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Thoughts on the coming OL buffs [link to changes inside]

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  • Thoughts on the coming OL buffs [link to changes inside]

    Here are the changes.

    Okay, first of all, the overlord desperatly need a HP boost, the character is way too squishy compared to every and any other class. Also, no penetration for pets? If that's not taken care of the dps is not going to change one bit in late game content. Now that this is out of the way, here's my opinion on the changes.

    I don't understand why you would remove Vitality and Wisdom from Unholy Synergy. That makes no sense. I'm gonna have 15K hp pets just like before and no way to bump that up! It's already a good choice to have to put some vitality gems on yourself to bump your health and pets and also a good incentive to have vitality in belt. And if I'm going to use mag pets, they are never going to have enough precision without the wisdom boost. That was such a good change, why reverse it.

    Here is what you SHOULD do : Keep Wisdom and Vitality and add AGILITY so there at least a chance of getting my pets to the higher plateau, and an incentive to build some evasion on the character. That's such a critical element of the overlord and has always been. Also I think you should add another SIGNIFICANT agility boost as an incentive, whether it be on Might of the Underworld (which would absolutely make sense, albeit not 35% that's too much), or simply Evasion Mastery. For now the Strenght build has no alternative, and it would be so easy to tweak the skills to add and incentive to build agility (which would result in less strenght overall and balance it out.) That's a much needed change, easy to implement and absolutely not overpowering.

    Otherwise, good changes, I like it. Especially the new feature of Swift Impact which promises to be very interesting. Although I sure hope it's not gonna be like 30% with a +24 helmet and all, as there's no way to improve double impact on pets with, say, +25 gloves (which would be another pet oriented change to implement).

    Anyway, the Overlord is no questions asked one of the weakest and most expensive classes of the game as it has been since the introduction of Master Classes (was very strong before, but always has been expensive). This is not going to change this fact, still I appreciate the changes as I'm not going to stop playing Overlord anytime soon. But take it from a 10 years+ Battle Summoner : this is unfortunately not going to change much of anything in the bigger picture.

    Another idea : you could just transfert Evasion of the character to pet evasion AND pet rap. atk. Would make perfect sense.
    I still don't understand why you don't put yet more effort into the Overlord as it's so rewarding to play and build, with it being soooooooo expensive. If this class were to be a real contender with the classes mainly played as of right now, people would play it and spend on it.

    For that, if you do not want to add AOE skills, the Overlord needs to at least have the potential to be a real 1 on 1 DPS as it should be, and do that job better than other classes. That would be a start, and would of course go hand in hand with a REAL upgrade to pets overall (which should promote traditional pets as well, never giving up on my s5 dt anyway). And yes, that also means giving pets penetration and m. penetration, which would be the way to go.

    Thank you so much for reading! Have a great day.
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