It should be usable while stunned, but not petrified, feared, silenced, or asleep.

    Corpse HP and MP drain are useless currently. Have them recover a % of Max HP and MP per lvl when keeping their cds.

    Darkt renewal should add .25% per lvl to the actual MP and HP regen % on top of what it does now.

    Add flame burn to the middle tree and change it to an aoe skill while doubling it's damage.

    Add fire storm to the middle tree. Increase its damage significantly.

    There honestly is very little use in using the far left tp skill tree skill wise. Leech life already heals more than most slayers can hold. Darkness arrow does less than either Maelstrom Bolt or Internal Fire Arrow. Resistance to silence effects is only useful in pvp against other vms and the occasional Magus because next to any enemies have silence or those that have it usually die before they use it. The hold skill I honestly never used outside of pvp. Apostle of Darkness is OK but even at lvl 2 it's underwhelming. The tp skill is meh because only dark skills trigger it and the damage you lose to gain it barely evens out in the long run. The only 2 useful skills in the tree are vampirism and heed of the conjurer.

    To make the far left tree more useful:

    Change darkness arrow to an aoe skill and boost it's damage by 10 to 20% while also cutting it's CD to 15 to 20 seconds that only start cd after the final hit so it can't trigger time lapse. I can easily cast 10 Infernal Fire Arrows/Maelstrom Bolts in the same time this skill casts and it already does far less per hit than a single IFA or MB. Increase the MP cost of the skill accordingly.

    This would also make the tp skill more desirable. However, heed of the conjurer should be put into the far right tp tree to balance out getting another aoe from darkness arrow as well as its move speed and m def debuff with a 3 3 1 tp build.

    Increase the m ignore of apostle of darkness to 15% per lvl while dropping the m pirece. Have it increase cast speed instead by 5% per lvl. If not then have it reduce skill CD by 5% per lvl with a Max of 15%.

    Set sadism healing to 1 to 1.5% healing per skill lvl.

    Make heed of the conjurer along with spirit of fire and tempest into 10 or 30 minute buffs as a quality of life improvement.

    Make the abyssal grip into an aoe stun for 3 to 5 seconds much like splash thunder. Increase the skills cd to balance the effect.

    Rather than have just silence resistance, have the passive resist all debuffs and status effects by 2% per lvl with a Max of 20%. If not have it decrease the duration of debuffs by 1% per lvl.

    Leech life really does not need a change. It is a drain life effect and it does it just fine.

    Add fire blast to the skill tree, increase its number of hits to 10, make it an aoe, and massively increase its CD. Give it a few more lvls for some damage increase.

    Add thunder slayer to the skill tree. Change the frontal area to an 12 m diameter centered on the vm. Increase its damage by about 50% and add 5 more skill lvls. Increase its CD and MP cost accordingly.

    Spell breaker hardly works half the tim due to timing issues. Have it give a 30 second buff that cancels any skill used by the opponent that is hit by a non aoe skill of the vm while the opponent is casting the skill. It should have a minimum cd of 5 min and have the silence effect removed. For pvp purposes it should give a 5 second buff that silences an opponent when being hit by a non aoe skill for 2 seconds.
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    • 1BurningShadow
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      life leech can have less CD ... if sadisim will stay they way it is

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    Originally posted by Jestlluka View Post
    First of all, I must say that I am very happy that we also have the opportunity to participate in the class balance.

    My ideas for VM changes :

    1.) Evasive Resilience need same/even better boost than slayers get from 9.5 epic to we can get more hp.
    -> HP -> Skill Lv.* 190 for MAX HP and slayers have * 450 thats 260 different at max HP increase from % of evasion.
    actually it is the same, evasive resilience changed for all classes the same, the changelog just had wrong numbers in it as i mentioned to nazgul already. it is (450+(SkillLv * 150))% - before this epic it was something around 40% per lvl or so, if even that much, if you didnt realise by now your hp changed you should maybee pay more attention

    Also dont compare slayers and VM's, slayer has one aoe thats not even that strong when used on multiple targets cuz it has split-damage, and even has 8secs cd which feels like an infinity at the fast pace rappelz is currently at. VM is all about aoe, if you use your 2 fields and all your things, your dps is significantly higher then slayer, and yet you want a damage boost. While i agree that the hp on salyer is way too high for no reason at all, i think the damage they are at is pretty much fine, considering assassins are always high DPS classes
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      Dispel magic is stupid , it removes potions, dt buff, event items etc. It doesn't even do what the description says.
      the description says it removes damage over time effects, shouldn't that be a self buff/skill?
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        Am I looking at a request for another VM buff via OP? When it's being compared to Slayer, of all classes?

