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Dramas Hopes and Dreams For OLv2

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  • Dramas Hopes and Dreams For OLv2

    At the moment Overlord is in a good place in the game. However, Considering the that the Devs are trying to steer away from a "1 button spaming" to a more diverse and all round class experience. A nerf to Dark Strikes spamability will be soon 😴.
    So here we go

    Pets are generally in a good spot on Overlord. But some things shpuld change in aspect to the pet buffs ..
    • The Support skills (Power, Spirit, Combat and Magic) no changes to these yet and the first two still dont have a place on my hot bar ... as the latter two (atk speed and cast speed ) are by far the best. Sugesstion maybe make them all usable or or not have them share toggleability ... ( can use either Power or Spirit in conjuncation with Combat or Magic) also another suggestion would be to give Power and Spirit Support increased skill power to make the more viable.
    • The Heals and the extracts. The heal changes are great. But the Mp transfer is still trash and the extracts are the same .... maybe the devs have a change in mind but they shpuld just use %s like what they did on the Hp transfer.

    Besides this another small quality of life change would be to have the toggles that were changed to buffs to be applied to both your pets and not just one like they are now.

    Havent tested mage OL ... having someone run those tests for me but i think a similar adittion to Matk on Electric synergry like what was added on blood snyergry would be appropriate.

    Here are my weird suggestions.

    Consudering DS makes OL a 1 skill spammer. And the fact that all its other Melee skills are restricted to Dirks (Dirk Hurricane, Dirk Tornado, Desperate Blow and Double impact to an extent) only Smite Dark strike (DS) and Charge stab are usuable with non Dirk weapons.

    I said Double Impact because it only works with either 1h swords or Dirks so if youre usimg any other weapon its a useless skill and atm OLs (melee) best weapon is the spear.

    The best change around this in my oponion would be to remove the weapon restrictions on those skills making it viable to use a multidue of skills.

    Overall its in a good position but a few fixes and some quality of life improvements would put it im a better position.

    Link to V1 thread.
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