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Holy Ground is useless

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  • Holy Ground is useless

    Hey guys,

    I have been playing Templar for years and this class is balanced compared with other classes, but still far away from vm's and slayers.

    I haven't had any problems getting more than 1050+ atk speed, and I also have over 75k patk/62 matk and decent p.acc/m.acc….I also don't have any problem tanking, but definitely I have been struggling killings mobs in DD because Holy ground is very weak (and I have +8 HG card), plus the other AoEs are completely useless due to the low damage.

    I am just wondering if instead put an specific value in the debuff (-pdef/mdef) of HG change it to % of damage, that would help a little bit to improve the skill, plus by increasing the other AoE skills. Also blessing has a ridiculous amount of extra HP, even with +8 card some boss cards gives better hp than this skill.

    This is just ideas, but hopefully some devs will take some notes tho.