        Was the 9.5 Slayer buff not a good enough example of why the Asura race is unreasonably powerful?


        • Siriner
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          Yer, VM does not need any buffs... lol

          The only thing I would like to suggest is to improve darkness saver, so that we don't easily pull aggro off tanks.

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        Originally posted by Dissolved View Post
        Dispel magic is stupid it silences and removes potions and dt buff..

        I think it should only Silence.
        I think you are talking about Spell breaker, thats one silences

        The other is dispel magic which they made a small boost to it.


        • Dissolved
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          you're right I had them mixed up, I edited my post to what I actually meant.

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        Chain lightning does not need a boost. You already have access to a pile of aoe skills that wipe rooms in seconds, now you ask for an instant recharge skill to be aoe across a huge area? If anything, they should cap the number of targets your existing aoes hit rather than increase chain's effectiveness.

        Hold skill into a 3-5 second stun?? What, having mobs actually touch you before they are all dead from massive aoe spam too hard for you? Maybe just give you a 'instant wipe the room' skill instead?

        I'd like to see a boost to VM's health pool so they can hit 200k fully buffed with pieces etc at 180. As a trade off for that, their damage output should be reduced by increasing the cooldown on their aoe skills including chain. Would make it a class that requires more skill and movement (and learning what the rest of those skills actually do!).
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          This is also going to be a work in progress.
          I'm ordering each section in terms of priority. Here goes.
          It's mostly about boosts to skills that I feel are weak, or outdated. I tried to balance any boosts with increase in duration.

          High Priority

          1- Crowd control

          The VM has about 3 good-ish crowd control skills that are AOE. 2 of them have short duration, while the other has long CD. I suggest we rework each, to make it more on par with the Asuran counterpart (which has 4, 3 of which are extremely long). I'm not suggesting that we make it exactly on par, because as we know, corruptor is supposed to be the CC class.

          a) Splash thunder: This is a very nice AOE stun, good damage, and has a 100% chance to land. It also had a nice and short CD, but the duration is terribly short.
          Suggestion: Increase CD to 60s (at lv 15) and make the stun 4 or 5 seconds long.

          b) Heaven's Breaker: The longest duration of any AOE stun (beside corruptors) but also the longest CD. Tooltip says 5 minutes, but it's closer to 2 at level 10.
          Suggestion: Reduce CD to the same as splash thunder

          c) Meteor Shower: It's not bad, if you stay in the corridor between rooms in Devildom, the duration can last quite long, but unless you're in that specific spot, it ends fairly quick. The added DOT is nice.
          Suggestion: Rollback to the previous epic in terms of CD/duration. DOT can be removed if people feel it would be too OP

          2- Outdated skills

          a) Fireblast: Ok damage, for a single skill, but in the same duration I can cast multiple 18m spams. CD is good, cast time is good.

          b) Darkness Arrow- This skill has absolutely no use. IDK how to explain it beyond that.
          Suggestions for both:
          1-Increase their damage ALOT!
          2-Make them AOE. I don't suggest they be made similar to DS, I was thinking more like wavecut

          c) Dark Might: Lame buff. I don't even have it on hotbar anymore. This also applies to any +XXX damage buffs. Probably the only time I noticed it was on WK versus a zerker with essence (which doesn't include DM)
          Suggestion: I'm not sure I agree with making it into % patk boost. We have way too much of those already ... Perhaps +macc boost, similar to concentration?

