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Dark strike, nerf please. And increase pet damage.

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  • Dark strike, nerf please. And increase pet damage.

    I am Overlord 175, i love him.
    I like really a lot the changes done at Overlord, BUT i think that the damage of overord have to come from pet, not from overlord. with dark strike set, and 23 spear, you can arrive at 40 50m, when pet can do Attacks around 1m if you are luky.
    So i think that all the "damage sistem of the pet" will be rebalanced, and Dark strike will be nerfed.

    I am not sayng, please nerf overlord, or make him better, i only think that some changes will be appreciates. wy?

    1: Dark strike spamm is available only from lvl 175, with 3set, belt, dt buff, and helmet +24. so lot of people will never try it.
    Did i never use it? yes i used, and i think that its really strong, but i dont like play as a spamm class, if i wanted to click 1 button all the time, i would make hero, not overlord.

    2: PET need more damage, i am not talking about Overlord pet, but all pet need more damage.
    do some maths:
    Pet with 23 spear can have around 100k of damage (24 boots and lot of things), with 450 500 crit power (really really hard to have on a pet, but still possible) you can do 100k x2 if chipped x5 if 100% crit chance, so 1m of damage against mob with 0 defense.

    Now imagine that u have 959 on pet, same as slayer/berserker 959 with dual sword or dual axe.

    the double impact of player (slayer, berserker) easily can arrive at 100%, and if you have 2x weapon, you will do 2x damage. in this way you will do 4x damage. now on a character it's really easy to have 500 crit power (not like a pet, that is too hard), and is also easy to arrive at 100k of attack with 23 24 25 weapon, if full buffed.

    so as a results player also will do at least 1m of damage for attack, but with that 1m, if dual wielded and high chance of double impact, he will do 4x damage of the pet.

    now if the things only stay in this way, it could be acceptable, what is the problem?

    the problem is that pet can't use buff, like enchanted, purified, energy of fire water gold, buff of the guild, deva and all items/consumables u can use on you. So if the pet in the beginning was like "a character" in terms of damage, now they do really really just a few…

    my ideas is that also the pet share all the buffed of the character, like guild buff or consumable buff.

    wy? becouse if you make pet stronger for everyone without buff, they will bee to stronger. in this way i think that pet class will be used more.

    its just an idea, and i want to share it with all of you.

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    This depends on your build pets cards ect. I use 2 tank pets and they hit for 4 to 6 mil per hit at 959 attk speed in s4 dd with 30% to dbl hit from swift impact