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Melee OL vs Mage OL

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  • Melee OL vs Mage OL

    Hi, would love to put my input here aswell- knowing there will be class tuning in the far-far future.

    It appears to me that the developers made the recent OL changes with only DIRK OL's in mind. I can't fit in my head that the developers put a passive that takes a LARGE junk of the character's P.atk + strenght and not even once think that this is a major boost to melee OL pets. Reason being... most capable melee OL's now use the Dark strike build, which of course, uses the highest P.atk weapon in the game (the spear), allowing melee OL's for a very large P.atk pool. And to think that they transfer half of it to pets is insane. Not insane in the big picture of Rappelz, but insane if we think that Mage OL's got no such thing with this revamp.

    It appears to me that the Mage OL is almost completly forgotten by the developers. As if their thought process was "eh nobody plays mage nor mage pets anyways so why bother."

    A mage OL falls deeply behind their Melee counterpart. While the new meta OL with spear and Dark strike build is a force to recon, Mage falls short. Dark strike spammers on max gear hit 40-60mil damage every second. What does Mage OL do? At best they do 20% of that damage with Inferno? I can't even begin to think how to balance this because I don't think the developers ever thought OL's would go Spear and Dark Strike build and putting a massive nerf on Dark Strike doesen't seem like a wise step either. But because of this, I don't think they can ever make Dirk OL (like it was supposed to be) relevant again.

    Melee OL got Might of the underworld, taking strenght and Vit from the pet and giving it to the character. Again, Mage OL got no such buff. Sure we benefit from Vit but Vit only. Could have mage variant of VIT+INT or VIT+WIS.

    As it currently stands, playing a Mage OL is just asking to play a gimped character. You do way less damage than Melee and you do way less damage than other classes. It SHOULD be countered by having damage dealing pets but as it currently stands, Mage OL got no options when it comes to pets. Mage pets are trash and melee pets don't syncronize with Mage OL.

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    For mage OL to become more relevant mattk pets need fixed. Until the pets are done it's hard to gauge mattk OL potential