          d) Grim Attrition: Another buff I don't have on hotbar. At lv 15, it increase my fireball by a grand total of 55k. Considering it ticks for 7m, that's incredibly unimpressive.
          Suggestion: Change it to % of your (base) matk... It would still be meh, maybe adds 200k damage to my FB, but better than it is now. I'm open to any ideas about this or DM.

          e) Dark Renewal: MP regen? HP Regen? 10%? Srsly? Literally increasing anything else by 10% matk would be better.
          Suggestion: Change MP/HP regen to M.ACC, and of course reducing the % greatly. This would be MILES better. Using some rough numbers, I suggest
          Increase M.ACC by 0.2% of MAX matk.
          Meaning at 90k matk, that's 180 m.acc.
          It would be similar to the Merc passive hawkeye, so not something completely new. If that's too high, 0.15% is good too.

          Medium Priority

          1- Sadism: I realllllllllllly didn't want to touch this subject, because of how, lets call it competitive, people get. But it's too important to miss out.
          I don't like how it is now. I have 100K-120K 2HP buffed, so a 5 hits on chain means I get 25K back. That's honestly not good enough considering mobs can hit that hard in a single punch ;o.
          It also makes bosses extremely hard. PW was easy to solo, ROA bosses too, but in the new dungeon and on Island....

          I'll probably have to kite as it is now, but considering how few stuns we have, and how we have one short/and low mov spd debuff, I don't see how that's possible. I assume it will get easier once I have the new wonderful universal gear?

          I'll stop complaining for now xD
          Suggestion: Change it to 10-15%. The HP boost we got was nice, and shorter CD on skills, so I won't try push my luck for higher.

          2- First TP tree in general:
          Ok, so like Ravgor said, this tree is all over the place. We get 20% M.ignore, which is nice. Or should I say, was nice?
          This epic, mind crisis got an excellent boost (which was much needed, don't get me wrong.)
          But now the class that originally had higher m.ignore, is left behind.

          A nice change to this, perhaps it's too radical, idk, would be swapping the first skill with the second.
          That is, swap 'Apostle of darkness +20% mignore" with "crushing shadows -12% MDEF, stacks 3 times". That's still not as good as the -60% MDEF of the corruptor, and since the first skill needs 2 TP points, I would change it to....

          -7.5% M.Def, 6.25% Mov spd decrease, stacks 3 times (at level 1)
          -15% M.Def, 12.5% Mov spd decrease, stacks 3 times (at level 2)

          Still not as high as corruptors, but the bonus is......... it works in AOE! And of course you should change Apostle accordingly. This was pure spitballing, so my numbers may be off, but I hope I got the idea across?

          3- PvP skills:
          I'll be quick with this.
          a) Dispel Magic:
          Suggestion: Rollback the skill to as it was before this epic. It's a stupid skill, which I hate, and didn't need a boost

          b) Silence: This is too strong. 0 cast time, quick cooldown, and 100% chance to land.
          Suggestion #1: Increase cooldown and cast time, decrease duration, decrease chance to land.
          Suggestion #2: Decrease cooldown, keep cast time and duration as it is, but make it work like it was supposed to - only land silence when interrupting a skill.

          I realise that with the cast speed ppl have these days, that might be impossible, so i'm leaning towards the first suggestion.

          Lower Priority

          As was mentioned, heed/spirit/tempest could have their duration increased. It's really annoying having to buff this every 2 minutes.

          I'd also suggest increasing Windy Shackle duration, or decreasing CD. I found myself depending on this skill for the first time a few days ago, and would love if it got a boost. I'm sure my corruptor wouldn't mind either.

          Lightning is a nice skill, and has a short CD, but the chance it lands the stun is super low. Make it land stun 80% of the time?

          If the change in Medium, #2 isn't going to be considered, perhaps make weakness skin reduce MDEF. Not as much as the PDEF, because we would be too close to 100% mignore with next to no sacrifices (only possible by going 322/marbas belt ATM), but maybe -20-30% MDEF reduction.

          I was having trouble not grabbing aggro last night in a DP with two mercs. Darkness saver could use a boost, say to -75% at lv 10 +5.


