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Slayers, what could be the change we need?!

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  • Slayers, what could be the change we need?!

    I've played slayer for a long time and currently the HP compared to the damage is just gross.

    These are my suggestions:
    switch adrenaline and spf around, keep the effectiveness of sfp. this would make belt/dt/helmet unable to affect sfp and decrease its lvl from 8(+24 helmet) to 2. if people want more hp, they should make make a choice and sacrifice a pb piece for it. also when u want adrenaline to be usefull, u should need tankyness, cuz if u have 200k hp and u run into a room s3 devildom, u won't leave with 10 stacks but with ur face on the floor looking for drops.

    for pb - I would REALLY like to see the pb p.ignore% went up to 20% per lvl, this would mean that u would be able to get the 100% p.ignore without the belt, and are free to get a new belt. this would mean the p.atk% has to be removed or like 1% per lvl to keep it fair to other classes.

    death respite is fine as it is, only currently bugged so it doesn't reset on kill.

    phantasm - its really cute that they tried with phantasm, it should be different tho, make it the same as after image, and make after image only able to proc if u have phantasm. make dark binding shorten cd or something since 5 min cd 1 min duration is meh.. it should be a worthy choice to choose ur tps, and currently the litte damage increase phantasm would give, isn't enough to lose 2 lvls of sfp(of 8) so make it worth the choice to take 1 point(from 2), make it so 1/3/3 is a decent alternative to 2/3/2 or even 3/3/1(coming to smokebomb in a bit)

    so smokebomb.. - yeah this skill has never EVER been usefull.
    since I'm talking about left tree - tank, middle is stealth, and right is damage. this should be a
    worthy AGGRO skill(since u would nerf damage going this path, u should have aggro if u choose the tank path, templar for aoe aggro, slayer for single target is what I would like to see), with 3 pieces sfp and 2 tp points in it u should still have 500-600k hp at +25(currently at +23 so no I don't have that) so u would be able to tank endgame. I like a toggle that has a high aggro modifier(envenom but for aggro)

    this would mean some skills are in wrong tree, and that should be switched accordingly.

    Apoxx - Betrayal

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    Same here as in the other topic.

    Slayers can choose between 2 weapon types, one of which has no M. Atk. Since the Matk of Daggers is the reason for HP being so extremely high, why not just make Matk und Patk on Shadowforged Plating similar? 150% each and everything should just be fine (or make it 100% each if that sounds better)


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      The problem with the OP's suggestion on sfp is that most players have no sfp pieces but have pimped PB pieces. So they have no choice. Swap out a piece loses the + bonuses such as 50% reduction in stun affects?? Make another set? Not likely. Costs WAY too much for the average player.

      Reducing HP to 200k would mean one stun your dead. HP does need a tweak, but nowhere near what you are suggesting which would be the end of the class. Switching out to 3 pieces of sfp means damage is pants, which means as a single target damage class it's now useless- which means no one will play it.

      If you want a tank class, then you bring a templar. If you nerf slayer to become a bad tank, why would you bring a slayer at all?

      I agree Phantasm and smoke bomb need a complete rework as would the skill tree if they changed it. Maybe they could make smoke bomb a very good aoe skill with very short cooldown, then it might be useful.
      Classic quotations: No issue here. Closing this thread.


      • CantSeeMe
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        Slayer isn't supposed to be a tank. It's a single target DD.
        So yes. The HP should be killed off.

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      well I've got +9 gloves, +20 armor and +20 boots, no way are they pimped out, but if I tank 4 devildom s3 mobs I don't lose 200k hp.. if u would die from 1 stun with 200k hp, u gotta learn the game u should not be able to facetank 4 mobs as a non tank... not that easy atleast.
      as it is right now, slayers are better capable to tank the complete room with virtually no armor.
      there is something to say about if u want a tank go templar, but if u go that way, u should just remove sfp altogether, 100-200k should be enough then and slayer would need to oblivion, distort, cloak again., I like options, I would wanna try 2/3/2 with both piece sets, and adapt to what a party needs. also 2 pieces of spf and 20%p pb lvl, if u would go endairon u would still have 105% pignore. , just gotta learn to play slayer as an assassin/ninja/glasscannon again instead of just going afk when u target yushiva.... OR be a tank and lose damage but u can no longer have both worlds. if u have +25 weapons, and u whine about making another set? u gotta learn.


      • JustBrowsing98
        JustBrowsing98 commented
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        I don't need to learn anything. If they went along with your suggestions no one would bother playing slayer, as it wouldn't have a role to play in a party and wouldn't be much fun solo either.

        Why would I bother playing slayer that has to cloak and distort? I'd just RB to VM and level faster without the hassle.

        As for tanking, anyone can tank four s3 mobs with decent buffs. One stun might take 60-100k off your HP with the mobs hitting 15k or so, and one stun after another and you might be in trouble. You might want to remember that slayer are a warrior class so they should be able to tank a bit.

        I'd love to see a video of you tanking the entire room without armor.

        Oh, and after events end, what parties?

        And what is there to learn about not wanting to make another set of +25 just to be a pathetic tank class with low Hp and low damage that you seem to think would be worthwhile playing?

      • Sylv
        Sylv commented
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        How is not using any skill when soloing fun? Not having to look after your hp, looking after how much you pull, needing to do anything but hit f1, how is that fun? I'd much rather have to use skills, even if they arent for damage but for keeping me alive and handling aggro, then just f1 while watching a movie on my 2nd screen. That gameplay is no fun at all

      • Semplice
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        gotta love how at 1 point u want to compare slayers to warriors, and 2 sec later wanna compare slayers to vm. please rb to vm then
        cloak and distort was the reason I made and loved my slayer when I started.