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Templars need to be great again

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  • Templars need to be great again

    Hi guys,

    I think the other guys have covers with very nice detail what is missing on Templars....What I want to mention is that I did an experiment with Merc and Templars by using similar stats.

    For Merc I used +24 full WS set 2 slots with decent stats (acc/patk/max hp) with only basic buffs and +6 cards
    For Templar I used full RP set 2 slots with (acc/block def/vit/max hp/agi) and +24 175 shield with the same basic buffs and +6/+8 HG

    Same pet for both

    Here was the result on DD s3:

    1. None of the characters died in the process
    2. Time of completion s3: Merc 17.5 min, Templar: 42 min.
    3: Times of healing by the pet (with +24 175 Mw/+24 1h 170 staff): Merc: 13 times, Templar: 34 times.
    4. HP Pots: Merc: 0, Templar: 20 times

    I don't think I have to leave you a conclusion, but it seems Merc are at least 2 times better than Templar...not fun right Nazgul?


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    Don't want Templar solo dd. We want Templar getting better tank aggro for partirs


    • Taurus81
      Taurus81 commented
      Editing a comment
      Yes, but how to keep more aggro when high geared Slayer/Mercs are in your party. I did several parties yesterday and still some classes can grab the aggro and I am full +24/+25 181 Templar and all my skill cards are +6 plus so.....