          I realise many don't think that this class needs any boosts, but most of these are fixes to badly made or badly placed skills. I'm also open to removing the CD reduction on fields for some of these boosts (the CCs mainly).

          I think that is all the skills I had in my mind. I'll go over them later again when I have time, see if I've missed anything out.

          EDIT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

          I don't think CA needs a boost. We already get more matk than any other mage except magus. Leave it as it is.
          Magic skin and neutralize magic are only useful in PvP really, and I don't see why it should be made useful in PvE. We already have sadism Oo. I could understand giving us shield of nightmare, though, for the pdef.
          I like the idea of making abyssal grip into a crowd control aoe skill, but I counter with making it into an AOE hold skill, 4 seconds long. We have plenty of stuns as it is.
          VM does not need more HP. Don't touch its damage, or its HP. 100k with full int is already ugly enough..

          I forgot all about Thunder Slayer, but I think Ravgor covered it pretty well.


          Some other ideas:
          In the case that sadism isn't boosted, life leech should have lower CD. I think at lv 25 it has about 40s CD, so lowering it to 25-30s would help (especially when tanking bosses)

          Haste of conjurer shouldn't cancel itself when you recast it. Seriously.

          Firestorm's damage is lacking when compared to all the other fields

          Oh speaking of fields
          There seems to be some bug with the positioning of fields, fire storm in particular. When you cast it on a group of moving mobs, the fields are 50% of the time not cast on them, but a few meters away. Now this isn't a big deal when it comes to lightning and fire fields, but with firestorm, if it doesn't hit the monsters directly under them, they (obviously) don't get DOTed
          This should be fixed as to be cast UNDER the mobs at all times.

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          • Ravgor
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            Yep, I can already cast 2 dark spirals in a row sometimes in devildom s2 and s3 with just lvl 2 time lapse though that only happens about 5% of the time.

          • 1BurningShadow
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            how about give Uniq pets x2 belt skills? but not like normal pets.. just like soul pets have macc cast speed and all.. give it x2 skills like that soo we can use on belt m.acc and cast speed that will be boots 4 all classes

          • Jestlluka
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            Hitsuyga i totaly agree with all yours ideas ..

            I just hope they listen and do something what we suggest.

            But increase buffs duration of : heed/spirit/tempest to DT time is not Lower Priority but High same as sadim.

            Its realy annoying change 3 sets every 2-3min.

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          VM should have their sadism boosted a little bit more but not the old one. Most if not all of them are unable to solo hector now Lol and even PW Lol!

          Also, fix chain lightning disconnect bug. It is long overdue. It happens when moving and casting the skill with a high chance.

          Other than that, they shouldnt get any boost at all. They are a strong class already but they need some of the sadism back, not all of it.
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            Also good idea for VM sadism :

            First of all increase to MAX HP restore - 10-20% and add to restore same amount of MAX MP so we can use Magic Skin/Neutralize Magic.

            This can be even better than put sadism like is on KTS to 33%.



            • Bowchicawowow
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              they shouldnt get the best of corr and vm lol.

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            Usual VM supporters asking for boosts to an already OP class. Then slaggging off comments in the slayer section now that slayer is in an OK place.


            4-5 seconds of stun? need a bigger I WIN button?? obviously what you want is for two VM's to be able to pull entire s3 rooms, hit the I WIN button, aoe stunned mobs, if they not dead by time one stun ends, next one stuns...stupid idea that would make VM even more OP than it already is. Want a 4-5 second stun aoe? Then make the cooldown at least 5 minutes with no reductions, and reduce number of targets hit to 5.

            HB and shower are fine as is.

            Dark might is a useful buff, just because it's not directly useful to you...

            Grim, etc, you're just asking for MORE POWER. Seriously? Yet more damage?

            Sadism...I almost fell off my chair when I heard you might actually have to kite! oh no! the world is ending, you might have to learn to play! You're not supposed to be a tank (as you keep telling us slayers aren't supposed to be..) but you're worried you will no longer be able to facetank entire rooms, please miss give us our sadism back? HAHAHA.

            Any higher than 5% and you're back to being invinci facetank everything. With instant spams you can very easily recover full HP in seconds without even needing a healer, so anything that doesn't instantly kill you can be tanked.

