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Personal opinion about the slayer rework

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  • Personal opinion about the slayer rework

    First of all I want to mention that I played Slayer in every epic since epic 3. I just tested it several times just to realize it wasn't viable either in pve or in pvp compared to other classes. So i always re-birthed back to something else.
    Since the release of 9.5 I gave it another try and now Slayer feels really interesting. It is still basically a single target class like always but thats ok. In my opinion thats how Slayer should be.

    There is the rework of Hellstorm which offers a nice burst so single target and a small number of enemies around but its damage is significantly reduced once a few more mobs are being hit. And also the skill cool down is still present and not reduced to almost nothing which makes the skill pretty much good as it is now. The skill dmg is pretty high in single target pvp but this is honestly not a Hellstorm-specific problem....this problem has to be seen as a class spread problem.

    Pact with Darkness:
    This is actually exactly what slayer needed. This buff makes its more viable over all and also underlines the style "Slayer" should be like.

    Dusk Gaze:
    Not much to be said...the stun duration got strongly reduced, which hurts in pvp for sure. But its ok since the duration was way too long before this rework. But personally I would have been really happy if they would have removed the fact that you are unable to move for the duration of the skill. Because most of the Slayer skills have a pretty long animation and so lets say you use Dusk Gaze + Hellstorm some cases your animation is not really done until the stun/movement debuff vanishes...for example when enemies got some +20 and higher boots with cc duration reduction. In those cases this skill turns into a risk if you use it...which makes it kind of bad. enable the movement for the skill user would just balance it in my opinion.

    After Image:
    I know there is not much space for "buff requests" for this class but the skill after Image is not working at all. So a working strong passive, which it actually seems to be, would be awesome

    Shadow Forged Plating:
    This passive is also actually good as it is BUT...I would actually do not give Slayer such huge amount of HP just for having decent patk/matk.
    Since Slayer is a evasive/fast hitting/single target -focusing class (NO TANK!) giving Slayer HP should be managed differently.
    For example: Increase Slayers max evasion by its patk and matk(in a way swords and dirks are kinda same viable) and this way the HP amount is increased by the passive Evasive Resilience. Recalculations are needed to be done for sure. And with this the HP could be reduced a little bit in a trade for getting plainly more evasion.

    1 Last thing on my List:
    As a sword Slayer there is actually no point on using the 7th Talent Point....The only logic option would be using Phantasm which has a way too high cool down.
    For Dirk Slayer Envenom is just great no question but sword Slayers should have a better option as well for example...make phantasm also like a toggle. Reduce its effect and make it a toggle or a long time buff or just reduce the cool down so its viable and usefull. Because actually its not even decent

    Over all I really think the Slayer rework is nice but for sure here and there are some adjustments needed.
    - bit less hp
    - more evasion
    - single target/AOE skill dmg split is good. Leave it like it is
    - Talent point adjustement especially for sword slayers

    Anything else works really good on this class right now.

    All in all good job and thanks, Slayer is fun to play finally :-)

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    more i read more i see same stuff being said. hp is too high this i agree. but why not just make the shadow plating skill not be effected by phase blades, as well as possibly just the base stats with equips. like patk matk buffs wont give more hp. many i know run slayer with every buff in the game they can get from slaves ect. sadly many dont know how to even play a slayer with out them which is bothering since im a slayer and when i get buffs im surprised. for example what ever your base stats skills ect like dule blade expert and possibly pb but... Not any thing else thats added like buffs. or just take away pb and allow buffs to function normally ether way would make a good cut to normalize the class with out completely destroying it ? just a thought i had in my head after reading several posts. some are suggesting hp is Way higher then you can get endless they have +24 ish both main and back hand dags with 60b on belt pets with hector ect maxing out way beyond what most can afford, but regardless of those exaggerations i do see the hp is overly high. damage reduction items are so powerful that combined with that bulk of hp they can just roll thro too much too quickly just building glass since the two passives work with each other too well. unlike other classes that only have few. Templars rb and other passives included. which is why there both the main frount lines endless a merc comes alone and is way more heavy geared then the rest. altho not so in dd as of now or what ive seen. sorry for errors have a gn ^^