            VM's aren't supposed to be able to facetank bosses- you're supposed to be DD. It's still very easy to solo PW bosses at 165 with terrible gears.

            HP does need a boost. Around 150k fully buffed at 180 would be fine. That would give you plenty of healing.

            What boss cards you using? SoL, Meph and Hector, or not bothering with SoL? The heal from SoL is actually useful and works well on top of the 5% sadism.

            TP skills: again, you ask for a huge aoe mdef reduction to boost already OP damage...

   PVP in this game is completely broken while one hit wonders exist.

            Heed, spirit and tempest are fine as is, considering what a huge boost they give. Consideration should be given to increasing their cooldown to 5 minutes. It's not that hard to remember to hit them every couple of minutes if you are actively playing the character.

            Congratulations for finding a different skill to use other than running blindly into the mass of mobs and spamming aoe.

            Lightning does not need a higher stun chance, would make PVP even more broken.

            AOE 4 second hold skill? need another I WIN button?

            Most of your suggestions aren't fixes they are massive boosts to an already OP class.

            Universal armor - not sure how it works as I still need my 3 pieces of CA armor, so does the p def match on all sets and only the skill is different?
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            • JustBrowsing98
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              Wrong as usual Bow. PW is easy on VM at 165, as are all UG1-4 and cc1-4. Revived boss can be an issue if your healer isnt positioned well and you forget to use skills.

              In addition, VM can speed clear UG for event drops.

              I'm disagreeing as you seem to think VM isn't already way OP and seems to need a boost. I laughed at the blinkered responses from VM's who can't adapt to having to kite and want even more boosts to an already OP class. I'm not disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing, I'm disagreeing as you're asking for huge buffs to an already OP class.

              Maybe we should ask for a 4-5 second hold skill and 4-5 second stun skill for slayer- bet you'd be shouting from the rooftops for a nerf then...

              I didn't even notice in PW when my buffs ran out on my VM earlier today, it's that OP.

              Oh and leech needs a serious nerf, heals for 1.4m HP lols.

            • Hitsuyga
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              You still seem incapable of being specific about the skills.

              There are many classes for which PW, UG, CC, hector, revivied, are easy for. That is a lame argument. Though I'd point out that in another post, you yourself mentioned you died from BD in PW. There are so many layers to your hypocrisy you don't quite have your story straight.

              Speed running UG for event drops? Oh no, i'm looting a few more wcoins than a slayer. Nerf pls.

              A 4-5 second stun is not an insane request as you make it to be. it's a boost of 2 seconds. I would not cry if slayer had a 4-5 second hold skill or a 4-5 second stun (which it does, btw, check your tree.), and I have not cried about the 0 cd blind skill it has. I also don't think it warrants a 4 line paragraph of shit-posting.

              Kiting in the new dungeon/bosses in general on a class without a viable source of -mov spd buff is another point that highlights your ignorance towards this class. Beside lightning field, which has a low-ish mov spd debuff and a short duration.

              I notice when my deva's blessing runs out on my VM. It's that squishy that the lack of deva's shining armour has an effect on me.

              I'd prefer you check your facts, and your own class, before posting again. This is getting rather embarrassing.
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            • JustBrowsing98
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              I thought I was quite specific in listing out the skills you had mentioned and saying why I thought they didn't need a boost...

              I died to BD in UG4 as I was rusty and got stunned/feared as he hit with his big hit. It's normal for a glass cannon. Up a few levels now at 167 and not died to it since.

              I checked my tree. The stun chance is low, the skill also roots you to the spot. You're asking for a 4-5 second AOE stun, ours is single target...

              Kiting is easy, you don't need movement speed buffs, you have those from gears and buffers. The idea is to move so it gives your pet, SoL proc, etc time to heal you up and reduce the amount of damage you are taking- not to get out of aggro entirely. It's a LTP issue. You're not supposed to tank entire rooms or tank final bosses. If you do, expect it to be hard- not ask for aoe stuns and holds so you can go back to running into the middle of every mob in the world and press the 'I WIN' button.

              If you are kiting against the new dungeon bosses, that just proves my point- you're expecting to be able to tank bosses on what should be a glass cannon class. It's not supposed to be able to tank bosses, it's supposed to be a high DD class.

              Perhaps start by looking at what boss cards you are running, and build more defensively.

              The only thing embarassing is that you think VM needs boosts. You seem to forget I previously had a 172 VM and am currently deliberately running up a new VM with basic gears- and can still tank bosses as long as I remember I'm supposed to move occasionally and use debuffs (which work on bosses).

              VM is fine as it is. Only tweak needed is slightly more HP (mine only just reaches over 100k at present).

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            VM is a MAGE class (Glass Canon at best) and should NOT be able to run around and solo everything in the game, if anything this particular one needs a nerf not a boost


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              I've changed my mind. Hitsu is totally correct and VM needs that huge boost. Sadism should be restored to instantly heal you fully every hit.

              I've decided I want to run into a room full of mobs and hit the 'I WIN' button again- at the moment every now and again my HP drops and I have to kite, please fix ASAP!
              Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


              • Hitsuyga
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                I never asked for sadism to be restored to 100%.

                I never asked to run into a room full of mobs and tank it all. As it is now I can barely grab 3-5 mobs in S3, and I'm okay with that.

                I purely asked for a few skill (tiny) boosts, and swapping around 2 TP skills.

                I don't know what the purpose of this post was.

                I also don't need a loser who failed at both slayer and VM to describe my class to me.

                Move along now - your nasty trolling is not appreciated. This thread is supposed to be about suggestions and fixes and you've not talked about either, only shat on everyone else's ideas.

              • JustBrowsing98
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                Feeling a little hurt there Hitsu? Why do you feel the need to throw insults at anyone who disagrees with your ideas? I'm not trolling, I'm refuting your suggestions that VM needs a boost or that sadism needs changing back.

                Loser? Sorry, that just shows your mental age (12?). Failed? Wasn't aware I was trying to 'succeed'- what exactly does that even mean?

                As Repede has demonstrated, VM is OP, reaching 200 before anyone else got to 192. With the sadism 'nerf'.

                I've suggested a few changes. Personally I think sadism should go completely and life leech changed to match slayer cooldown (without any reductions).

                Other VM's seem to be able to pull more s3 mobs, despite VM not supposed to be a TANK. Repede pulled entire rooms once he learnt/adapted to the new way to play VM. that shows how OP the class is when played properly (and with good gears and buffs, just like any other class).

                You seem to think VM should be able to be best DD and yet be able to tank everything. I disagree. I think VM should be best dd but be class cannon that cannot tank entire rooms.

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                Your raging was somewhat predictable. Since you apparently cannot give yourself a break, JustBrowsing98, I'll just repeat what I said earlier in the topic you deleted:
                Repede had a huge headstart compared to 2nd on US leaderboard (183 I think before this epic, and from what I remember been on break a lot last epic), probably even to the 197 mercenary on EU server who got 190 only about a month prior to this epic, so probably wasn't even close to 100%. Repede was 190 and 100% already when this epic started. Aside from that it also depends on how much people play (actual playing, not just being online and afking).
                Lots of people/classes have been leveling a lot this epic across all regions and made huge jumps on the leaderboard, French region for example had one lvl 190+ before this epic, they have 6 now, 5 of them were far away from 190 before. Difference is, people notice the leveling more with Repede because of his level.
                I am not asking for a boost for VM, I think with the Sadism nerf (which I still don't like), VM is fine now as it is.
                Sorry, I don't have +25 gears, giant nails, event rings boosting hp a lot and thus sadism, the level based evasion of a 191+ player, all possible cs consumables, Golden Weeks event buffs etc, I can't solo s3. That level-based evasion makes a huge difference. What I saw is that even he has to kite and that the average, normal VM can't do such things.
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              Sarcasm detected.


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                Sarcasm detected part 2

              • JustBrowsing98
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                I'm levelling a VM and gearing it up:-)

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                Bad decisions season 1

                Edit: Well, besides the fact they are most prominent on the field PK'n others